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  1. Catriona is obviously wearing some sort of torso padding gaya nung what she wore sa fashion show. Feeling ko nangiinis yan sa mga bashers para pag dating sa bangkok, surprise! Sa videos niya from today kasama si pia ang payat na talaga. Enjoy lang mga bodyshamers diyan, babaligtad sainyo mga pinagsasabe niyo. Kbye.

  2. Cat, please be conscious about your body angle…one foot at the front always and not body facing.

  3. sila Venus

    lahat napawow tayo sa transformation nila before MU

    itong si Fatty — waley.. mag December na wala pa rin
    i think si Mariel De Leon ang peg niya

    ang lapad lapad.. OMG

    • Mas malapad naman ang ilong mo gloria ano? Kadiring inggiterang bakla ka!😆🙄🤣😂

    • You can’t censor people from voicing out their opinions. What’s the point of social media if you are going to block points of view from different people? It doesn’t mean that one’s comment is contradictory to your own idea, he/she should be banned. As long as there is no form of pornography or spams posted in this blog, then let it be. It’s not always going to be a sunny day, honey. Remember that.

    • @ EQNX : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Mr. Tinio is probably doing his best to address this. While no one wants a troll, it is also true that this is an open forum. He is a trained psychologist and surely has a protocol to identify a legit troll. But yes, let us help him by policing our own ranks. And that includes not reacting at all to suspected one.

    • Stop describing yourself gloria.Tsaka paano ka manganak eh wala kang uterus. Itlog, meron ka, okay???😆🤣😆🤣

  4. wag mag bulag bulagan ang lapad nya rito
    kita ang mid section

    Mariel De Leon cguro ang inspiration nito

  5. ang lapad pa rin ni fatty
    bilbil pa more

    walang transformation tulad ni Mariel before

  6. Totoo naman talaga na plastic ang smile niya. At times, parang natatae yung dating. She’s gonna clap and you guys know that. Mahirap talaga tanggapin ang katotohanan, especially ang mga Pinoy ngayon ay masyado nang matataas ang standards when it comes to winning pageants. Baka nakakalimutan nyo na parang kailan lang, paminsan-minsan lang din tayo nakakapasok ng semis at kuntento na tayo dun. Pinoy nga naman. Sumusuporta sa mga banyaga at ang taas pa ng tingin sa sarili. As if naman superpower sa mundo, eh third world country lang naman.

      • Miss Zivanna, I get it, you don’t like me because I don’t like Catriona for several reasons. I don’t need to point the obvious one. I don’t like you too. So, you’ll just have to learn to co-exist with me in this blog. Because unlike you, I’m awesome. And STDs are treatable if you want to insinuate that I have one. You must have forgotten that HIV is one of your idol’s advocacies. There is palliative care for those who are infected and it is considered discriminatory if you make fun of a person with HIV or AIDS. So, if I were you, I’d be careful of my words. It might be taken against you. And by the way, the original user who used the name Zivanna Letecia first was a much entertaining one despite being a big bitch. So, move along honey, you’re just a pathetic fangay for a fake Filipina representative to MU 2018. Bye!

      • Girl Chutima, di porke mas sosyal kaysa kay Gloria pagkasabi mo sa points mo ay valid na. Your statements reek of bias and bad faith. #AhasAndKweens

      • Mas malaki pa ang sahod ng janitor sa international cruise kesa kung anong trabaho meron ka jan sa Pilipinas. Oh well, di mo kasi alam yun. Your annual income is just a month’s salary to Jeremi. So if I were you, I’d rather shut up my mouth.

      • Charotina, sa mga mukhang pera, yun na ang pinagmamalaki nila.

        Nagtatrabaho ka dahil may passion ka sa ginagawa mo, hindi para magmalaki ng sweldo.

      • Dami mong kuda Chutima. Whatever happens, don’t forget your STD pill ha, iho?😆🤣😆

      • Johnny, it all boils down to money. Tanungin mo mga OFWs, most of them will say it’s all about money. And malay mo, passion nya ang maglinis? Nakapagtravel around the world pa siya. The point is, never ridicule someone because of the type of work he has. Let him speak his mind if he disapproves most of your comments here. But that doesn’t mean that you have the freedom to make fun of his job just because he disagrees with most of you gay guys here. Mabuti na rin na may namimilosopo sa inyo kasi ang tataas din ng mga ego nyo rito eh.

      • Charotina, sayo pa talaga nagmula yan.

        Ikaw nga nagpasimula ng pangba bash tapos ikaw pa itong may gana mag preach.

      • Pa third world third world ka pang nalalaman, e hindi naman na politically correct term yan.

        Ipokritang charoterang bakla.

      • I’m not preaching. I’m basically saying whatever I see on my point of view. Di kasi lahat pare pareho ang pagiisip. Kayo lang naman ang sobrang makareact, as if it’s a big crime to bash Catriona.

        Politics aside, mahirap pa din ang Pilipinas kahit third world or underdeveloped pa ang gamiting term. Kaya, know your place lang. Keep it low key. Wag masyadong pasikat kasi ang Pinoy, likas na hambog. At hindi ako ipokrito, reality check lang po. Aminin mo, may katotohanan din ang pambabash sa mga idolo nyo.

      • Charotina.

        Balikan mo nga comment mo ng mahimasmasan ka sa pagmamataas mo.

        Sinabi mo na ang “MGA PINOY” ay hambog pero third world country lang naman, BINILANG MO BA ANG SARILI MO DUN? Kasi sa nakikita ko Charotina, ikaw ang nagmamataas dito. Sinabi mo na sana na “TAYONG MGA PINOY” e di mas katanggao tanggap pa ang pagiging humble mo.

      • Fortunately, I am no longer a Filipino Citizen, so I don’t qualify as a Filipino. But my roots are Filipino. It’s not a question of humility kasi eh. It’s more of knowing where to place yourself. Iba kasi ang humble sa low key eh. Sa pageant world nga, after nanalo si Pia sa MU, ang Pinoy ay nag-level up din ang ego. Di na kuntento sa runner up lang. Dapat back to back. Nakalimot na kayo sa mga dark ages ng Pilipinas when it comes to pageantry. Para bang di na iikot ang gulong ng palad eh. So yeah, I may sound hambog to you, but I’m just brutally honest. And honestly, nasobraan na talaga ego ng mga Pinoy nowadays.

      • You’re irrelevant na pala.

        Hope your new countrymen loves you more than you love to be part of them.

        K, thanks, bye.

      • You can’t consider my views as irrelevant because whether you like it or not, that’s how Filipinos living in other countries view Filipinos living in the Philippines. It’s a sad reality, but minsan nakakahiya rin ang ginagawa nyo na pang-aaway sa mga social media sites just to defend someone who is not even 100% Filipino. It clearly shows na one-sided lang talaga pananaw mo sa mga pangyayari. Goodbye to you too!

      • The point is bina bash mo ang mga Pinoy na sumusuporta sa BANYAGA.
        Ang sinasabi mong BANYAGA na ito ay di kinakahiya ang pagkakaroon nya ng dugong Pinoy.

        Pero ikaw mismo ay pinagpalit ang pagiging PINOY para maging BANYAGA.

      • Johnny and CatrionaFan, mag-abroad muna kayo ha. Para naman maliwanagan ang mga one-sided nyong pag-iisip. I had no regrets in exchanging my Filipino citizenship for a different one. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Call me hypocrite all you can, but you still can’t escape the fact that Pignoys making noise in social media are disgusting as garbage in Pasig River. Anyway, hanggang pageants lang naman kayo magaling. In other things that matter, kulelat naman kayo.

      • Ay, vitter na vitter pala itong si Charotina. Parang kinahiya ang pagiging Pinoy nya dati. Bad ka.

    • Eh mas sobrang pangit naman ng mukha mo ‘no! Inggiterang bakla, gumawa na naman ng bagong alternick, hahaha!

  7. To my evil kambal karibal gloria ngpakita na rin sa wakas bet mo si Eva day. Mukhang di pa maka get over ha. Mugto pa rin mata niya at may lungkot pa ko nasa sight. Malas ka kasi.

  8. Madam Stella appears to be so endearing nowadays. Filipinos have totally embraced this Filipina by heart Colombian beauty queen when she finally gave in to the general clamor to get our Filipino reps in international pageants dressed by local designers.

    I am wondering how is Jonas Gaffud’s relationship with the BPCI? I still cannot imagine MUP can successfully be handled by anybody except SMA.

    If I meet SMA, I would hug her.

    That’s all.

    • SMA has been handling MUP since the beginning of time
      Before 2010, the Philippines had been placing only in trickles
      What has changed since 2010 ?
      You have to give it to Jonas and his team

      • True. Jonas (and maybe some other members of their camp) may have attitude problems, but we cant deny that once they go to work, they really work hard and make wonders with our reps

      • Hindi lahat si Jonas ang may credit, fabbie. If meron dapat pasalamatan si Venus Raj and the filipino community sa Las Vegas na nagcheer and nagpafelt ng presence ng country naten. Since early 2000s pa camp ni Jonas pero si Venus ang nagstart ng lahat. Nasa girl parin talaga yan. There was something about Venus na parang nagka-eureka moment kay Trump. Siyempre yung fans din, they started noticing simula nung sa Vegas. Remember yung host, gulat kasi di nila inexpect ganun ang support ng mga pinoy. Business parin ang MU, lalo na nung trump era.

    • @ Johnny : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      We are seeing mostly the calves. The issue with Gray, as with Gumabao, were the “thunder thighs”. This latter term I saw somewhere here in this blog before.

      The thing with Huelar and Gallman is that they are long-limbed. Gray might be taller, but a lot of that height is torso.

      In other words, hindi pang VS si Catriona. But then VS has never been an MU sponsor or partner.

      • @Andrew, I think Ms Gray made up for it by delivering an energetic swimsuit performance. Remember, she also won best in swimsuit during MWP. Her trademark twirl and hair whip must have pulled the judges to her favor.

        Ara has a long torso as well, but she topped the swimsuit round.
        Last year, Maria was forgiven for her flat body.
        And two years ago, Ms Canada made the top 10 as well.

        After the swimsuit round, its all about projection and stage presence.
        Look at Rachel, even with a gorgeous gown that highlights her beautiful curves, still didn’t make the top 5.

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