12 comments on “Mister Universal Ambassador Philippines 2018 George Reylor de Lumen and his National Costume

  1. I like the nc
    The color combination is a feast to my eyes
    He also looks good..so I hope he does well if not win the title

  2. Sana ganito ang isasabak nila palagi sa mga patimpalak dahil sigurado na mananalo siya. Sa tindig, kakisigan, pangangatawan, at kanyang mukha, ay tunay na tatak ng Pinoy. Mabuhay Pilipinas!

  3. nice costume but he is a downgrade from former rep we had in Biondo. There’s so many handsome Pinoys on social media that could be persuaded to join.

  4. I’m sorry, Mr. Barassi. It is TOO BUSY. Like Raspado’s “horny loins” at Mister Gay World 2016 (by Gathercole), it looks as if he were a vagrant who put together a costume from jetsam and flotsam after a storm surge. And as one of us said then (though John won), “mukha siyang baliw”.

    For an idea on how to effectively edit bird-inspired NatCos, do check Fabian Vera’s at Mister Global 2017.

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