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  1. Congrats!

    I hope this will not be a 2016 2.0 where non-favored press gets relegated to the sidelines again, including loyal local coverage from outlets who featured our reps from when they were just local hopefuls.

    Kalurks talaga these foreign pageants, from ticket prices to security and logistics. Whenever it is in the US, totally affordable and you can literally walk up to the delegates as a nobody and picture-picture/chat with them.

    Good luck in Bangkok! Can’t wait for the pasabog coverage!

  2. A crowning moment to another Miss Phils. in Miss Universe will be seen by the blogger right before his very eyes very very soon. Enjoy every minute of your blogging activities there in Thailand because another great history will be written in Philippine pageantry this year. Congratulations Mr. Norman Tinio and most of all to Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray!!!

  3. Hi Tito Norms,

    If I may suggest, could you please tell Cat’s trainers to hold back from revealing (or flaunting, since we already have a hint about) themselves? I know that they are proud as Cat’s trainers, so much so that revealing themselves as such make them elated and give them a place in the beauty pageant society. However, I can see a backlash in here. It will cause divisiveness to the fans, especially those who have affiliations or are die hard of training camps (Aces & Queens, KF, etc.). The end result of which is an apparent war by, between, and among contradicting Pinoy fans.

    I understand the feeling of the trainers. While their protegee is going headstrong in Miss Universe, they also want to be identified as proud trainers. But, if they could wait until Cat’s eventual victory, that would be better.

    Please lang.

    Beautifully yours,

    Oooops, I forgot… That’s all!

    • Ana,

      Personally, i don’t think naman there’s something to worry about sa pag reveal or flaunt kung sinong trainers niya. From the start naman she has been clear that she’s an Independent candidate because she wants to work with different people/affiliations or designers.. kaya nga siguro hindi siya nag under aces kasi masyadong limited siguro ang connections na pwedeng makatrabaho with them. like designers, make up artists and all. and she wants to be hands-on (HELLO MW 2016!).

      Ramdam na ramdam ko na pag sinasabi ni Cat na gusto niya hands on siya, may inputs siya, hindi ung oh eto lang dapat, eto ang suot mo, eto look mo.. na she wants to express herself and not kung ano ang sasabihin ng ibang tao. HELLO A&Q! Pattern pa more kay megan. LOL

      But anyway, regardless naman if they are revealing themselves na or what. The important is the “finished product” of the team. I still don’t get the LavaWalk but.. i know naman they know better and may pasabog sila so i’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. let’s see if these new set of “trainers” for a Miss Phiilppines will work or so-so.

    • agree ako, bakit i flaunt iyong di kaaya ayang pix? di ba si megan magilagid din pero iwas tayo post ng ganon dati.

  4. Congratulations Auntie Norman 🙂
    I want a back2back controversial and exciting interview for Meowww and Spain VS. B2B interview of Vietnam and indonesia VS B2B la lucha de Colombia y Venezuela + a solo non-pageant drama interview for Miss Host candidate Thailand 🙂
    Divahhhh hihihi.

  5. Oh wow, Tito Norms! What another milestone in your blogging career! I am super proud that you have gone this far. Having been invited as one of the official media personalities to cover the Miss Universe beauty pageant is a great achievement already. You are such an inspiration to a lot of good young writers who aspire to be a blogger like you in this field.

    Way to go, Tito Norms!

    That’s all.

  6. wow a well deserved invitation indeed hope u can give us a lot of behind the scenes insights. everyones waiting for it tito! again congrats!

  7. By the way i just saw the clippings ni Katarina sa Miss world. For juice for kanto what the hell happened to her. Worst dress and worst parasela kung ganyan lang ipapakita mo eh sana hindi kanalang lumakad. Anung nangyari pa tweetum effect? Dyis ko coming from a model like you tapos yung lakad mo parang ewan wag naman sananh ganito si catriona yung tipong ang laki ng expectations tapos yung performance eh walay. I dont expect na mananalo ka. Sayang !

    • She made it to Top 32, which means she got appreciated! Anyway, all is not lost and don’t despair – there are still other fast tracks. Mess World is very unpredictable anyway. I wouldn’t be surprised if a contestant who has not even won a fast track event will win the blue crown 😦 But I still have high hopes for Katarina 🙂

    • Kitang-kita na ang bunga jelitha ng pagsali ni Maeva sa MW kaysa sa MU! Nangangamoy na ang simula ng panalo niya, tbh.

      Anywayzz, keri pa rin ni Kat yan. Lalaban pa rin!

  8. Gloria the attention seeker na sobrang papansin kawawa naman. Na kung saan siya rin ang unang magtatatalon pag nanalo si Cat. You are really a great pretender!

  9. Congrats Tito Norms! Busy busyhan ka don for sure! Give us insights and mga chikas ha. LOL

    • at least reddish ang gums ni Cat. Eh ikaw nangingitim ang gilagid mo sa baho ng hininga mong amoy imburnal.

      • miss tissa wag mo na patulan yan day. Wala na nga pumapansin dyan ikaw lang. Gusto lang nya may mainis at magreply sa mga basura at non sense na comment niya. Paulit ulit lang yan.

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  10. Wow just wow!

    Congratulations Tito Norman!

    It get even more exciting MU2018!

    Enjoy the most prestigious beauty pageant in the universe!!!!

    Go go go Tito Norman and CatPhilippines!

  11. Congratulations Tito Norman!!!

    This is soooo exciting!!!! I can’t wait!!!!!

    I wan’t more Paandars from Cat’s team!

    Sige pa… More MORE MORE!!!! 😀 hahaha

  12. Congratulations Kuya Norm. I am very proud of you. I hope no one will be jealous of your accomplishments.

  13. Norman, is this the first time you have been invited by the MUO to cover the competition? And does it come with free lodging and airfare ?

  14. Congratulations. And to our dearest Catriona good luck and may you bring home the crown and glory back to the Philippines.

  15. Wow, enjoy po, Tito Norman! I’m glad that you got the opportunity.
    Here’s to hoping that you can really witness Cat’s crowning (hopefully)!

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