17 comments on “Miss International 2013 Bea Rose Santiago speaks up on Sexual Harassment

  1. Sexual harassment shouldn’t be tolerated, I applaud women who speak up about their experiences. I hope more and more beauty queens speak up about it and eventually drop names, these bastards should get condemned especially the rich and powerful.

  2. dami nyo arte
    mas marami sexual harassment sa male pageants
    di naman nagrereklamo mga boys

  3. Sexual harassment is indeed a reality and it happens across genders. They’re not just perpetrated by some random perverts. Some of them are people you know and even trust – a friend, family member, teacher, counselor, religious leader, etc. You don’t even have to be pretty to be a victim. Pervs are deranged sneaky predators and they like to be in the position of twisted power over you. You’ll never know it until it happens to you especially at your most vulnerable and unguarded moments. It is sad that still in this backward judgmental society, victims are the ones feeling guilty, afraid and embarrassed. And yes, they shouldn’t. Slowly, victims from all walks of life are now speaking up. Much as these predators also need psychological help (they’re probably victims themselves), our laws should be made more stringent and harsher punishment be prescribed to deter these unspeakable acts. Thank you Bea for adding your voice.

  4. This kind of situation has been around in the pageant industry ever since and it’s both sad and scary. Sexual predators are lurking women and take advantage of their weakness (their dream) Naintindihan ko ang rason ni Bea na huwag mag salita hindi lang dahil sa takot kundi pati narin sa aabutin nyang kahihiyan at pag husga galing sa mga taong makikitid ang utak.

    In US and Canada big deal ang harrasment and they take it seriously. People are getting fired from their jobs or even get jailed. Kaya ganun nalang ag desisyon ni Miss Canada na mag widraw from miss earth dahil ganun ang kinalakahan nyang kultura sa kanyang bansa. Harassment is a serious matter and should be dealt with. Specially now in the wake of #MeToo movement.

    Dito sa pilipinas kung sino na ang biktima sya pa ang madalas na nasisisi. Kapag ang babae nabastos dahil sa pag susuot ng maikling shorts madalas sya pa ang nasasabihan ng “kasalana mo yan nag suot ka ng maikli eh” Hindi nmn hindi nmn labag sa batas ang pag suot ng maiksi bakit hindi ang nagkasala ang parusahan inbes na kundinahin ang biktima.

    I just wish that one day we live in a siciety that we not need to scared, and harassment applies to everybody men,women or the LGBTQ community. I hope this issue will be properly dealt with.

  5. I thought she was hanging out with the rich and famous .
    It’s hard to be a BQ. U have to maintain a certain lifestyle. In the process , u become subject to some abuses.
    I had a friend in college .I liked him as a friend but when he started sexually harassing me , I distanced myself from him indefinitely . I can’t explain it but it’s not a good feeling . So despite Bea’s attitude , I believe in what she’s saying .

  6. Thank you Ms Bea for your message. I am with you against sexual harassment. I wish you all the best in your endeavors.

  7. Queens should therefore be escorted and enclosed at all times and particularly at public functions by their handlers, loyal fans, family, and female security personnel. Especially in the “Little, Kiddie, ‘Tween, Teen, Young/Youth, (whatever else)” pageants. KAYA NGA “REYNA”, ‘EH.

    Sa “patay-sindi” nga, may nakaabang na security to stop any over-arduous guys from getting on stage.

    Ladies, gets tits (rather tips) from your sistahs who “work it”, on how to deal with groping.

  8. I find brave those women who speak about sexual harassment against random or constant predators. But I find braver those women who cry a victim and did an action to protect themselves and jail the predators.

    Unfortunately for Bea, speaking too late about her experience and accusing persons under their mask seem like bandwagoning to be relevant and substantial at this time. Can Bea name her attackers, please?

    • She said “I am honestly really scared to speak up. I hope I wont regret this.”
      It’s easier said than done, sadly.

      • She spoke about her general experience, yes, but there was no naming names. That was what I mean by easier said than done because you asked if Bea can name her attackers.

    • Gaga ka talaga. Pag pinangalanan ba ikaw ang malalagay sa panganib? Syempre si Bea. Ikaw nga di mo mapangalanan yung pumingger sa yo nung 59 years old ka, last year lang. Gaga ka talaga.

  9. Wow, this retokada girl was a victim pala of sexual harrasement. Parents dapat ang kaunaunahang magprotect sa mga anak nila. Pag di nasubaybayan, pwede talaga mangyari ang sexual harrasment anywhere kaya mga parents, be vigilant para di mangyari sa mga anak nyo ang nangyari ke bea. Magaling din si bea, nakatyempo sya ng issue para maging relevant sya ulit.

    • @PaulRivera…..What family protection you will expect from Bea…..e di ba inaway niya ang ama niya at kung sinu-sino pa at isa syang bratinella.

      Usually, ganyang attitude/character tulad niya ang mga na se sexually harass.

      • Thats my point veejay. Parents ang unang magtatangol sayo kung me pangayayring ganyan. E kung aawayin mo magulang mo, lalo na ang tatay mo na una sanang dapat magtangol sayo lalot babae ka e sa pulis ka na na lang dumerecho.

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