30 comments on “The Katarina Rodriguez send-off to Miss World 2018

  1. kailangan niyan ire-style mukha niya.. like taasan ang kilay or.. basta masoften kasi nagmukha siyang matanda.

  2. We can have past winners as inspiration. But why announce it to the world.

    I don’t really get the Chopra thing. It is not a good strategy at all. Beaucon is about individuality. Uniqueness.

    Better keep it silent and make it uniquely her own.

    • I I don’t see anything wrong with that .
      Everyone has to have a role model.
      Besides , she didn’t bring up the Chopra thing . She got asked the question.

  3. Just in.
    Sexual harrasment allegations from ME canidates against a Filipino sponsor.

    Sad. Like MEO really needed any more negative drama.

    Tsk tsk tsk

    • This news has already circulated two days ago, wherein Misses Canada, England and Guam have accused a Miss Earth sponsor of sexual harassment, upon which MEO has allegedly did not act outright.

      MEO thru Lorraine Schuck has already denied such allegation. Interestingly, Schuck has drawn support from Miss Cuba who said there never happened any form of sexual harassment during the candidates’ stay in Manila.

      This news may give bad reputation to the organization, but the allegation cannot hold water if the candidates themselves will not make a verified action to support their contention.

      This makes me flash back at Maggie Wilson’s same allegation during her journey in Miss World. Did this destroy Miss World?

      That’s all.

    • Just saying ,
      These girls are tall and in shape . They can easily ward these guys off who are likely short overweight geriatrics . In a country where Rambo justice is highly tolerated , I’m sure the girls would be applauded and the guys ridiculed if they did beat them to the pulp.
      So why did this happen?
      The guys probably look so bad that no amount of money could make these girls even come near them for a conversation. If they were any of the 3 Chrises ( Pines Hemswortg or Pratt) , they prob would be telling a different story

    • This needs an investigation, Shuck can’t just deny and ignore. Her company and the Filipino reputation is at stake especially now we are into “#me too# movement.

  4. catriona
    and katarina

    bilbil ang panlaban

    pisngi at double chin ang panlaban


    • Harsh mo naman sa kanila day. Ano naman masasabi mo kay Eva at Alyssa na mga bet mo na na Luz Valdez. Puro ka kasi sa iba tumitingin. Tumingin ka rin sa bakuran mo. Sige ka baka ma lotlot si Karen G at si scuba mo. Crayola ka na naman sa corner. Esep esep day. Karma is real.

  5. dami kuda

    wala po mapapala si Lola Julia sa Felepens
    unlike China and Indonesia
    or India

    therefore… kahit sino ipadala


    i thank you

  6. Good luck, Kata!

    I like Miss Philippines but I am from Paris Cova Segovia. Char lang. Sa’n ko ba napakinggan ‘yun? Hihihi!

    That’s all.

    • Miss Q and A sa Showtime ba?Ung reigning queen Juliana Pariscova Segovia hahahah

  7. Go MWPhilippines…
    However, Julia Morely and the confusing points system and archaic -albeit boring- coronation format need to “go.”

    All the best Katarina.

  8. Good luck Philippines! 2018 will be the best year to remembered in the Philippine history of beauty pageant. MI, MU, MW and Miss Scuba International —– Philippines.

  9. She looks BLOATED and the dress is not flattering either. Katarina looked 50% better during her Binibini Send Off. #AllTeaAllShade

  10. May chance tayo mga vecks as country of the year😄
    B2B as MU2018 and MW2018 is Philippines☺👏👏👏👍👍

  11. I still wish she goes back to her Intercon styling. That’s her best looks and I believe it would work well with the sweet-princessy standards of MW

    • Huy evil kambal karibal asan yung na lotlot mong bet na si Alyssa di pa rin ba maka move on sa pagka lotlot? Malas ka kasi.

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