60 comments on “Mariem Claret Velazco of Venezuela wins Miss International 2018; Philippines 1st Runner-Up

  1. Sana pwede pa ulit sumali si Ahtisa sa BbP. She can be a Miss Universe Philippines, rather than MWP.

  2. I agree, none of them including Mariem & Ahtisa was at par w/ Kylie’s winning speech… Our last Filipina Miss International Winner really set the bar high. Our next year’s MI bet would have big shoes to fill when it comes to beauty and intelect hence the best Binibini would be sent to Miss International if Catriona does indeed win this year.

  3. very respectable placement for Ahtisa although I would have preferred a 7th MI crown for Pinas

    I did not like the winner. The ones I preferred to have beaten Ahtisa are either Romania or South Africa

    I hope this serves as a clarion call for Cat to not be complacent in MU. It’s her to lose. Alert for Kat too.

  4. Vene – Kaitlyn Jenner Jr
    Colombia – Sharifa

    I don’t know why Japan SA Thailand and Indonesia made top 15
    Now I’m changing my mind . I don’t understand why Venezuela except that she was the judges ‘choice
    BTW : No one gave a really good speech .

  5. I admire her next to pia not only to their performances but because of their statement before their respective pageant. Pia tweeted before “kalma lang guys babawi tayo sa MU” and she won. Ahtisa said in one of her interview that she will not come in japan to be second to the best. And now she was placed second to venenzuela.
    Pero kahit sinabi nya yon hinde pa din ipinagdamot sa kanya ang Placement na yon. Grabe namangha ako. Talagang pinanindigan nila yung sinabi nila hinde man nanalo si ahtisa pero ginawa talaga nya yung makakaya nya. Since may binitawan nga silang salita. They didnt disappoint us. On ahtisas pushing her to join mwp. I like that idea too pero nakakakaba since we all know how mw works now a days. And since ist runner up sya sa MI. Tignan muna natin this year how mw will play their pageant on dec. then tsaka us mag decide kung i campaign natin si ahtisa to join mwp soon. Pero kung ako ang tatanungin. Sana sa 2020 mag appoint nalang muna si sma. Give it a try to appoint girls each title. Ahtisa for MU2020. Wag sa 2019 since she will crown her ist runner up successor in MI2019.

  6. As expected, the battle was between the doll and the glamazon. This time, the glamazon won. Congrats Mariem and Maria Ahtisa.

    Looks like Venezuela and Philippines are again at it for the alpha pageants.

    Miss Earth – both made the top 8
    Miss International – Vene won, Phil second.
    Miss World – ???
    Miss Universe – ???

    Exciting times.

  7. My wish is she gets to keep her “coronita”. Unlike the titular crown, which is only on loan and even then only a replica is brought out for public functions, as was the case with Verzosa two years ago. It would make a treasured (literal) heirloom of the Manalo family.

    Quezon province should honor her in an official manner.

  8. ahtisa will succeed in anything she plans to do
    more years ahead for this young beauty.

  9. I am happy for Athisa! So fresh, so galing….Wala naman ako kirot tulad ni JACOB, kasi just like kat and Cat, she can join again to a bigger pageant. Let’s accept the fact that the the two important beauty pageant naman eh MISS WORLD and MISS UNIVERSE. She would be a very lovely Miss World Philippines in the future, matalino pa si Athisa. So go girl. Go for that new crown, so young and promising.

  10. To be honest, may kirot pa rin hanggang ngayon. Ngayon lang ako ulet nanghinayang since 2012 kay Janine. Pero please wag nyo ng pasalihin pa sa MWP si Ahtisa. Alam naman nating cooking show yun.

  11. No matter what our reactions are or whatever observations we have, these are all but hindsight. No use harping on the issue. Miss Venezuela won, Philippines came second and we’re definitely proud of what she accomplished. It’s done and we can’t do anything about it already. Let’s move on and forge our energies in discussing the next Alpha pageant and support our next competing representative – that is, Miss World and so on and so forth. That will be more helpful. Onward Tito Norms.

    • We’re not harping or anything like that naman besh. Just speaking our minds. Ms Venezuela isn’t a bad pick for MI 2018 and most if not all of us are alright with that naman. Part of acceptance is making sense of what happened, so pagbigyan mo na kami besh. Love and peace and beauty from our people to the whole wide world, the universe rather.

      • Probably not you aj but as I scroll through the other comments, they seem like they’re stressing themselves. The point is, the MIO and the judges made their choice and we expectators can’t do anything about it. Let’s just celebrate her great finish – we owe that to her because she was the one who competed, not any of us. So there. Cheers!

  12. Ahtisa delivered charmingly and eloquently and sounded natural, calm and confident. Venezuela also did well and exuded charm and confidence but was uncomfortably leaning forward. Ahtisa stood more gracefully and firmly while she was speaking.

    By all gauge, Ahtisa had it in the bag but it was probably Venezuela’s birthday angle that won the judges’ favor. And I don’t have anything against that at all. However, If I were a judge, I would have suggested giving Mariem a matcha-flavored birthday cake along with the birthday song from the entire hall instead and Ahtisa the MI 2018 crown she deserved 😍😍😍

    Arigato gosaimasu!

    • If they were fake , everyone should know who her surgeon was . He did a good job on her .

    • Agree. The surgery enhanced features (including the fillers) looked even more obvious when she spoke. But then it’s not surprising and certainly not the first time Venezuelan representatives who won crowns went into the knife. She belongs anyway to the last batch of Queens during Osmel Sousa’s time right before he resigned. Even Alicia Machado whom I thought was “all natural” professed on video that she went through the scalpel, same with Molly and Edymar. Nothing new and yet they still win anyway.

  13. Uulitin ko po para sa mga Trainors and Philippines candidates sa mga beauty pageant, kaya di natin nakukuha ang cown at nagiging runner-up lang ay dahil masyadong halata ang mga answers sa Q&A na rehearsed/memorized lamang at masuwerte na lang kung wala masyadong magaling sa answers ng mga kalaban kaya panalo at sinuwerte divahhhh 🙂 AMININ HIHIHI

    • Lara probably has one of the best speeches at MI
      Kylie V too
      I have yet to watch 2018
      My understanding is that Ahtisa is so comfortable with pageant questions that she sounds rehearsed . Just watch her at Boy Abunda … compared to Eva who really struggled with the questions .
      I think in 2-3 yrs, she’ll be ready for MW ..l

      • Hi Fabbie. I’ve watched the speeches and I can dare say that Ahtisa delivered charmingly and eloquently and sounded natural, calm and confident. Venezuela also did well and exuded charm and confidence but was uncomfortably leaning forward. Ahtisa stood more gracefully and firmly while she was speaking.

        By all gauge, Ahtisa had it in the bag but it was probably Venezuela’s birthday angle that won the judges’ favor. And I don’t have anything against that at all.

        If I were a judge, I would have suggested giving Mariem a matcha-flavored birthday cake along with the birthday song from the entire hall and Ahtisa the Ms MI 2018 crown 😍😍😍

        Arigato gosaimasu!

  14. Venezuela is pretty, without the make up, looks very young (12 years old), congratulations 🎊 And to Ahtisa, job well done, the last time Miss International runner up from PI was 1973 (correct me historians if I’m wrong)congratulations ❤️

  15. I didn’t have Venezuela on my list
    But I think she deserved to win . While the still pics were not impressive , she was really gorgeous in motion . I think she’s among the prettiest faces.

  16. Question, Asava ba may gawa gown ni Thailand? Kasi parang yun na lang lagi style ng gown nila, may pa-kapa tapos pa voltes v na cut sa harap..

  17. naku naku shoeses ko sa tingin ko sya lang nagsalba sa mga batch ngayon.
    Sana MI ang huling pageant ng taon para at least dun tau matatandaan ng pageant world 1st runner up kasi yung huling pageant tiyak yun ang clapper to the max kasi lahat sa kanya di tunay. in other words nagpapanggap. Teka muna ano va pinaglalaban nya talaga hahahahaha
    shoeses ko iiyak na naman sya at laking kahihiyan

  18. Ang difference talaga sa mga answers ng rep natin sa Q&A compared to Venezuela, Colombia and India is the speech delivery.
    Mas sincere pakinggan sila kasi Philippines is more of a rehearsed/memorized answer.
    Kahit ireview pa natin ang mga answers nila Meganyan, Piaya, etc.
    Hindi ko nilalait ang mga answers ng mga pinay rep pero kapansinpansin talaga ang memorized/rehearsed answers hihihi 🙂

    • Lahat naman prepared at rehearsed ang answer … dahil the same naman ang question every yr.
      At wala namang masama roon .
      NASA delivery andg difference .
      Pinoys are on the coy side so they seem passionless when they talk
      The Other nations are more aggressive so they sound more spontaneous

      • Not Ahtisa, @bong700. Did you watch, listen
        and understand her speech? The delivery and content were both excellent and natural. And her voice texture is just so queenly.

  19. It’s like Colombia who has gotten hundreds of first runner ups at MU and never got recognized for it in the same breath as Venezuela.
    Ahtisa’s win is better than nothing and makes MI 2018 watchable .
    But when history is reviewed , it does not count for anything .

    • Fabian, how could you label Ahtisa’s win as better than nothing and that it does not count for anything. Geez..you are not a true PH pageant fan if that’s your view about her 1st runner up finish. For other countries, yes they will forget that, but for us Filipino pageant fans, that is something we will definitely remember. Ahtisa deserves our sincere congratulations and gratefulness for doing a good job, not your mockery and reducing her achievement to nothing.

  20. #FinishStrongTeamPhil2018
    Big 4 and Big 4 affiliated pageants

    Globe – top 15
    GrandInt’l – np
    Earth – top 8
    HispAmer – np

    Int’l – 1st runner up
    Intrcont’l –
    Supra –
    World –
    Universe –

  21. Remember…if Venezuela is unable to fulfill her obligations then…😉💛

  22. WOW! I dont know where to start haha. Congratulations muna Ahtisa Manalo! Apelyido pa lang eh alam na! Well done!!!
    Okay, Her natcos design to swimwear to gown is pasabog!!! During natcos competetion in their group hinahanap ko ang terno design na natcos kase yun nMan love ni madamme haha pero waley ako nakita and herwhen ahtisa move to center for her turn wow!!!! Finally! Gandara ng natcos at gandara din ng performance nya lalo n ung pamaypay nya galing ng paghampas left and right pang anime ang labanan 😆. Kudos to her natcos designer and kay madamme she choose this natcos for ahtisa.
    Swimear. Good choice of color and design better than her prelim blue swimwear. Pang MU ang performance nya ha! May pa fierce fierce pa at don ako kinabahan kase nasa MI stage sya. But thanks din she managed to control her self. Her confidence. Kase pang MU talaga. Gown. Wow! Beautiful! On point ang design. Bagay na bagay kay Ahtisa. Sa body type nya. Thanks at hinde Ball gown. But i think if ever ball gown man kaya nya pa din since magaling sya magdala ng gown and think she was the best performer lalo na sa EG. Kase during top 8 announcement she And Venenzuela called last. 7th Venenzuela and 8th Philippines. Pinanghuli yung top performers. Feeling ko sya talaga Pero pag dating sa speech back to zero sila And Venenzuela nailed the speech competition. hayssss. Grabe talaga yung kaba she was fierce but thanks to her sweetness. She know what to do. She know her angles. Her eyes speaks. Her smile is wow! Pero sobra ang kaba during top 8 announcement. My gosh pinanghuli talaga sya haha. Naiisip ko eh andon pa si mexico and thailand cause i think they did well din naman isama mo pa si indonesia. They break the curse ha. She did well din. But thanks that Miss Philippines was called. She deserved naman. I realized na pwedeng ala MU ang performance mo but not over MUish. Yung tipong kontrolado mo pa rin ang sarile mo, your face reaction but you need to have this MI awra to make you a finalist or a winner. Si Venenzuela ganun din eh pang MU din but she controlled herself din.
    Pero nakakasad pa din talaga huhu. Maganda speech nya pero I think Nakulangan ang judges sa speech nya. Haysss. Anyway! She did her best. She didn’t disappoint us. Before the competition ang tahimik nila ahtisa and her team pero nung competition na til finals wow ang pasabog!!! Everything was carefully planned. Kudos to her team.
    Sana magjoin sya sa MWP 2020 or 2021. Wag next year para makoronohan nya ang MI2019 ist runner up. Kase diba nagka crown din ang runner ups. Para makita ulit sya sa crowning ng MI2019. Kase baka pag nagjoin sya ng mwp at nanalo baka hinde sya ma invite sa MI2019 crowning. Kaya para sure sa 2020 nalang sya mag join sa mwp.
    Move on na guys! Haha.
    PS. Gandara ng stage ng MI this year. Upgrade! All white pero maganda. Ok lang kung palaging sa Japan ang pageant nila. May obvious reason din kase why palaging sa kanila. Hinde dAhil sa low budget. Japanese culture is one of the reasons.

  23. Ako lang a nakapansin, one per continent and top 5? So parang kagaya ng Miss Intercon, ganon?

  24. Congratulations Ahtisa!!! The MIO really loves Venezuela and the Philippines. Maybe they just love Venezuela a little bit more. It looks like the pattern is Vene should win first before another PH win so that Vene will be always one crown ahead of us. Chz im just kidding sorry na

    Seriously tho, and with the littlest amount of bias possible, I find Ahtisa fits the MI mold more than Vene, and that the margin between their scores is just a small decimal value. Or maybe siguro Im just expecting an Edymar-level Venezuelan before they can win again.

    Anyway, im sure Aces and Queens will advise her to rest from pageantry for a year or two and then come back in MWP. Although I feel Ahtisa is already content with this current achievement and will retire from pageantry for good na, based on how i see her personality.

  25. Congratulations muy Bella AHTISA. First runner up is not an easy feat. You made us proud. Maybe the blue crown is your real destiny. No pressure just wishful thinking for a beautiful and smart young lady

  26. Im so proud of her
    Congratulations Ahtisa
    As I have mentioned before, she is one the beautiful queens (in the true sense of the word) this year alongside Katarina and the reigning MPE.
    Venezuela is a deserving winner too.

    Oh how I love Ms. Madagascar. What a precious reaction that showed how humble she is.

  27. Congrats my Ahtisa!!! Thank you for representing our country and you did your best! For me you are still the winner of this pageant!!! Pa-birthday gift na natin kay Vene yan. Pero 1st runner up is still a big accomplishment. Congrats and I love you!!!

  28. Congratulations is still in order for the young lady Ahtisa Manalo. It was a well done fight for our country. Let alone a back-to-back win, but sandwich victory is far fetched in this pageant. Still, kudos to Ahtisa for almost giving us another triumph on the international stage.

    I believe this is not your final destination. I wish you join Miss World Philippines three or four years from now.

    That’s all!

  29. Taray ni Ahtisa!

    Kahit naka TSHIRT lang title ang ending!
    O diba, the saying is true, wala yan sa damit, nasa nagdadala ng damit yan! #AllTeaNoShade

  30. The warmest congratulations to Miss Ma. Ahtisa Manalo , for giving a superb performance in this year’s edition of Miss International. She avenged the complete shut out of Philippines last year. And she almost snatched the crown with a stiff neck to neck competition with Venezuela, our fellow pageant power house. I have a feeling that she will rest for a while and maybe, give Miss World Philippines a try, she’s still very young and can still accomplish a lot in her pageant career. Mabuhay ka, Ahtisa, so proud of you!!!!!

  31. Am glad she is 1st runner up, she deserved a much higher title like Miss World Philippines 2019.

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