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  1. Take away the embellishments and you will see how truly good a couturier is. With a silhouette so simple, any mistakes would immediately be spotted. And Cinco’s creation looked good from all directions. It proves his versatility, beyond the ballgowns some think he is limited to. It also proves another fundamental attribute of a seasoned designer : a thorough understanding of the client’s requirements and in fact the ability to extrapolate towards anticipated reactions. He obviously had in mind the fact that anyway the dress would be concealed once the cape goes on (in the event of triumph), plus the knowledge that the women of the Japan Royal Family prefer understated elegance.

    The yellow asymmetrical swimsuit reminds me of the similarly asymmetric Halston Quiambao wore.

    LOVED the little NatCos choreography.

  2. Ahtisa’s performance was superb but she was edged out by Venezuela during the speech and the swimsuit segments. That’s the way I see it contrary to what others say that it’s because of the gown. In fact Ahtisa’s gown is unique and very couture much more so that bumagay sa kanyang edad. So youthful!

    First runner up is a feat. Next that I would watch out for is Katarina at Miss World. The rest, I will just hear it from the grapevine once their respective pageants are over.

    That’s all. Bye!

  3. Tito Norms, in Athisa’s instagram post she thanked other designers and stylists in her MI journey aside from those three. She mentioned Mark Bumgarner, Cheetah Rivera and Rosenthal Tee so those dresses she wore in various activities must be from them (they looked impeccable and understated classy). Her shoes were all by Jojo Bragais (which means his designs can be muted than those clanky platforms). She also mentioned other stylists and trainers – well since you’re being gracious…just sharing.

  4. gown ang nagpatalo in my honest opinion. parang kamiseta yung upper portion hindi feminine. And then the speech mas maganda ang delivery ni Vene sa speech.

    • But her gown fits to her body type and her personality. You forgot nasa MI stage sya. Binagay din sa taste ng japan. Si kylie nga simple ang gown pero nanalo pa din over other girls who has more beautiful and stunning gown than her like Miss Mexico. Importante bumagay sa kanya. Na carry nya. Lumutang pa din ang ganda nya. Kung si meagan Young nga mala kamiseta din ang gown nya pero nanalo pa din.

    • Kase kung gown ang dahilan. Wala sya sa top 15 since kasama ang evening gown sa competition para makuha ang top 15. Pero she reached top 15 til become ist runner up so hinde gown ang nagpatalo sa kanya. I think gloria is right about sa pag deliver ng speech nila venenzuela at PH. So thats the answer why she didnt won.

  5. Yung speech ni Venezuela was soft
    heartfelt relatable

    Yung kay Ahtisa was fierce and strong

    both were very good points

    judges pa rin nagdecide sana Tie na lang.. LOL

    • I agree with you. Mejo impactful ang message. Anyway, it was her character because I read she wants to be a police officer. Am I right?

      Pero andaming missed things sa reps natin. Kagaya ni Eva, her body is soft. Tapos natapilok pa sa stage. Parang dapat wala ng ganun. Sa sobrang strict na ng training sa Pinas dapat nasa command na nila ang ganyang ways how to present oneself. Parang maraming hindi na precise. Sa Miss Earth, nag fail sa interview.

      Are the trainors getting tired? Or are they concentrating on other countries to train na?

  6. Everyone is saying the MIO is not biased .
    If anyone can justify why Japan made top 8 , it will very hard to find anything u can not justify .

  7. I normally hate beige or khaki color for a gown but this one really looks good on her .

  8. What a lovely face and her gown is very different….it’s uncommon to see sleeves like that in any pageant. Nice choice!

  9. For me, kahit d sya nanalo. In terms of beauty and performances vs sa mga naging reps natin especially sa last 3 MI queens natin. Ahtisa is the most beautiful , best performer and more MI prototype base sa beauty and performance ha. But sa speech i choose kylie over lara then bea and ahtisa. But those queens has different level of intelligence which fit MI. Sayang talaga si ahtisa. May living Japanese anime doll na sana ang MI. May nanalo na ba sa MI na mala japanese anime doll ang peg? If Q&A ang final competition at. Hinde ang speech si venenzuela pa din kaya ang mananalo? Diba mas magkaka alaman pag Q&A than speech? Ewan ko ha pero Q&A is more better than speech if they want to see how intelligent they are. But if im not mistaken ang winner daw magiging ambassador ng MIO. Well kailangan nga nila ng good speaker/good speech deliverer. Pero kung wala speech competition malamang si ahtisa nanalo. Haysss sayang. Kung sya ang nanalo we can give way to others muna. Magpadala muna ng ala janicel lubina. Kung baga warm up lang muna ulit. Pero seems we need to find someone who is MI calibre again. If they crowned Venenzuela again so they can give the crown again to PH as long as deserved nya or nagustuhan ng judges. Parang Venenzuela vs Ph nalang lagi haha. Pero parang possible pa din basta deserved naman since they allow indonesia to be in the top 15 kahit sila ang out going queen. Baka maganda talaga performance nya sa mata ng judges kaya nakapasok. At hinde Maganda performance ni venenzuela 2016 at PH 2017 kaya di nakapasok sa top 15. Kaya naiisip natin na may curse. Pero tapos na ang laban so theres nothing we can do. 1st runner up is a good start for the remaining battles this year. Ahtisa need to break 2 years before she join mwp is she want. She need to crown her 1st runner MI2019 successor para may papel sya sa MI next year. Kung next year sya sasali sa mwp at manalong mwp eh hinde nya makokoronahan ang successor nya sa MI2019.
    Sya nga pala. I think what we need to talk about is who should be Ahtisas successor in bbp2019? Need ba natin warm up muna or go lang go sa pagpapadala MI prototype representative.

  10. I don’t know how Venezuela won the judges . It was probably her personality which I did not see during the competition.
    Ahtisa did great from the NC to the swimsuit round to the EG competition . While her face resembled Kylie , I think her styling and overall presentation was inspired more by Lara Q. I just wish she had given a more heart felt speech . Could it be because the speech was pre-recorded? It’s weird that her speech did not sound fluid .

    • I totaly agree.. with a hint of Mutya Datul pose and hairthrow. I think Venezuela and Philippines was neck and neck.. and Venezuela had more likes on FB and IG due to the fact that we Filipinos are too pre-occupied with our other top tier bets… Few socialmedia personalities campaigned for Ahtisa because we just won 2 years ago and Kylie is making waves at primetime teleseryes… Ahtisa would have edged Mariem out if she gave a more substantial speech but alas she did not have a bigger leverage than the Venezuelan bet’s birthday guilt trip.

    • Ang boses kasi ni Ahtisa medyo deep. I guess nasa framing din ng speech niya.
      Ang dating nung kay Venezuela ay may kwento siya na dapat pakinggan. Chos.

      Siya nga pala, bakit nag back out ang first designer na gagawa sana ng NatCos ni Ahtisa?

  11. Kung di lang sa dramang pa birthday ni Ms. Spain Universe este ni Ms. Venezuela sa atin na sana ulit ang korona.

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