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  1. Hahahaha…..think out of the box?

    E di uniform ng “nanny or DH”. It represent the global Filipino Domestic Helpers!

    Or mechanic uniform to represent filipino skilled workers (OFW)

    Or Nurse uniform to represent working filipino medical staff around the world, the universe rather.

    Hihihihihih! 🙂 Watcha think?

    Go go go Philippines!

    • You’re being funny Veejay but may I say, why not hahaha? We’ve seen quirkier costumes before like French fries (I forgot who that was), a clown, a milkmaid, the Sydney Opera house, a bratwurst (sausage), etc. There’s a video compilation of those funny natcos on line.

  2. I agree with some of the comments that the national costume competition isn’t a major factor to winning Miss Universe. In fact in its 67-year history, there were only three best in national costume recipients who went on to win the title – namely, Porntip Nakhirunkanok of Thailand in 1988, Wendy Fitzwilliam of Trinidad and Tobago in 1998, and Amelia Vega of the Dominican Republic in 2003. However, “sleeper” beauties did get noticed and became semifinalists when their costumes are fabulous (too many to mention). In the past, most winners in national costumes were really that – donning ethnic dresses or traditional garbs. However starting the 2000s, notable winning costumes aren’t necessarily traditional dresses anymore but are representations of anything unique to a country. We remember the coraline sea floor of Miss Dominican Republic in 2003 and Miss China in 2012 who wore a classy gown inspired by a vase from the Chein (Ming) Dynasty. Who could forget Miss Myanmar’s theatrics in 2016 carrying a heavy costume inspired by the Burmese puppetry. And of course the famous tuk tuk of Miss Thailand in 2015 where the concept was spot on. Depending on the taste of the judges, the winning costumes were either very extravagant, intricate, or simple. The winners from Japan were notably simple but impactful like Kurara Chibana’s understated samurai warrior costume in 2006 and last year’s Momoko Abe’s Ninja warrior which became a kimono after a slight tug-and-pull. I also agree on some comments that much as our artisans have good craftsmanship, the designers indeed need to think out of the box. There are endless possibilities to get inspiration and some notable ones that I’ve read are the Moro vinta, the colorful sapin-sapin (yes, food can be referenced like the Nasi Lemak of Miss Malaysia last year), the majestic Philippine monkey-eating eagle (instead of the over used sarimanok), the tarsier, endemic colorful orchids, the capiz shell chandelier or candelabra, Mayon, the Manila Cathedral, the Las Pinas Bamboo Organ, the verdant scenery where Maria Cristina Falls nestle, a representative effigy of any of our many festivals, even the lowly jeepney (if tuk tuk got noticed why not our jeepney), etc. The execution doesn’t have to be contrived and literal – they just have to be inspired and truly creative. Here’s wishing it happens.

  3. Myanmar will probably bring with her he whole stage 😊

    Who is making or who made Cat’s NatCos? I hope no feathers this time.

  4. Joke joke joke. Kayo talaga di mabiro. Sabi ko ako yung magko-costume ng aswang. Tutal naman mukha na akong aswang isuot ko na. Magpatokhang na din ako tutal wala naman pumapansin sa akin. Kaya dinaan ko na lang dito magpapansin sa inyo. Why not hindi magpapansin di ba? Para hindi boring and all sa mga non sense na katulad ko.

  5. Mas maganda rin if mag-aswang costume si Catriona. Or manananggal. Tutal naman clapper din siya this year, why not show something different di ba?

    I like Indonesia’s costume. Very creative and may transformation pa. Hindi boring and all. Indonesia all the way!

  6. I ssw a video of Aileen Damiles’s NC when she competed. Yung may palayoks sa ulo. Simple pero may dating at totoong sinusuot.

  7. I don’t think revealing the Natcos isn’t a good idea at this point in time which is less than a month before the actual Natcos parade/competition scheduled on Dec. 11 as posted by the blogger. However that’s their strategy, maybe for them to get noticed or further exposure.

    • Or maybe it’s because Philippine national costumes have always lacked bold creativity (might as well have Barazza design them) so revealing them at this stage will just result in social media backlash.

      Am expecting another Muslim princess or Sarimanok or Terno design. You know Philippine basics—emphasis on the BASIC lol.

      Ang yabang ng mga designers natin, but sa totoo lang, their output for our queens have almost been the same as Barazza’s—nothing special (exceptions would be Libiran’s designs for Megan & Kylie; Michael Cinco’s gown for Ahtisa; Albert Andrada’s evening gown design for Pia; & Mak Tumang’s gowns for Hillarie at World).

      Everyone else has produced snore-inducing gowns & costumes.

  8. This year’s National costume presentation might be the most competitive of all time… Thais love it and it would be a great opportunity for Cat to get noticed and gain more South East Asian fans…. If Cat’s costume has a map on it, I hope it includes spratly’s, Scarborough and Sabah.. kiddin.. On a more serious note, I would like to incorporate the Filipino version of the fan dance which is an ancient classic that we share with our Asian neighbors. I’d also prefer a costume was a glamourized version of our pre-colonial deities like the local version of the Kinari who Cat embodies in real life.

    I have a feeling Vietnam’s Banh Mi costume is to underwhelm us and her reveal would be a way more spectacular costume during the pageant.

    • I’m quite surprised to see Ms. Vietnam’s National Costume…I thought she will go for the lantern (costumes) or the one with the Bridge on her head. But this is quite whimsical and unorthodox choice 🙂 And why did they reveal their costumes???

  9. Ibigay na natin ang NatCo sa mga kapitbahay natin wala tayong laban sa kanila. Aminin natin maganda nmn ang mga designs natin pero mas bonga talaga ang mga NatCos ng mga shupitbahays. Think out of the box ang mga designers nila. Collective effort sila dahil hindi lang iisang tao ang gumagawa ng NatCi nila. Walang pasabog si si Cat sa NatCo. Kung may pasabog man baka sa gown or accessories.

  10. Love the banh mi costume. This shows that it doesn’t have to be a superelaborate concoction. It just needs to convey something and it needs to be felt. Look at tuk tuk costume, same as the transformers costume. Simple, minimalist yet impactful. Maybe Cat’s costume would be the map of the philippines….hihihihih

  11. I don’t know if NC will catapult you to top 10. I would like them to make sure she will wear the best evening gown. Make up make it’s just fresh looking not oily like what she had on the send off.

  12. Remember that this is still basically a TV show and thus the need for some theatrics. Very minute and intricate details, unless shown close up, will be missed by the audience. BIG will help.

    That being said, I agree with Fabian Reyes on MU-Japan 2017’s “traje tipico”, essentially a straightforward kimono but with the added interest of “Transformers”. So creative that even host Steve Harley said he had “to have one of those”.

    Since our ASEAN competitors have apparently taken a cue from Angkol and have gone over the top as well for MU, I suggest for our bet to set herself apart by going in the opposite direction with something so simple that it is striking and memorable. Also, employ some clever choreography as she did with the Demavivas (at BBP 2018) and as with Manalo’s feathery swaying at MI just last week.

  13. Puede naman pala maglalako.
    Ok rin ba ang bakya At palupalo ala ate vi? As long as they can up with a perfect combination of colors and imageries , Cat’s NC can win
    Just remember how Japan won last yr with a simple kimono.

  14. Thailand Vietnam and Indonesia look amazing
    They re giving our Cat a stiff competition
    I really wish she would get some pointers from A&Q . They seem to have a way to make our rep look really fresh on tv at MU . But then again , Cat had them in 2016. So I will not blame her if she completely severs her ties with A&Q

  15. Tinapay vendor, yung isa parang ulo ng hipon pero elepante pala, yung isa naman asawa ni kamatayan, ewan….. paki educate nga ako kung ano koneksiyon sa kultura ng mga yan 😂😂😂

    • For Cambodia, you may want to take a look at their history. It is very dark and definitely heartbreaking most especially if you watch documentaries about it.
      Sa Thailand naman, culturally important sa kanila ang elephant most especially na it represents power and wealth.
      For Indonesia, they also have a lot of butterfly species, but not as much as Peru. I really think Peru should have the butterfly costume instead kasi they have the most butterfly species in the world.

  16. hala cge bugbugan sa costume! hahahahah ang saya nyan…excited nako anong ipapakitang pasabog ni CAT! ❤ ❤ ❤

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