7 comments on “normannorman.com Exclusive Interview with Mr Supranational Philippines 2018 Marco Poli

  1. More Calves, thigh and butt workouts…

    And more back & Mid deltoids and upper-inner chest as well.

    Practice your dance moves…

    Brush up on some Philippine History and Culture.


  2. The stubbles suit him and soften his prominently angular jawline much like last year’s winner from Venezuela. He’s tall with a toned body, so those are definitely plus points. He needs to push his “testosterone” (figuratively) more though so he can truly show his manliness. We’ll never know what will happen in Poland so here’s wishing him well.

  3. He should not have problems making friends. Not a few of his co-candidates also played in U23.

    No pressure, just enjoy and make everything look spontaneous and fun. “Supraman” is not required to possess unfaltering gravitas. I will be happy with a Second Cut finish. That being said, I want homeboy Poland to win, with two more Europeans – Nederlands and Norway – and male pageant powerhouses India and Mexico to round up the Final Cinco.

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