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  1. puro Asia ang host
    as usual Japan
    si athisa nga kahit mataba mamon anime mukha nanalo 1st runner up
    Venezuela won

    katarina okay ang fez kaso mabilbil pa rin
    anyway wala naman paki ang MW sa bwap etc
    sana mapili siya ni Julia
    Venezuela will have a good chance

    catriona pde naman paayos ilong niya
    nagpalagay na fake boobs dipa sinama
    fake teeth and flat puwet
    plus ang mid section — pwede po mag sit up and diet
    Venezuela is due for win

    Miss Scuba!

  2. He or she who thinks Katarina and Catriona are not worthy to represent…let them post a photo of themselves first..

  3. We have 2 highly motivated reps .
    So I’m sure we’ll be in for a great show next month .
    Whether they get the crown or not depends mainly on the organization ‘s preference.
    But great show it will be .

  4. Alam ninyo, lets just support our candidates sa MW and MU. Leave your bashing at the door as we are not helping Cat and Kat at all. You could not imagine the efforts these girls are doing for our country and to represent as well. Spread possitivity and prayers, that’s the most we can do for now. Peace out.

    • Totally agree. They’re the ones competing, not us armchair/desktop/mobile travellers, so let’s just be constructive and helpful.

  5. Comment ng KF sa Utube video ni Kata sa China hihihi

    31 minutes ago
    Philippines is not outstanding ! She simply blends with the other candidates ! Loser ! Clapper !

  6. Katarina,
    I hope you win. You are a beautiful representative. Above all enjoy the adventure.

    Enough said.

  7. aww baka nga mag collapse si Fatty sa MU
    a. hindi kakain kasi di majuba
    b. hindi makahinga msikip ang gown
    c. both

    anyway pag natalo naman siya iiyak ulit

    sali sa Mutya 2019 para back to back MAPI

  8. Mataba ang face. But mas maganda siya compared kay Catriona. I really don’t get the hype over that half-Australian girl. Indonesia is Miss Universe 2018.

  9. I’m still at a lost what her BWAP Project is. She hasn’t highlighted that in any of her interviews. Our opinions of MW may be polarized but we can’t deny BWAP is at its core. Giving back to society is what defines new beauty Queens.

    • lauras bwap was soooo good and yet she only placed in the top 40…. it’s not the end of the world…

    • Eklat lang ni chef julia yang bwap. How can you promote good character ie “beauty with a purpose” and be impartial. That’s irreconcilable. So…


    • Guys, I’m not saying BWAP is all and be all. But if you’ve observed in recent editions, those with strong projects got more airtime and got more attention. We can’t undermine charitable projects because this is MW and that’s what makes it different from other pageants. Of course they also have to excel in Top Model (Megan won it) and Beach Beauty (Megan was Top 10) which Laura faltered. We can call it anyway we want or tag it as “bait” but that’s just what it is.

      • I’m pretty sure that the Top Model and BWAP project are just as equally important. If Kat (a model) can get to the top 3 of top model and possibly short list of BWAP then she’ll have a good fight. Remember that finals judging do not rely on the fast tracks anymore. Of course it adds more exposure points sa finals night if the girl wins or gets shortlisted.

  10. Maganda ka, matalino ka pero kung wala ka sa Top 3 ay jumbagin mo na c Lola Julia at yung sidekick nyang tabatchoy hihihi 🙂 Cherette lang

  11. People have so many things to say about Katarina but when it comes to Catriona constructive criticism is considered bashing. In my humble opinion, it should be the other way around. Katarina is already beautiful as she is while Catriona has still a lot to work on; body, spontaneity etc.

    I’d take Katarina over Catriona at any time of the day.
    That’s all. Bye!

  12. let her be.
    enjoy Kata. you have our support..

    kahit 1 year preparation pa ang gawin
    if destiny mo destiny mo manalo

    di naman aligaga mga supporters or mismo kandidata ng South Africa, Puerto Rico and India pero nanalo sa MWorld

    good luck Katarina

  13. Katarina has a big chance for sure lalo na kung umabot ng 6 months ang preparation time nya or at least 4 months. Lalo nat may kailangan pa talagang i train sa kanya. 1 month is not enough lalo nat miss world yan. Kung same calibre ni meagan yung tipong total package na or almost ok lang na 1 month ang preparation but sa type ni katarina she really need more than 1 month. Haysss. Sana naman next year agahan nil magpageant. Mga july or august mas ok. Pero pa byahe na sya and mag sstart na ang mw. So theres nothing we can do. What we can do is to support her. Pray for her. If may voting ganaps support natin for more votes. Kahit pa for you mw is a cooking show she still need more votes. Nga pala sir norman. May sinabi ba sya kung sino designers nya both natcos and gown and for top model?

    • Naku Geoff. Tama a diyan. Kawawa ang mga candidates. Next year they can use this lesson as part of their strategy.

    • Teh si Katarina is not a newbie. She was a former BB.plus she competed in ANTM. She has enough training. Aside from that she is hungry for the crown. Luck na lang talaga.

  14. Nagpa veneer na din ba sya? Ang puti puti ng ipin.. Parang si Kylie na ang panget panget ng ipin sa Los Bastardo sa sobrang puti.. Nde na bagay sa kanya, mukha syang may something

  15. Strikingly beautiful si Katarina. However, please still retain an air of mystery kasi parang may tendency maging bungisngis. Paki delete na lang nitong comment pag nakarating na sa kanya ang message. Salamat po.

  16. naka 3 pageants si Katarina in 2018

    Miss Intercon
    Miss World Philippines
    Miss World

    kapagod yun ha. anyway, Goodluck gurl, maganda styling mo nung Miss Intercon, sana ganun din sa MW.

  17. I like what Katarina said during her send off ceremony and I quote: “I just really am myself as I had been in the two previous competitions I joined because there’s always something that happens that leave a mark. I just do it natural. That is really my game plan and of course, to showcase what is a Filipina to the world. One hundred plus candidates is a lot of girls. So you have to really do what you can while staying true to yourself to standout.”

    However, I’d like to caution her (if she reads this) that somehow in Miss World and unlike the other Alpha pageants, the eyes of the judges are already pegged on few select girls at the point of arrival, much like what Cory Quirino said (probably a reason why some quarters call it “cooking”). It pays to heed Megan’s advice as expressed during the Miss Russia 2014 competition (where she and Gabriela Issler both sat as judges) wherein she said: “My advice would probably be that you should always be on top of your game at any moment because you don’t know when the camera is facing you or someone will accidentally take your picture. I think it’s good to be always ready whenever possible.” Take that advice to heart from our only winner so far.

  18. Good luck Kata! Bring home the blue crown… deadma na sa cooking2 na yan, bigyan mo ng isang malaki c Tandang Morley hahahahaha

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