8 comments on “Samantha Lo: From Binibining Cebu to Best Model of the Philippines

  1. OK guys, enough. This race discussion has been hammered flatter than a translucent crepe.

    Just keep this in mind : the popular human evolution theory of the moment is that our species originated in Africa. And yes, we share 98% of our DNA with chimpanzees.

  2. Sobrang bobo naman nitong nag insinuate na hindi siya Pilipino dahil lamang sa kanyang apelyido. Ano ba ang tunog ng Pilipinong apelyido, aber? Sino ba ang nauna na foreigner sa Pilipinas? Di talaga alam na mas nauna ang mga Intsik.

    • I agree! So many uneducated readers of this blog…
      The Kingdom of Lu-Song (Luzon) was already a satelite of the Chinese Song Empire even before the arrival of the Tagalogs.. I wonder where these people learned their history?

  3. Maganda but her neck is too thick and manly. Grabe tinalo pa niya yung maskulandong si Jeff sa pakapalan ng traps muscle. Siya ba ang pinupush ng Aces and Kweens for BBP 2019?

  4. As Layla and Fabian used to say…people will be confused by Samantha.

    Supposedly representing the Philippines but has a chinese surname…and the semi mestisa look…with heavy makeup and photoshop that is…sometimes in some angles. LOL

    In any case good luck to Sam…I’m sure she will make the chinese proud.

    On another note…she is typical of the hand picked reps from nowhere…para masabi lang na mganda rin sila…its so sad

    • Keri lang yan. Sanay naman din siguro silang magulat kasi kahit sa pageants, ang pinapadala ay Wurtzbach, Gray, Shah, Lehmann, Peters, Thomas, Hammond, McGarry, etc.

    • Guys! Except for the last name- “Manalo”, even the native sounding lastnames of our homegrown delegates are not so common in our own country like Quigaman, Supsup, Gatbonton, Dimaranan, Tugonon, Datul, Catacutan, Patalinjug, etc. (FYI, Quiambao & Gumabao has Spanish era Chinese origins while Ibe has pre-war/Spanish era Japanese origins).

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