16 comments on “Miss Supranational USA is off to Poland as well

  1. My Supranational 2018 Top 6 in no particular order:



  2. Pinay ang ND ng Suprational USA
    wala naman sila pacontest
    siya na lang napili kasi kamag anak yata
    wala naman Amerikana na interesado sa
    pageant na ito.

  3. sana maging mabait sya sa mga amo niya

    at lagi siya mag fb at magpadala sa pamilya nya
    ng remittance

  4. @Andrew

    Your post regarding racism in Europe’s recent past and present is reality.

    It happens everywhere even in Hawaii.
    An acquaintance once shared to me that the Chinese parents of the woman he was dating forbade her from dating him or any Filipino for that matter.

    It is an unwritten but common knowledge, in the Islands, that the ethnic Filipino amongst the Japanese and Chinese was “sterotypically” the low man in the Asian totem pole there.

    This is “Asian” against Asian.
    I’m not surprised.

  5. Enjoy the sarcasm;

    She looks like a dark skinned indigenous Latina, or Pacific Islander or a Filipina

    She should be of white/European extraction only! In otherwords, she is a foriegner perhaps even illegal.

    Send her back where she came from!

    How racist is that?

    Good luck Ms Supranational USA.
    Knock em’ dead!

    • This is a rebuttal to the anti-Catriona poster who has a “cookie-cutter -no halfsies” opinion of what a Filipino should look like, act like, think like and be like.

      What a tool!

  6. Goodluck Katrina. We are proud of you and we love you. Thanks also for representing our community here at the Bay Area. We are going tough times because of the smoke and unsafe air quality her, yet we are proud of our Filipino community’s hometown girl. Thanks for representing ethnic diversity in the USA. We need it especially during this Trump era. Laban Katrina!

  7. To the Anti-Catriona individual.

    In your opinion, is this brown beauty to dark to represent the USA?
    She does not look “American” at all.

    Have a nice week, y’all. Be safe.

  8. Not to be mean or anything but, ano pake natin sa kanya?
    Dahil dn ba sa part pinay sya kailangan natin syang pag usapan?
    So ano #ProudPinoy ulit ba tayo ngaun nyan.

    Just saying.

    • @ Juana : Good evening/afternoon/morning.

      Yes, in this case. After all, she did claim Filipino extraction. Already affirmation that we can cheer for her as well, considering not all halfies necessarily take pride in their “colored” bloodline.

      I recall reading an interview with Filipina-Austrian former actress/model Cindy Kurleto, where she described discrimination growing up. In school, she would be called “tae” (sh_t).

      I was saddened. I imagined neo-Nazis were already wiped out by now. That Western Europe would be more liberal than America. But if you read immigration issues with Chinese, Africans, and former Soviet East bloc entrants, somehow you understand the animosity.

      • Andrew
        Is she an ethnic mixture? Or is she a generational American with her parents and or grandparents emmigrating from the Philippines?

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