41 comments on “Coming Soon: The #LavaWalk of Catriona Gray

  1. Bragais looks like (Janjep) Carlos here. So cute. He should have babies with Kurniawan. 🙂

  2. Dapat #RedemptionWalk. This will be about Cat closing the pageantry chapter of her life on her terms, and not of the Master Chef. LOL.

    Cat seems to be taking a Pia-level strategy. She seems to be doing so many pictorials of late, but we haven’t seen any of them.

    It looks like they are waiting until the last minute for their pasavogue releases on her social media.

    I suspect while other ladies are going to be posting from dumpy airline terminals, sitting on their suitcases and trying to impress with 18 pieces of luggage she will be releasing high-end shots.

    Or while the basic girls are posting lame selfies from breakfast at the Dusit Thani, she will be releasing the same.

    Her recent post of her EDSA billboard suggests as much. How many of the other delegates can pull that off?

  3. Laba walk

    Labandera ang peg
    like her Mum who met herd old Dad
    in Cairns to get a visa

    the story is all over
    get real

    as if parang isolated case.
    gawain yan ng karamihan ng Pinay

    • And it’s your responsibility to judge, persecute and call them out… you’re pure shit.

      You’re the fly who feeds and lives on human shit. Get a life!

    • You must live such a perfect life to have the nerve to judge people. It is my hope that sometime in the near future you reap what you sow. May God have mercy on you .

  4. She doesn’t need to wear those cheap chunky platforms 😓
    Taste level niya minsan, questionable.
    Or is it her glam team?

    • it’s a bragais shoes. of course she should wear it. He’s part of her team. and besides, i know it looks tacky – but it really helps din lalo na to add more height. I have watched a video before na kahit mukha siyang cheap, still a go-to shoes ng mga pageant girls kasi nga nakakadagdag poise ung taas. idk.

      • She’s already tall.
        Those chunky platforms cheapen an evening gown look.
        It’ll be a slap on the faces of the other candidates if she wore classy regular stilletos for it means she doesn’t need to cheat her height.
        Ms. France during the MU 2015 finals evening gown competition is an example. So classy.

  5. I think Catriona is being misguided and ill-advised by some ugly and classless gays. What is she wearing?! A corset and a cut of fabric directly from a cheap fabric store. Her projection is also “dead” in that photo.
    Hope she has someone around her who is really an expert in the pageant world.

  6. Mak Tumang is a good designer but not good in color choices.May nag release ng image but don’t know if it is real. Oh well but I trust Catriona.

  7. Laba walk

    mukhang labandera tulad ng ina
    na pumatol sa matandang Aussie


    gamit pa more

    • This, absolutely has gone way too far.
      This is beyond being bastos.

      You gloria has the right to voice your uneducated opinions,
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      You have no right however, to make degrading comments
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      • Lol…
        Seriously. She was probably verbally, physically abused by foreigners or mestizos. She has a chronic inferiority complex and may herself not be physically attractive.

        She needs help.

        Pray for her.

      • It’s the maleficent dubious sinister charactered brainless maniac who gave my post two thumbs down. That means the scrotumless fag read it, but can’t respond because the truth punctured her one remaining cranial nerve. 😂😂😂

    • TITO NORMAN – this “gloria” version is going way below the belt, attacking parents of candidates. Ban this creature please.

    • You are one nasty human being, just remember that all the shit you put someone through, will soon finds it’s way to you. I mean it and it’s a curse, be afraid.

    • Calling Norman!

      Why are you allowing this nasty post to be in your site. I support other’s right to express their opinion BUT no one has the right to slander CATRIONA’s family.

      I do not understand the hatred of this being towards Catriona.

      Please Norman, do something to stop this nastiness being done towards Cat’s family.

      Thank you!

  8. Ako, I love the paandars… It’s part of the game!
    She knows what she’s doing…

    I can’t wait for the National Costume!!!

    Goodluck Cat! I’m soooo excited!!!! 😀

  9. I hope she has a better wardrobe than what she’s been wearing of late, from this to her sendoff outfit. Quite lackluster and unflattering.

    • at first, i didn’t like her send-off outfit. but it actually worked for me. I don’t know. though i was expecting a bit more from her / them since she’s the MUP. tinalo pa siya ni Jehza sa outfit.

      The one she’s wearing sa ABSCBN promo vid niya.. okay lang sakin ung top, it shows her leaner physique. the overlap (?) skirt.. not that much. parang dinagdag lang.

      • Exactly. Gown na kung gown ang kay Jehza but she looked very overshadowed by Cat.
        I didn’t like the outfit too, but because Cat is so radiant, parang naging ok lang. She wore the dress, not the other way around.

      • ei kung nag todo outfit si Cat… Baka natabunan si Jehza… at maganda na din yang unflattering umpisa at mapapa WOW ka nalang sa final….

  10. Is that a real gown? I don’t get it….it looks so deconstructed…halfway, but “I’m not so sure” if it’s a undergarment or just a fabric around my waist…look. Cat…you cna do better than this 🤗🤗🤗

  11. Ang lungkot naman ng styling niya, pero well, beautiful naman in motion. Ang tela na nakasabit ay parang yung sa gown niya for the ABS ball.

  12. Ang lungkot naman ng styling niya, pero well, beautiful naman in motion. Ang tela na nakasabit ay parang yung sa gown niya for the ABS ball.

  13. LavaWalk? baket? nakakapaso? CHAROT! Does this have to do with her natcos?

    Oh well, I thought it was PUSArela? daming hanash. LOL

      • hmm i don’t think just because she’s from Albay, tatawagin na nilang LavaWalk. there must be a deeper explanation. Bakit naman si Shamcey, tsunami walk, tiga dagat ba siya? CHAROT

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