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  1. Guys, OT.

    Ngayong araw na siguro tutulak si Huelar for Supranational. At dahil natapos na ang ating pinkamamahal na Scuba, we resume the “bloodbath”, with both our girls and boys competing within days, if not hours, of each other across Asia and Europe beginning tomorrow until 16 Dec. Sunod-sunod na’to!

    Supranational, both Miss and Mister, Poland, tomorrow until 8 December.
    Mister Universal Ambassador, India, tomorrow until 24 (?) November.
    Manhunt International, Australia, end of November to 2 December.
    World, China, on-going until 8 December. And finally,
    Universe, Thailand, early to 16 December.

    Notice how the organizers try to either lump together (for prestige?) or schedule their pageants during “lulls” (as with Scuba to get undivided attention).

    At this rate, it might not be long before we have a FULL year of pageants and the “high season” from late October (ushered in by MGI) to early January will be “ALL SEASON”. Walang pahinga. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous true blue Pinay beauty!!

    Best of luck to you Miss Rodriguez. I know you will represent the Philippines well.

    I hope that you, together with Ahtisa, Jehza, Michelle, Eva, Karen and Catriona representing our country, will finally wipe away from the rest of the world’s memory the physical type that represented us last year in a particular local pageant. Those types are NOT Filipino.

    Their features are so unattractive that it was made into a meme. Not surprising as their kind is known to be the butt of jokes and revulsion the world over for their looks unfortunately. So sad.

  3. pag nanalo tong si Fatarina
    or Fatriona

    Froud Finoy na naman kayo

    buti nga runner up si Fahtisa kaya
    proud Venezuelans ang mga nag shout out

    si Fia nga kinalimutan nyo na
    si Megan Young din

    mga starlets pa rin sila

    wala naman beauty queen na naging superstar

    • Girl, who is fat? Hahahahahaha. The only reason (unjustified at that) you have against Catriona is no more. Ano ka na ngayon? 🤣😂😆

  4. Just an observation, agree that MWP should move to July or August. Just following Katja, I don’t know how she is doing it. Parang rushed talaga and she strikes me as exhausted yet trying to give 110% still. You can see on her social media she is not going down without a fight. Yet it’s as if she can’t take a second to breathe even.

    Honestly Alyssa Muhlach’s video was better than this one. Even Weigmann’s was better and Katja has 400% more personality than her.

    Still, I love me some Katja. She’s another one that almost got away…

  5. Sira ulo lang etong si gloria at chuwariwariwap. Iisang tao lang naman akalain mong nagrereply sa message niya. Pa admit ka na sa mental. Malala na yan.

  6. wala na rin po excitement sa MU

    sa dami ng pageants

    hindi na sya tulad before na marami nanunuod

    sa mas maraming bansa hindi sya national NEWS or event

    Venezuela lang ang aligaga sa ganyan
    mga 3rd world

    • mga hayok kasi sa recognition sa world
      maski extra sa pelikula sa Hollywood proud Pinoy agad
      maski nag audition lang sa X Factor ang halfie
      proud Pinoy agad

      wala ka naman mababasa sa ibang bansa na Proud Italian or maski
      proud Singaporean

      MU is just another so so pageant

      • KASI BOBA KA!


      • mag google kayo mga tomboy kayo

        all over the world Froud Finoys lang lagi maka claim ng ganyan
        subtle lang ang ibang nationalities

      • Gloria , we should be thankful to the Pinoys who rejoice in the success of their fellow Pinoys . To think that They do not benefit from this situation at all . If anything , they get snobbed and looked down by these so called celebrities like Salonga , Misalucha , Supsup etc.
        Kudos to Pia Megan Ara and others who stay humble and kind to their fans .

      • Boba ka talaga! tignan mo ang Indo, proud na proud sa top 10 current rank nila sa GB powerhouse na daw sila. sige! i down mo pa mga pinoy dahil sa kagagahan mo.

    • May tama ka, gloria. In first world countries, di naman big deal ang beauty pageants. For them, it’s just a waste of time and a form of exploitation to women. Obsolete form na kasi to of making oneself famous. You can get easy fame by just making a viral video and post it in social media nowadays.

      The problem with Filipinos is that desperado talaga sila maging kilala sa buong mundo. Tama ka jan, kahit halfie na Pinoy or may 10% na dugong Pinoy, ay ginagawa na nilang big deal. Pinoy Pride daw. Pero more like Pinoy Ego ang nakikita ko. Nagmamarunong at nagmamagaling, third world country naman.

      • that is so true

        so 4th world

        ayaw na lang magsumikap sa life at magwork hard

        puro teleserye umaga hanggang gabi
        puro drama sa buhay

        pati pageants kinahuhumalingan

  7. Whoever Mrs Morley likes, she will win regardless if one candidates BWAP is strong or not. Catriona has an ass whomping advocacy 2 years ago followed by Laura last year. Cat got robbed & Laura fall short in the Top 40. Whoever wins MW, I’ll just read in in the headlines. Miss Universe is where the excitement, energy and the party is, The Super Bowl of pageants. If I wanna sleep due to insomnia , I will watch Miss World, that’s for sure.




  8. haciendera okay given
    pero anu ginawa mo dun sa blessing na yun sa life mo

    nag charity ka ba or what

    wala nganga ..

    kapag ginalingan na naman ng Nepal at Indonesia
    sa BWAP. sana naman manalo na sila
    Lola Julia bigyan nyo na chance yung Nepal and Indonesia
    tutal chef ka naman. lutuin mo na

  9. First and foremost, if you are going to mention words and terminologies native to your country, explain or define them. This is to avoid confusion for foreigners you are conversing with or who are listening to you. Anyone who had passed IELTS know this.

    Second, whatever advocacy she has mentioned has no connection to the scenes of her video. If she went to Netherlands for a talk about peace, might as well include a footage of that in her intro video to give people an idea what is the essence of her BWAP. I just see a fat-ish lady wearing a crown while plowing the fields with a carabao. And what’s the point of her dark red dress? Her video is a big jigsaw puzzle with pieces misplaced in different directions.

    Third, speaking of her BWAP, I don’t really feel any conviction to it. It seems like she just made up an advocacy so that she can show something during the pageant proper. There’s no clear structure on what her project is, and there’s no “hugot” as to why she chose it. You can’t even measure its effectivity as there is no evidence of change or improvement on her target recepients. Peace is a broad concept and sometimes it is deemed as a Utopian concept. Might as well focus on something measurable or realistic, so that it can be realistic and relatable.

    Lastly, Katarina has a pretty face, but not gorgeous in the body department. She has great communication skills. I just don’t see a winner in her. Maybe a finalist, but not worthy of the blue crown.

    • I agree with you. But if soeone is reading your comments like foreigners, they wont understand what is “hugot” you shiuld explain it as well. 💋💋💋

    • “Hugot” in this context means drawing strong emotions or deep sentiments from significant past experiences that shaped one’s life.

      • Hugot in this context actually means that this creature Chutima is an inggiterang bakla who is so desperate that he has to make alternick and then let to talk to each other. In short, PSYCHOTIC si Chutima😆🤣😂

  10. She will WIN!👍 our next Miss World from the Philippines😘
    Great introduction video😍
    I love that she included her paternal grandparents in that video.
    Very beautiful and smart…

  11. Like Huelar’s choice to highlight our “sea men” (in her Supranational intro vid), “NDF (and what it had to do with the Netherlands)” and “carabao (better to use “water buffalo” next time)” might puzzle foreigners unfamiliar with Philippines.

    We need to bear in mind the importance of how our videos will be perceived from the outside. We tend to be quite indulgent with the tourism aspect. MW (and the other BIGS!) are NOT tourism pageants. Our tourism receipts will not increase because of these videos. Heck, not even hosting that other big brand did any real benefit for us.

    • over critical…so what if she wants to showcase the beauty of the phils? what do u want to see the beggars on the streets? hihihihi

      • @ 4M : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

        Recall that mountain of garbage and the slum dwellers on Indonesia’s BWAP/intro vid back in 2016 and the reaction from the judges on Finals night. Notwithstanding alleged cooking show, the problem with over-indulgence is that it might give the impression of frivolity. And how can you convince on the strength of your BWAP if you fail to back it up with some gravitas? THIS IS PRECISELY THE TIME NA KAILANGANG MAG-SERYOSO.

        We, with our internationally-acclaimed film directors and such, should know better.

        Grand ‘rents were ill, btw. Shows adherence with traditional values. The whole “farm girl” thingie struck me as “haciendera/heredera, as gloria said. Lehmann’s, by contrast, was more modest but more queenly, with the more down-to-earth, “grew up with the boys, playing sports”.

      • The introduction video is about the contestant and not necessarily about the country. If you ask me, I’d rather show the beauty than the ugly of where I came from because I want to show the world how beautiful the country is despite the imperfection.

        BWAP is where you put all the ugly things that you want to focus on as your advocacy.

        It’s all about knowing what is being asked and what the purpose of the video is.

        Lastly, given the very short preparation she had, I commend her team for coming up with a quality introduction.

    • I’m not sure she emphasizes tourism in the video
      See , most of the background viiews are dimmed…not a good trick if your goal is to promote tourism

  12. ang boring
    may pa cleavage pa

    haciendera na wala naman real charity

    parang MU walang charity

    sana manalo na Nepal lagi sila may maganda bwap
    anyway kahit anu naman mga challenge manalo

    in the end lulutuin lang ni Julia

  13. Lots of pretty girls – France Brazil Ukraine
    But Kat is up there . Hope she wins the blue . A good finish is ok but I think she deserves to get the top crown

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