19 comments on “Daisy Whetlor of UK crowned Miss Scuba International 2018; Philippines 3rd

  1. Miss World Philippines 2017 Top 15 Finalist
    Miss Guam Universe 2018 Unplaced
    Miss Earth Philippines 2018 Top 18 Finalist
    Miss Scuba Philippines 2018 Winner
    Miss Scuba International 2018 2nd Runner

    Miss Philippines, 26 years old, energetic,tall and talented. Next Bb. Pilipinas 2020 !
    Miss Philippines Mabuhay!

    • You’re confused, disoriented to time, place, person and events.
      Take some medications duhlin’!

  2. As Fabian and Layla would say….she doesn’t have the Filipina vibe and with her foreign surname people will get confused.

    Although you are a clapper…based on Fabian’s definition, congrats na lang to Miss Uy. I’m sure you made chinese proud. Hence the todo support from Layla et Fabian LOL

    • OMGulay , I don’t know what you are talking abt
      But I appreciate the mention 🙂

      • 2015 Top 10 performance by Janicel who you described as a clapper
        2014 Ms McGary who is 3 a trs Filipina and looked pinay you described as not having a Filipina vibe because she is mixed same with April Smith, Venus, MJ, Megan, etc etc
        Even those who are pure pinay like Ariela, Shamcey, Janine, Mutya, Kylie, etc you claimed as foreign mixed or had plastic surgery or photoshopped.

        All of these were meant to somehow discredit their wins as anything to do with being Filipino.

        Yet you want Filipinos to celebrate Ms Uy’s non win in a 5th rate pageant just like Ms ‘Wong’ Cordoves non win in MGI due to her unladylike shrieking in the final q&a. This after your kind put down the performances of Gumabao (who chines now claim as their own LOL), Patalinjug and Manalo in major pageants?!?! LOL

        Too obvious… it then you now have more say in this blog…since 2016 no wonder real Filipinos no longer post here. There has been a dearth of sense, humanity and wit here. Using old handles for your own does not fool anyone

  3. I like her beauty
    Bite she gained weight .. which prob lessened her chances of winning the crown

  4. She represented the Philippines well and placed 2nd runner up
    kaysa sa Globe, MGI, RH

    • Wow ha. Grabe ang levelling mo ng pageants ha! Miss Scuba is like 10 tiers below the others bwahahaaaa.

    • all pageants are the same level
      tier tier pa kayo nalalaman

      like Janine mentioned
      nung nag apply sya model sa NY
      minention nya na 1st runner up siya sa Miss Universe
      and she was asked? what’s that?

      therefore kahit anu pang pageant salihan mo
      wala sila pakialam

      Pinas lang masyado aligaga sa ganito
      eh si Pia nga nag calendar girl na lang ng Ginebra
      si Megan eh starlet pa rin
      si Gloria Diaz nga eh paminsan minsan may ganap

  5. With due respect, whoever did her nose need to go back to rhinoplasty school.
    That nose is so bulbous, it looks like a melting candle! Tsk tsk tsk!

  6. To my evil kambal karibal gloria. Hahahaha yan na idolet mo naka third runner up. Akalain mo nga naman. Ipagmalaki mo na day bilis.

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