10 comments on “Jehza Huelar: Off to Poland

  1. Best wishes for you Ms. Jehza!

    I am sure you will make all Filipinos proud!

    Go go go Philippines!

  2. we will be in top 5. Ramdam ko na gutom sa korona si jehza. I love her 2016. Lukewarm 2017. But 2018 she proved that all hardships will bear its fruits.

  3. Naku ewan k lnv maitawid nya yan ang lamig ngayon dito sa europa! Pero ganda yan si Jehza at sure nadiligan yan ni PBA bago lumarga

  4. Omg! The outfit is so on point! What a creative use of native fabric.. traditional yet fashion forward… Totaly Jet-setter.. I love it!

    Mutya may definitely be the prettiest facialy but Jehza is the most well-proportioned candidate we have sent to Miss Supranational ever and facewise, Jehza does not pale in comparison. In my opinion, Jehza’s edge is not her barbie doll figure but instead, it is her inspiring life story. Miss Suprapersonality should definitely be in the bag! 🙂

    Possible Top 3/5:



  5. i like how consistent Jehza’s styling had been
    it reminds me a bit of Clenci’s: sleek and modern.

    Elizabeth’s was minimalist (up until the finals’ gown)
    while Jehza’s is streamlined and bold with a little quirk thrown in

    good luck!

  6. a runner up finish or maybe the crown
    she prepared well.

    unlike yung mataba pa rin si Mariel yata ang
    lagi kausap nun kaya mataba pa rin

  7. She is a clean beauty . With a Barbie doll proportion and a very neat profile , I think she will do well .
    But then again , this is owned by an Indian based in Panama .
    I don’t think they will give her the crown
    But good luck!

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