16 comments on “Facebook Live Chat with Mister Supranational Philippines 2018 Marco Poli

  1. May X Factor. May dating pero hindi intimidating. I hope he does well. Usually ang mga sumisikat na artista at ang mga nanalo sa pageants ganun ang qualities. I just don’t know how Supranational judges.

  2. The suit is too small for him… and he doesn’t need the shoulder pads.. Tsk tsk… the org should have provided suits thats tailored fit for him.

    Anyway, good job working on the guns!
    Proportion should be:
    Not the other way around…

    I predict that he would make the TOP 5 along w/ Poland.

  3. He does photograph much better when he’s going for that haughty piercing look rather than smiling as it gives him that extra masculine push. However, the Asian styled slimfit suit he’s wearing isn’t well tailored and ill-fitting (too short on arms length and too tight on the cuffs and shoulder areas which will really ride up when he moves). He has bulky chest and muscular arms so I suggest donning a double-breasted pin-stripped British three-piece tailored suit to frame his body well (use David Gandy as inspiration). A muscular V-shape can be emphasized without pinching or bunching tightly and giving the impression of an overstuffed sack. Also, take that bow tie out because it shortens his neck – try a monochromatic full-length tie instead. Then he’ll be the best version of himself when he wears formal attire when he finally competes.

  4. I have good vibes about this guy… he seems like he’ll fight and take whatever it is just to get the crown. Go for it buddy! Give those damn boys a good fight 😂😂😂 From the US.

    • @ gloria : Good evening/afternoon/morning.

      Sayang, hindi na kayo nag-abot ni Baklah. Sabi niya dati, “Paul Guarnes is ‘effin hot and sexy”, and “kay Chriz Dulagan lang ako nalibugan”. Mishu, dear… 😦

  5. I dare say the Indonesians prefer him to their own bet. Pero cute ‘yung pambato ng Thais. Halfie, din.

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