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    • Pia had the MU crown
      U can’t say that with Cat …. at least not yet
      Cat may have all the goods but if it’s not in her Destiny’, she will not be MU

  1. Napansin ko lang kay Catriona these days:

    Bakit parang laging ang “OILY or MALAGKIT” ang mukha ni Catriona sa kanyang mga guest appearances sa kahit anong activities?

    Kung gawa ng make-up yun……parang hindi maganda sa paningin ng tao.

    Lalo na kapag natatamaan ang lighting or ilaw. kumikintab ang buong mukha niya.

    Bakit si Athisa Manalo ang “FRESH” ng look palagi? hindi oily or malagkit ang face.

    Sana mabasa ito ng team ni Catriona at bigyan ng pansin ang palagiang oily or nanlalagkit na feslak ni Catriona.

    Huwag nio pong masamain…ito’y isang constructive criticism.

    Maraming Salamat.

    • Veejay, highlighter tawag diyan sa makeup. New trend, hindi alam ng mga beking geriatric. Hindi na uso yung 90s matte look na walang appeal. Isa pa, wag na naten pangunahan ang team ni Cat. They know what they’re doing. Alam nila kung saan nababagay ang different types ng makeup and lewks. Sa totoo lang, dito lang sa blog ni tito norman ang mga baklang maraming reklamo. Install Instagram and tignan mo mga latinos and lahat ng fans, all praises and gandang ganda. Yung sinasabe niyong “oily” yung ginamit niya for starmagic ball and sendoff event, yun ang pinakabet and maraming likes sa IG ni Cat, kasi nga maganda. Yun lang naman.

      • Laila , ikaw ba yung May video na parang si Renato?
        I encourage u to do more .
        You have a future . You have the gift of gab .
        Hoping to see u do tv guestings .

      • @Laila, ganyan din ba ang gamit ni Athisa Manalo?

        Kung magkaganun, bakit magkaiba ang effect sa face nilang dalawa?

        Kay Athisa she look fresh samantalang kay Catriona ma “oily”.

        Mas marami palang may gusto ng ganun looks “oily face”.

        Again, hindi po ako isang basher…..ito ay napansin ko lang these past Catriona’s guestings.

        Go go go Philippines!

  2. Ang daming ayaw kay Catriona dahil mestiza daw. Hindi Pinay enough to represent the Philippines. Eh yung mga Latina representatives nga puro naman sila mixed. Ang dami niyong ginagawang analysis na nakasisira kay Cat, wala namang basehan. Para sa akin, Cat has a fighting chance huwag lang siyang mag make up na lumiliit mata niya.

  3. dami mga kuda

    mga tomboy kayo

    IMG will not crown another Asian
    so ligwak na ang Felepens kahit si Pia ulit isali nyo

    maybe Fatriona will enter Top 5 pero yun na yun.
    marami mas sexy and mas deserving sa kaniya and mas
    prepared — body transformation

    Pia will be our last MU for 2 decades. USA ang papaboran ng MU.
    Megan will be the 1st and last MW dahil ayaw ni Aleng Julia
    India ang paborito nya.

    and MEarth
    na lang kayo mangarap mas realistic

    • Or better yet sa
      Miss Classic International,
      Miss Worldwide Universe,
      Miss Globe International,
      Miss Grand Universe,
      Miss Queen of the World International,
      Miss International Universal,
      Miss Coffee International,
      Miss Universal Tourism,
      Miss World Tourism International,
      Miss Universal Queen
      Miss Chinatown,
      Miss Hannah International,
      Miss Econational,
      Miss Ecology,
      Miss Ecotourism,
      Miss Multiverse,
      Miss Heritage,
      Miss Landscapes,
      Miss Scuba Diving
      Miss Earthlings
      Miss Tourism Global
      Miss Global
      Miss Western Hemisphere
      Miss Nature World
      Miss Grand Standing
      Miss Asia Pacific International World
      Miss Asia Quest
      Miss Queen International
      Miss Wah
      Miss Leading
      Miss Information
      Miss Ossology
      Miss Take
      Miss Ter Of the World
      And many other Misses!

  4. Cat deserves our support and I know she appreciates it .
    Whether she’s lived in the country for 2 yrs or for 24 yrs does not matter . She s part Filipino and she has the right to represent us.
    I know she is in a very hard position . I would not want to be in Her shoes . But it looks like she’s handling the pressure just fine .
    OMG , in one month , everything will be over .

  5. I can sense that the blogger is happy kase maraming pumatol sa walang kakwenta- kwentang kwento of “pia on catriona”

  6. Nagpapasiklaban sa English ang mga lola! Parang labanan sa beklaban ng Showtime. But I love it Tia Norman. At least we are learning so much from our tias kasi sa school we are not required to speak the colonial language. Charot.

  7. Pia knows MUO likes Catriona as she is the clear frontrunner this year. Everyone knows that, whether they like her or not. Whether they admit it or not. No one else comes close to the attention Catriona has garnered the world over from Manila to NYC to Bangkok and everywhere in between. Even other Asians and Latinos support her in great number, and that is rare (dare I say more than Pia).

    Transgender Miss Spain isn’t drawing as much buzz as her.

    Anyone who would put their face on camera to give anything but 100% support to Cat would look like a fool.

    Expect to see her do very well, as anticipated.

    • this is exactly the pinoy mentality problem…hihihi…

      So are you saying the Pia is faking her support because she would look like a fool if she doesn’t? Why not take it with sincerity instead of insinuating otherwise?

      • Honey you are entitled to your opinion. As am I. Read what I said above if you aren’t clear what I said again.

    • Justgrc, do you have proof that the MUO really likes Cat?
      So far , I have not seen any sign of it .

      • Rumors, so far I guess. You can find it in rumor mills at Missosology though, where they also talk about a lemon training in Manila & will also get her finals gown from a Filipino designer =)

    • tomboy na ito

      .00000001% lang ang nagmamasid sa kanya sa mundo
      mostly Pinoys

      so negligible.

      therefore walang impact

    • @justrc
      I think you statement is bordering on delusional.
      I have not read any article about you have just mention

  8. @Chutima
    I apprrciate your “bra-burning” feminist views. The problem is the stereotypical feminist somehow demeans “stay at home moms” as “less than” simply because they “chose” to not to have careers. Raising children these days is a career that in of itself.
    A young woman who “chooses” to compete in pageants is no less of a woman than someone who “chooses” to burn their bras to prove they are “empowered women” in accordance to your pain.
    Who died and made you the fourth person of the trinity?
    Have a nice day. Thank you and how dare you! 😉

    • @ just saying : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Your “fourth person of the Trinity” reminded me of the Four Bimbos of the Apocalypse, made up of Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Britney Spears, and I-forgot-the-other-one-as-this-was-long-ago (sorry).

      • @Andrew

        not sure, but it might be the kim kardashian before all the plastic surgery…..bleurgghhh, i can’t believe i typed that name , must… wash… hands… now….

        btw, i do not hate her as a person, i just don’t like what she symbolizes in american pop culture right now

  9. @Chutima

    You’ve stated that Catriona looks white and the negative ramifications of pageants nowadays.
    In your terms of that Ms. Gray does not have a hint of Asian features, what would your assessment be looking at the beautiful Filipina beauty and former BbP contestant Apreil Smith? Do her features suffice your criteria and has enough Filipina features for your stamp of approval?

    • Apriel Smith also does not have a Filipina beauty. Apriel is clearly mixed. Even Pia looks more “Pinay” than her. I guess that won’t pass for Chutima too.

      • Exactly…
        Again, I appreciate this woman’s feminist convictions. It does not mean I have to agree with her hook, line and sinker.
        I wonder if crowning a pure malay-skinned woman with the facial features of President Duterte be Asian enough for people like her?

  10. I am trying so hard to like Catriona but I just cant. I just can’t dahlinnn. That photo above is bleak! I wish her well though for those who are rallying behind her but for me, I don’t see any magic in her for now to win Miss Universe. A top 15 for me and she will be eliminated after the swimsuit rounds. This is just my personal assessment at the moment so pleas don’t crucify me.

    • Jeremi , don’t waste your time trying
      U have made up your mind long before civilization that you do not like Cat . You do not find her sincere enough and beautiful enough . That’s ok .

      • hi Fabie dahlinnn how have you been doing?
        I’m trying and keep on trying for the sake of Philippines’ economy.

  11. Catriona was the clear winner during Miss World . Unfortunately the panel of judges were composed of snakes and tarantula. Coming this Miss Universe Catriona has a Thai based fans and this will catapult her to the crown. I just hope and pray the wardrobes and styling are at par minsan kasi hit and miss kung pwwde sana yung hindi mamantika yung make up. Chalenge ito sa team nya.

    • Thai fans ? What have they got to do with Cat winning or losing MU ?
      U r crazy as hell for saying that
      And catapult? I thought Cat was a frontrunner .Oh MyGulay
      Think before using such a highfalutin word.

      • fabian what do you revered yourself as the deity of language. as much as i dont want to stoop into your level i just needed to tell you that you cant even reach the tip of my accomplishments in life . Im sorry .

      • Ivan , I’m glad you are doing great in life . We are proud of you !
        I was just trying to find sense in what you were saying . That’s all.

      • Fabian i think the reverse is true. I dont know were is ur sense by the waymaybe ur just a dumb witted ugly persona 😂

      • Ivan , if I was dumb , then there’s no word in the dictionary to describe your stupidity . Why don’t u go back to your first entry and see if it makes sense . When have the fans ever had the say who wins MU ? If that was the case , the Philippines would win every yr .
        U r so full of yourself u can’t even take criticisms.
        BTW , many of the people on this blog are achievers … in med law politics journalism and business . So do not get ahead of yourself .

  12. In fairness to Pia, she sounded sincere with her words.

    In the picture above, Catriona really looks like a Caucasian woman. She is. I don’t see an inch of Asian feature on her. Ang mga Pinoy nga naman. Walang bilib sa sariling ganda ng mga babae nila. I do know maraming mga babae ang magaganda at may substance dyan sa Pilipinas. Kaso nga lang, di nila nakikita ang beauty pageants as platforms to voice out their advocacies or passions. A true modern woman knows na ang beauty pageants ay outdated form of entertainment, and it is a form of exploitatation to women.

    • If it is an exploitation of women, how come hundreds, even thousands of women join or participate in such? Joining pageants is a platform for exposure, to get known, to get experience. That word “exploitation” has been politicized incorrectly, and you’re a gullible dude that get sucked into it, unfortunately.

      So what if our candidates look “Caucasian?” As the Philippines become more “global”, we will continue to see more diversed individuals – physically, psychologically. There’s nothing wrong with having “mixed” Filipinos and Filipinas, that’s what make life more enjoyable, challenging ang exciting.

      And who says we don’t believe or value our “Gandang Pinay?” Maybe you? Gandang Pinay is subjective. Maybe you should get involved in judging pageants, so you can strongly advocate for gandang Pinay. Let me challenge you, kindly describe what gandang Pinay is?

      Tunnel visioned fanatics like you need to be a little bit more open minded and accepting. Connect the dots, connect the disconnect. Human race will continue to evolve, regardless you’re brown, black, or white.

      Am a product of a Puerto Rican/Dominican + Filipino heritage. 6’2, 185lbs, grey hazel eyes.
      But am 110% Pinoy at heart. And I love Jessica Soho. 😎😎😎

      • Are you sure it’s hundreds and thousands of women? Haven’t you heard of casting calls in other countries just to select their representative? Because women jn those countries don’t but this type of crap. It’s only countries who are poor who put so much emphasis on this because this is the only way they can compete with super powers like USA, Canada or UK. Some don’t even know MU and MW. Pageants are dying in this modern world because other venues of voicing out your opinions and advocacies are already fast increasing. Hello, FB, Twitter, Instagram? Or maybe proper education perhaps?

        Don’t give me that excuse that the human race is evolving and Filipinos is also evolving. If you are a Filipino, you should live in the Philippines for most of your lifetime before you proudly represent the country. If you just lived there for 2 years for a modeling contract, then that’s something fishy. It’s clear that you are just in it for fame. And tell me if I am lying if that’s not rampant in the Philippine showbiz industry now.

        Who cares if you are half Filipino? Did you live in the Philippines for most of your life? Do you even know the history of the country you’re proclaiming that you are 110%? Or you’re just there for a year or so and now you’re claiming that you are a true blue Filipino? You must be one of those models who are seeking for fame in that pageant crazy country. You should be thankful that that country worships foreigners like crazy, and they welcomed you with open arms. It’s no wonder they have been colonized by the Spaniards for 300 years.

    • Are your words motivated due to an inferiority complex?
      The people of India are Asian.
      There are millions of black skinned Indians.
      What is your conclusion of that fact.
      Do they look Asian to you?
      Open your mind and your front door and step out and get your feet wet, hair frizzed and smell the damn coffee.

      • Try to live in a foreign country first before you try to criticize my words. It’s clear that you haven’t been to other parts of the world. Filipinos are just so full of themselves that they know things, just because they saw it in TV or read it somewhere. Whatever I’m saying now are the blind spots of every Johari Windows inside the minds of every Pinoy person there. Mahilig kasi kayo magmagalimg eh, as if alam nyo na lahat. Kayo nalang parati ang magaling sa pananaw nyo. Mabuti na rin na may nangpupuna sa inyo kasi unstoppable na ang ego nyo. Nakakahiya na rin eh.

      • C hutina,
        These countries are poor and miserable and you want to take away the one sure thing that lifts their spirits ?
        What makes u think you have the right to dictate what they do with their time ?
        hose rich countries go crazy about sports like you can’t believe it . How is this any better than beauty paqgeants?
        They have sports , we have beauty pagean ts,. What’s wrong with that?

    • ewan ko sayo dami mong alam…anung outdated? clearly you don’t know what you’re saying

    • Outdated sa iba Pedro to us fans no…may market globally ang mga pageants lalo na ang MU at MW…kasi kung wala bkit nag thrathrive parin? Kung ikaw nga andito ka sa pageant blog site eh

    • Again, Chutima, you clearly have very limited insight, or better yet a poor vision of what’s happening in today’s world. Look around you, aren’t you glad Filipinos are getting far in the world of many aspects? Don’t limit yourself with that gandang Pinay mentality. All Pinoys and Pinays are beautiful regardless of their ethnicity. It is very shallow of you to put emphasis on physicality – that you have to have that “gandang Pinay” to represent the country in competitions.

      I know very well our history. Am a nurse PLUS a college faculty, and currently practices both. I don’t flaunt my ethnical background, but rather share with you that there’s nothing wrong being mixed. And yes, the Philippines will continue to be part of this evolving world – which make us competitive all over.

      Pageants are clearly, NOT outdated form of entertainment. If it is, then why follow such, read and write in pageant blogs like this? Have you seen how many new pageants sprout the last few years? Not only in the Philippines but other countries as well. And yes I said hundreds, even thousands, because that’s a fact. In Miss America alone, every year, do you know how many aspiring individuals compete at county levels before they can go for state competition?

      I agree with you, to acknowlede the essence of gandang Pinay. I disagree with your belief though, which is self limiting and loathing. You have to have an understanding of who we are, what we are, and where Pinoys and Pinays are heading to. All am asking is to be transparent. And that is to be proud of what ethnicities or background your kababayans have. Don’t fault them for enjoying the world of different cultures, beliefs and traditions. Am mixed, but part of one race. The human race.

      Are you?

  13. I think Pia is sincere in wishing Cat well.

    She is more free to voice her opinion and support now unlike last year. (She had to be partial with her public opinions before the pageant since she sat as judge)

  14. I would think that Pia was sincere wishing Catriona the best in the forthcoming Miss Universe beauty pageant. While I understand that others may cast doubt on Pia’s parting words, I believe that as a Miss Universe titleholder, Pia wants to pass on Catriona all the love she got from fellow Filipinos during her time.

    Almost everybody has high hopes on Catriona. She is the woman to beat in Miss Universe. She has got all the means to bring home the crown again three years after Pia had it. She is charming, and has the wide fan base in beauty pageant landia.

    I am so excited in the forthcoming Miss Universe. I can feel the Gloria-Margarita Pia-Catriona mirror feat which only gave and might give the Philippines a three-year break in Miss Universe.

    That’s all!

    • If Cat will be , she will be.
      There’s no sure thing
      We know she is gorgeous and articulate
      But One wrong answer to a question is enough to ruin her chances
      And one wrong gesture is enough to cause her the crown .
      Olivia J was sure to take the crown . But she hesitated with her answer and her unqueenly moves ( raising a fisted hand while shaking her body ) surely did not help at all.
      As for SA , I found her hairstyle make up and dress underwhelming .. but she won anyway because the judges and the .org loved her .
      If u see Cats name on the papers the day before the finals , u know her chances are great .

  15. Catriona is part of the strong Philippine team. It is just that she was not chosen by the MWO. We know Catriona is a winner it is just not given to her and now she can be by another org. This is the delayed triumph for her. I hope that she wins. Catriona is doing her best and she did not do anything wrong. It is just the camps and fans that are fighting. But Catriona is at her best.

    But I am commenting on her wardrobe. Bakit kaya ganun? Baduy ang stylist. We have a very good “model” but ang stylist weeehhh. Are we going back to Bb. poor styling days? Dapat maging assertive rin si Catriona to defend her wardrobe just like what Pia did. That sheer clothes she is wearing do not look good on her. Even that shiny beige during her send off. Hindi pa rin maganda…

    Sorry, but I think other fans are seeing this as well.

    • I think her wardrobe for MU will not be as we see it right now. I have a feeling it’s gonna be more smart casual with t’nalak touches.

  16. It shows that she’s hurt by those kinds of comments. I think that deep within her, she knows that she wasn’t probably as loved as Catriona is before the MU pageant. She got the appreciation and love after she won. By the end of the day, she won MU and will forever be cemented in the roster of winners.

    She may be at the time of her life when her focus has changed, but as long as we don’t get another MU crown, she will still be pit by the bashers at whoever is MUP.

  17. Plastikada teh, alam na alam natin na ayaw mo syang manalo wa BBPilipinas pa lang. Wag ako Pia! Tse!

  18. kasi ang focus ni Pia
    ay Ginebra calendar girl na
    tama naman siya

    Tito Boy dapat si Mariel De Leon ang kinausap mo
    kasi mas bagay sila ni fatty

  19. It shows that she’s hurt by those kinds of comments. I think that deep within her, she knows that she wasn’t probably as loved as Catriona is before the MU pageant. She got the appreciation and love after she won. By the end of the day, she won MU and will forever be cemented in the roster of winners.

    She may be at the time of her life when her focus has changed, but as long as we don’t get another MU crown, she will still be pit by the bashers at whoever is MUP.

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