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  1. “They say Sanya is the ‘Hawaii’ of China. But I say, Sanya is not the Hawaii of China but Sanya is Sanya of the World.” <——— Wise Words!!! Definitely what the host City would like to hear. Given the order of turn she had the hardest chance and yet she nailed it…. This girl is inteligent indeed!

  2. This girl can speak. but she just have to be careful. PARANG may tendencies siya na humaba ang sinasabi at kung anu ano na ang sasabihin niya. but so far, so good.

    Do i really think she’ll win? not really.
    Do i think she has what it takes to win? Yes, definitely!
    Is she the next or 2nd MW from the PH? Depends kay Julia. LOL

    Kat’s look.. parang may kulang. i like her wardrobe. the color.. parang ung make up niya, masyadong dull. masyadong.. pale. she needs more color.

    At.. akala ko naman, sobrang relevant ang last question nila. hahahahah


    hahahaha kakaloka.

    • In fairness, Cat has the same interview style. Dapat they should take the words of Arianna Grande to mind “just keep breathing and breathing and breathing” before speaking. LOL.

      Like with Pia, deep breath out – Universal winning confidently beautiful with a heart answer follows. Pero for Katja’s sake, winning answer that shows BWAP.

    • Hahahaha importante naman talaga ang WHAT CAN YOU TELL THE WORLD ABOUT SANYA?
      importante ang sanya sa world dahil gora pa rin sila sa pagho-host! wekwekwek

      • I especially like what she said in the end @ath to cap it all: “They say Sanya is the ‘Hawaii’ of China. But I say, Sanya is not the Hawaii of China but Sanya is Sanya of the World.” That’s very catchy and it takes more than an average mind to concoct that. No matter what happens to this contest, the City of Sanya can appreciate her for that.

      • @Gag: Yes! She implied that it is not comparable and that it is in a league of its own. It is what a host city / country would probably like to hear. Talino niya! Bonggaloo!

  3. In 2016, Miss Puerto Rico’s only fast track ho was a top 21 placement in top model…nothing else…and then won the blue crown.

    That said, Katarina is still a contender.
    That’s all…

  4. mga bacla, idk if trew pero remember nyo sa MU dapat sasabak si Maeva (France). Well ang chismax ng mga badette sa IG is that “pinakiusapan” daw si France na sa MW sya magcompete instead. Hindi clear whether local org ba nya or MWO yung nakiusap tho. Pero by the looks of what has happened so far mukhang dahan dahan nang nilalagay sa ulo nya ang korona. Im still hopeful about Katja winning, pero hindi pwedeng magbulagbulagan sa mga kinikilos ni Mareng Hulya

    • If ever cooking show man talaga ‘to, sana sa best chef mapunta ang winning apron! In that case, better naman talaga ata si Ateng France compared kay Ateng PR 2016. #TheShade

      Sakaling si Mare ang nagconvince sa org, medyo appealing naman kasi ang prospect. Realistic naman ata sila (MF) sa possibility hindi sila mabibigyan ng MU crown in the next few years siguro. I mean 1 crown is better than no crown at all. Hekhek.

  5. There’s something about this girl that’s worthy of the blue crown, and I hope that Miss World Organization will see the potential in her to make a difference.

  6. This head to head challenge was already a late released. This already happened last week ngayon Lang nila nilabas. Yung top model segment eh forte ni Katarina but unfortunately she failed. What’s next after this. We may conclude that the head to head challenge eh plus point si Katarina pero mga Chinese parin ang May hawak ng desisyun.

  7. She’s beginning to get her composure back here and that’s a good thing. Sometimes her eagerness and nervous enthusiasm get the better of her. At times it pays to meditate and chill a bit (not to the extent of lazing away) and focus that energy back into your “inner chakra.” She needs to calm herself down and not tire up as MW is a long tedious unpredictable process with too many corners and it’s not even halfway of the competition yet.

    In this particular segment, she registers to me as tactful, sincere and funny. I like that “eating milk chocolates with grandfather despite her being lactose intolerant” bit and Frankie couldn’t hold back his laughter and amusement.

    Will I continue to vote for Katarina even as Miss France and China (obviously duh) seem to be getting much of the organizers’ attention? Easily, yes! She’s our only delegate so that’s a no brainer, she’s still competing, and she needs our support even more so now. She wasn’t shortlisted to speak for the Press Conference where she could have presented her case for Marawi’s displaced kids and got only in Top 32 in Top Model/Top Designer competition, forced to wear that unflattering gypsy dress by the designer assigned by the MW sponsors.

    It’s humbling as it dawns on you that you aren’t a frontrunning favorite after all and the odds are actually against you. But if you show that you don’t give up Katarina, then we’ll be there to fight with you. Some of us maybe over critical but we don’t kick those who are down. That’s what makes us uniquely Filipino. So chin up everyone. It’s faster to vote than reading the interactions in this blog and it won’t even cost us much.

    • Excellent points. All of our MWPs have been frontrunners at home, but maybe not the same at World.

      Perhaps this could be a good learning experience for Vegafria and Besana, to prepare the ladies for what could happen once they are outside their local bubbles. We were very fortunate with their titleholders last year, But, like the stock market (so stressful the rollercoaster it is on these days here in the US), “past performance is not an indicator of future performance.”

      (Even Muhlach seemed totally out of her element at RH.)

    • I like the “stock market” analogy there @justgrc. It’s not only in the US but the Asian stocks are going haywire as well. The stimuli are all over the place, driven mostly by ongoing political and trading tirades between US and China and the precarious position taken by China and PH at the recent ASEAN/APEC summits. There are no safe stock bets nowadays which goes to show, it pays that investors need to be aware of the peaks and troughs in the marketplace. And like pageants and stocks, you have to know precisely when to go “long” and when to sell “short” aimed either at gaining profits or minimizing losses. Right now, it’s too early for Katarina to call “short.” Cheers!

      • 90% bonds? Ngeck. Reverse that decision now teh, unless you are 60 years old or above.

        Otherwise, powerhouse Venezuela inflation loss status ang dating mo. Now is the time to stay put, if not buy more.

        Did Pia quit after hee first tumble. Fortune favors those who take a risk, not those who away from the reward.

      • Hahahaha!
        Witty mo talaga!
        Everything is interconnected with pageantry, 😄
        Takot ako last 2009…lost a lot of money, shet!
        Thanks for the advice…
        Not sure what the outcome of this trade war with USA and China.
        Better safe than sorry😉

      • I’m amused at how our interaction is going @justgrc and @G. Indeed there is parallelism in betting for pageant girls and managing portfolio investments. Well, first of all @G fidelity bonds (we call it here treasuries) are safe bets in nominal terms. These are primarily debt obligations issued and backed by the Federal government. They have low credit or default risk but they generally offer lower yields relative to other investments. They’re okey if your timeline is short but in the long term and even if your money seems to increase nominally via accrued policy interests, you’re actually losing in real terms at the time of maturity considering the cumulative cost of money plus inflation. In stocks, you can earn exponentially much more but at the same time, you are also at risk of losing more if you’re a laissez faire type wherein you don’t pay attention to the fluctuations and price movements. By analogy, I’d say, bonds are like betting on the usual powerhouse countries like Colombia and Venezuela because you have faith that they’ll likely to deliver well as they’re backed up by solid organizations. Surely often they’re finalists but they aren’t winners every time and sometimes they don’t even figure in the first cut. Stocks are more opportunistic – like betting on a weak sash country who happens to send exceptional girls from time to time. You just have to be astute enough to identify their winnability. When surprise entries win, they win big time. Cheers!

      • Thanks Gag!
        “When surprise entries win…they win Big time!”
        That’s what I see in Katarina.
        I just love her calm demeanor….

  8. kahit manalo ka pa sa lahat ng challenges and fast tracks

    ang paborito ni Hulya ang magwawagi

    so enjoy ka na lang Katarina

  9. Hope she excels in other challenges, Top Model was a waste, considering she’s a model first and the gown was bad. Hoping for at least a top 10 finish.

  10. Miss World is confusing and too much emphasis on fast tracks.
    I still wish the best for Katarina and hope she wins.

  11. Sino kya ang napili ni Manang Hulya? It all boils down to that. Everything is worthless…d nb tlg ngtanda mga Pilipino sa Mess World Cooking Show na ito? Kawawa din efforts ng mga girls, wala namn basehan ang lhat nang ito

  12. Kata made a nice recovery after that (quite) disastrous top model round.

    I also like Ms. Guyana here just because she looks like a young Monica Seles. 🙂

  13. Tito Norms mag papa contest kaba ulit ng “Predict The Next MU” ? Sana po maibalik nyo ulit. Gusto ko po sumali, di ako naka sali last time. 🙂

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