11 comments on “A Filipina wins Ms. Top of the World Plus-Size 2018

  1. She was scouted by former Ms top of the World 2016 where she works in a Hotel thus she represents southeast asia. She works hard in this Pageant and manage her time and train at night after work. She deserves the crown. All ladies in this pageant are equally beautiful and intelligent but she stands out among them. She make sure that she gave her best even during the rehearsals.

  2. Congratulations! A well-deserved crown. I saw how she works hard for it from day 1. If you people do not have better words to say, just shut and keep your thoughts within yourself. There is no room for any negativity in here.

  3. Nowadays, a Filipina (or half-Filipina or a quarter-Filipina or wahatever Filipina) pretty much has a 50-50 chance of winning, certainly placing, in a pageant held in the Philippines. Lordy. Congrats to her!

    • True.
      Specially for pageants made by Filipinos
      (or half-Filipinos, third or a quarter-Filipinos or whatever Filipinos).
      You have all these Misses, Mrs, Seniors, Juniors, Fil-communities, etc, etc.
      Expect for Filipinos, half-Filipinos, third, quarter-Filipinos candidates to win or place runner – ups.
      It’s getting nauseating.

  4. BACK TO BACK!!! Last year panalo din pinas.. Pero this pinay was representing “southeast asia”. pano nangyari yun… ni round off na? lol

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