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  1. we have sent so many beautiful girls for MW but but but if julia wont have any of it then we can only enjoy our girls do their best minus the crown in the end….lets not even expect it to happen OK???

  2. Nawala ang excitement ko sa ipinakita ni Katja!

    Mediocre performance! Ok lang di nakapasok sa top 5 basta sana nakita mo na lumalaban ang performance. Kaso parang kiti-kiti sa stage na pa-sweet! So sad kapag hindi binago ni Katja ang pacute niya…..waley na ang hope for the 2nd blue crown!

    She should not be acting as pa tweetum princess!

    She should embody a regal queen!

    Go go go Philippines 😦

    • Katja seems really tired na. I’m following her on social media and you can tell she is giving 110% but at the price of not being able to breathe anymore. It’s in her eyes.

      Again, I think it is too much to crown just a month before a girl takes off for the month long process that is Miss World.

      I know, I know – Megan Young did the same – but I think it is too much to expect every girl to pull off a Megan Young.

      In Katja’s case, I think the problem is she has BIG aspirations and BIG potential, pero talagang ang gulo yung execution given how rushed it is.

      Even with A&Q’s support, Miss World is not their priority. It has always been Universe. This year, given no Universe title is in their real the focus has been on Ahtisa, who has had months to prepare under their wings. Comparing her pre-pageant form in Tokyo, ibang iba talaga. Ahtisa was relaxed. Katja seems so gilgil.

      • @justgrc…… and it shows that she doesn’t have the “inner peace (calmness) and confidence” that Megan & Athisa had it when they competed on their respective international pageant.

        Yeah, I can see her restlessness all throughout the activities so far. And I am afraid that if she will not change her perspective on way things going on…………we won’t see the 2nd blue crown on her head.

        I hope she can read all these constructive feedbacks so she can go back on track and claim that crown for the Philippines in the end! Anyway, she still have time to shine! We will see!

        Go go go Philippines!

  3. relax lang guys…. Stephanie version 2.0 ung mangyayari hahaha chill chill lng c Kat kasi baka sa kanya n dw ibbgay ni mama Julia ang crown so kahit d nya gagawin mabuti ang mga round eh sya pa din mananalo hahahahahaha

  4. Natawa ako kasing parang binaboy ni Kat nag MW. hahahahhaa Kung ako din siguro ganon din gagawin ko. Mind you guys, kahit ikaw pa pinaka magaling kung ayaw naman ni Hulya sa yo wag ka ng umasa. Remember Stephanie? kulelat sa mobstar, kulelat din sa fast tracks ni di man lang nag top 5 pero winlalo dahil gusto planado ni Julia. Wag lang manalo si Cat nong MW2016.

  5. In my opinion, Kat did very well even if she was not given the Best gown. She did great based on the short time provided on the runway. She worked every inch of it. Facewise, she’s the best through out the competition. Keep slaying queen Kat.

  6. Sobrang fan ako ni katja pero anyare kanina te?
    Sana sabihan naman sya ng aces & queens ng tamang gawin. Lakas maka pabebe ng lakad, style at smile. Seryoso katja, ano po yun? 😦

    I expected so much from a girl who’s competing for the 2nd international title.

    • Everything was wrong, gown, styling, the walk. 😟 I liked her but very disappointed…😔

  7. Unfortunately yung performance nya ay sablay, ewan something was wrong with her looks pa tweetums effect yan tuloy ligwak. Yung admit juice mio not for that kind of competition parang Table cloth oh Xmas tree drape . Napataas ng expectation lalu na sa model part pero haysssssssssssss. Sinayang nya yung opportunity.

  8. I super loved Katja but she’s being overshadowed by Catriona Gray’s Miss Universe journey.

  9. May fake news “daw” na sinabotahe ni Miss Indonesia ang gown ni Miss Colombia at pinagkakalat “daw” ng Pinoy fans. So, ayon, inaatake nila si Kata sa IG niya. May mga nagpipilit na mag sorry si Kata. Lol.

    • Don’t worry about those trivial attacks @ath. Remember even during Megan’s time, there were some “quarters” who actually wrote the MW organization trying to besmirch her reputation by saying she posed nude in a men’s magazine. Well, we all know the sneaky tactic didn’t work. In fact, the gracious way Megan handled the issue endeared her even more to Julia. It’s a test to a candidate’s strength of character as MW (to quote GB) is a slow “marathon” and only the fittest can persist and survive. In the case of the Indonesian fans, they’re quite agitated now as they’re cognizant that no matter how sweet a girl Alya is, she’s the least facially attractive among their country’s representatives over the last 4 years. Even GB (perceived to be somewhat pro-Indonesia) has not mentioned her at all in its shortlist of candidates to watch. So I would say, let Katarina handle it. She knows how to choose her battles where it matters in order to avoid tiring herself unnecessarily.

      • Yes, but sensing from Kat’s reply to those who posted on her IG is that she’s too agitated. Sino naman kaya ang hindi ma-tri-trigger? Then again, Kata can handle that.

        Many Indonesian fans are seemingly rabid these days, tbh.

  10. Off topic: Nikita McElroy didn’t win Miss Hawaii, hope she joins BB instead! I really love her beauty❤️

  11. Thank you for always giving your all. Whatever happens, we all know you did your best… Win or lose, you are trully desserving of the Miss World crown. The Filipino people would always be proud of you. May God bless you Katarina! We would always support you no matter what. 🙂 You trully are and would always be the people’s queen! 🙂

  12. Do your best in Top Model Katarina no matter what they’ll ask you to wear. Make the designer feel important and grateful by showing how elegant you can be no matter how simple, avante grade, or quirky the dress assigned to you is. They aren’t judging the dress per se but your stage presence especially since Beach Beauty has been scrapped. Remember that aside from Megan, three other Miss World winners (Zilin in 2007, Ksenia in 2008, and Mireia in 2015) subsequently won the crown since this track began in 2004. All the rest of the Top Model winners over the past 14 years became either runners up or at least in the Top 15 (with exception of 2014). It’s also pleasantly curious that even the finicky Andrei Sleigh considers you Katarina a worthy competitor for the crown. Few people may undermine (even mock) MW and even get indiscriminately bashing you but I’m totally supporting your bid since you’re there doing what you could to stand out and be liked as Miss Philippines. Take care of your voice (it’s cracking a bit in your videos) and enunciate your words clearly in occasions that require you to speak. Cheers!

  13. Energy confidence and drive to win is there
    But it all depends on Julia
    Whoever floats her boat , I hope it’s Kat

  14. Miss World top 3:Ms England, Ms Wales and Ms Colombia
    Miss Universe top 3: Ms Mexico, Ms Thailand and Ms USA
    Miss Supranational top 3: Ms Vietnam, Ms Malaysia, Ms Ukraine e

  15. ano yung issue ni miss indonesia at miss colombia daw? daming satsat ng mga indonesian fans sa page ni kata!

      • May fake news “daw” na sinabotahe ni Miss Indonesia ang gown ni Miss Colombia at pinagkakalat “daw” ng Pinoy fans. So, ayon, inaatake nila si Kata sa IG niya. May mga nagpipilit na mag sorry si Kata. Lol.

  16. i think she is wearing new veneers. can you remove that? it goes in the way of her beautiful smile. or still something else that changed there? remove it a.s.a.p.

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