45 comments on “Miss International 2018 Live Streaming Videos

  1. Djusko ang mga hapones eh nauto ni birthday girll venezuela….. Ahtisa deserves the crown but it wasn’t meant to be. For someone as young as hers, she fought hard and that’s very commendable.
    Mexico was too beautiful! Wow ang gondo gondo ni girlaloo talaga.

    Michael Cinco’s gown was good. Ahtisa carried it well. Not over the top, but the devil is in the details.

  2. Congratulations Athisa for representing us well in Miss International 2018. I’m hoping and praying that our remaining reps will be great in their respective international pageants.

  3. Congratulations Atisha 💋
    I said it b4 na nasa Top 3 ka👍
    First RU is an excellent accomplishment☺
    I’m proud of U👏👏👏
    For us, you’re MI2018🌹♔🌺

  4. Venezuela is also deserving.. BUT i feel like Ahtisa deserved it more. not being biased… but.. yeah. Her speech is not self centered. mas naramdaman ko. but still, a good fight. congrats to the top 5 ladies!

    All along i thought it is going to be PH vs. Romania… i love the production. hindi ganoon ka boring.. PERO ANG HABA BES!! ANG HABA!!!! JUSKOLORD! Ang probinsyano levels sa haba.

    ugggh. congrats Ahtisa.

    • Ako lang ba nakakapansin…

      may instance na parang may resemblance si Venezuela kay Angela ponce ng slight na mas pinaganda? lol

      hindi to pambabash ha. napansin ko lang kasi. lol

      • Omg!!! sabi ng katabi ko “i thought she goes to Miss Universe?”
        Ako naman clueless. Napa “WHO?” ako. Ang sagot. “Oh sorry, I thought she was from Europe. The one from Spain.”

  5. I’m sad Ahtisa placed 1st RU. She deserved the crown. Nasilat sa birthday drama ni Venezuela. But congrats to the winner.

  6. 1-2 finish for the powerhouses Venezuela & The Philippines. ATHISA – We’re so proud of and Love you so much ! Job well done ! Congratulations 💫💥💙💗💕

  7. top 5:

    MI – Venezuela

    4th runner up – Colombia
    3rd runner up – Romania
    2nd runner up – South Africa
    1st runner up – Philippines

  8. Thoughts about the speech:

    Spain – Best in thank you speech. Her message is about trusting yourself and being constant chuchu, you can do it.
    South Africa – Talks about vision. Talks about herself like 70% of her speech; also very Miss University. She said that if she wins, she will be the first from her country and that she can bring the brand to new “heights” (haha di ko na nahabol). Wow. Ito na ang totoong “MISS CONTINENTAL” hehe
    Venezuela – Oh wow special daw kasi BIRTHDAY niya. Education din ang advocacy niya. She framed it as her birthday wish! Nakakatakot kasi maganda ang pagdeliver.
    Philippines – Youth and empowerment. Very inclusive siya of other candidates sa speech niya.

  9. Thoughts about the speech so far:

    Japan – Miss University masyado!
    Romania – Ang haba. Di ko na nagets ang totoong point niya.
    Ecuador – Spot on. Sinabi niya pa na 100 years na ang relationship nila with Japan. So wow. Baka regalo na to.
    Colombia – Masyadong MGI patty ang sagot, tbh.

    …to be continued… charot.

  10. OMG!!!! Ang speech ni Ecuador!!! Omggggg parang shot sa banga. T___T
    I hope mas maganda ang speech ni Ahtisa!

  11. WAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! 😦 This high-def stream is arriving slow where I am. The bandicam.com two years ago, though grainy, was lightning fast. Huhuhuhhhh…. 😦

    I had to stop, and just get updates from secondary sources.

  12. Though it’s MI’s branding pero sobrang conservative ng gown ni Ahtisa. It’s underwhelming from afar. Nilalamon sya ng mga katabi.

  13. Omg, Madagascar’s reaction is so precious! She’s the MU Kenya 2016 here.
    So happy for her placement.

      • Lol @ath definitely that’s the bad and evil gloria with a twist of Madam Auring. Mexico didn’t even make it to the top 8. Bet lang niya Mexico manalo. Kaso waley like Eva and Alyssa mga lotlot and friends

  14. I wish Ahtisa took her time with her presentation in both swimsuit and evening gown. She was rushing it onstage that you didn’t get to really absorb her aura. I hope the judges got a good enough look at her.

    • we have the same sentiments. with her, it’s like pak pak pak, then alis agad, whereas the others “took their time”.

      • My exact reaction during the swimsuit round and even during the evening gown. I was about to gasp for air and exclaim wow when all of a sudden she turned her back.

  15. Ahtisa’s natcos is a surprise!!!! BRAVO! It’s a winner for me. Lalo na the way she presented it. iba. ramdam ko yung energy niy saka nung energy ng costume niya.

    Swimsuit – palaban! Hindi lang simpleng sweet sweetan levels. sweet pero fierce. ang ganda ng tindig niya. di na ako magrereklamo sa one-piece swimsuit niya. ang ganda e.

    So far so good ang production ng MI. nag level up. medyo entertaining na. hindi kagaya ng mga nakaraang edition. nakakaantok talaga as in. from the stage to background music.

    Congrats to Amir Sali and Ahtisa’s team. ganda ng natcos.

    Up next: Evening gown! saw a close up photo of her gown. grabe the details. lakas maka alta ng itsura. ung mga alta na nangaapi kay princess sarah noon. CHAROT.

    pero seryoso. Ang lakas ng laban ni ahtisa. Sana siya na! ❤

  16. Philippines, Mexico, Venezuela jusko bugbugan ang tatlo walang papaawat ! Go Ahtisa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! labannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ❤ ❤ ❤

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