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  1. My Top 10 for Miss Universe 2018


  2. Since Vietnam already won Earth and Closer2Fame said their Supranational bet (an AsNTM alum) is ravishing (or something to that effect), I am open to the possibility of the Viets doing this year what we did five years back (in 2013, we got World, International, and Supranational). I have no problem with H’Hen Nie given her universal appeal. Hence, 2018 can be the year Vietnam also gets three – Earth, Universe, and Supranational.

  3. Japan looks pretty and very MODERN…………………she looks mixed or a not typical japan delegate from previous years. Catriona looks lovely as well.

  4. dami mga kudaan
    NoT YEt na ulit muna mananalo ang Felefens sa MU

    IMG will expand its reach
    strategy is to be present in other continents

    wag magbulagbulagan

  5. Based on the released pics + a bit of gutfeel

    Philippines, Japan, South Africa, Zambia

    Greece, Hungary, Malta, Spain

    USA, Ecuador, Canada, Paraguay

    France, Korea, Puerto Rico, Venezuela

    Korea is like China last year, plus she has a bit of Jennifer Lawrence on her face
    For some reason, i cant see the xfactor on Colombia, unlike her four predecesors. But she might steal Venezuela’s or Puerto Rico’s spot
    I hope both Greece and Hungary are eloquent speakers, otherwise sayang ang ganda
    Paraguay kinda looks like Nia Sanchez (Miss USA 2014)

    • Whether you like it or not, Spain’s backstory is enough to guarantee her a top 16 spot. IMG loves publicity you know that. But im not sure if it’s enough to make her advance further than top 16.

  6. i hope Catriona wins

    she can be the next Ginebra calendar girl too

    prestigious ang mga MUniverse is endorsements talaga
    super quality
    nakakatulong sa magandang career

    high class as in..


    • ‘wag ka na mag drama, gloria. by the end of the day, pera pa rin ang kailangan ng mga tao.

  7. Catriona can do this!
    Something about that Philippine sash since 2010…Keep the final 10 streak (and better) going to nine straight years.

    Perhaps the only one who wishes the success streak to end is MUP 2009 a burden held by Biaca “Last MUP to Not Place” Manalo.

    • I’m hoping for a good finish in 2018 .. either win or be among the last 3 standing . A win is definitely preferred because runner up positions are very easily forgotten ( case in point .. Colombia vs Venezuela)

  8. Based on these photos, the 5 that stood out for me in this sea of beauties are Colombia, Russia, South Africa, Japan, and Namibia. Cat’s photo gets lost a bit here but she’s still up there in the upper tier. Other ones I liked are Puerto Rico, Albania, Hungary, Jamaica, Malta, and Vietnam.

  9. I don’t want to be biased, but based on these glamshots alone, Catriona has easily won the first race. Her headshot looks very captivating, stunning, and fierce. I wonder how she would look like if she does “smize” or the “think murder” look. Maybe, she is reserving that for the official MU photoshoot, if there is any. Her photo above means she is seriously doing her job to win the MU crown, and we must be happy and satisfied that she is not taking the competition lightly. Result: her photo has received hundreds of thousand likes and nearly a-hundred-thousand shares. See?

    I am sure, when the competition begins, Cat has a lot to explode and one of which is her body transformation. I heard from a very reliable source that Cat and her fitness trainer are doing their final leg in the gym. Cat is seriously doing her best to disprove her bashers.

    Anyway, I am wondering why Tito Norms did not include Colombia in his list. Colombia is also effortlessly beautiful. I’d love to see her in Cat’s competition list, so are France, South Africa, Puerto Rico, Curacao, Czech Republic, Chile, and Ecuador. I’d also love to include Barbados in the list because she is the most stunning ebony girl I see.

    Did you notice Venezuela’s look transformation? She has been turned soft and not overdone. For the past few years, most of the Venezuelan candidates looked overdone, hence, they hardly made in the final three.

    I don’t see any strong Asian candidate, except Cat. Thailand may only make it due to homecourt advantage, but anything than that? No. Indonesia, no. Vietnam looks modelesque only, but she is not the MU prototype. So, no.

    Spain, sorry. She only made headlines due to her gender issue, but beyond that, I don’t see anything special in her. I don’t know if her being transgender in Miss Universe be talked about or a hot topic in Thailand considering the fact that Thailand is transgenders’ friendly haven.

    That’s all for now. I know my choices will change once the Miss Universe competition officially begins.

    That’s all!

      • Gloria dahlin’, it’s a Miss Universe FB page. So, how’d you decipher that none of the likers and sharers is non-Filipino? Com’on. I understand that you do not like our MU rep, but it doesn’t mean that you mock her all the time and do not even give her credit for what she does! I admit that we have reps in other pageants that I don’t like, but I comment fairly and accurately based on what I observe. Ikaw, dahlin’, haven’t you seen any good in Cat? Seriously? If yes, that must be hatred from within, and we cannot do anything about that!

      • naku gloria
        ano ba ang ine-expect mo? na ang mga taga ecuador ang magla-like at share ng picture ni cat? o di kaya mga indonesian? syempre, kanya-kanyang manok ‘yan. lol.

      • meaning Felepens lang hayok sa pageant na ito

        South Africa nanalo last year na walang masyado kuda

        kapag tahimik nananalo din

        black girl will win MU18

    • Love the Assessment Ana❤️ As for Gloria, just pure hatred and the other one whose name not worth mentioning 😝

      • Thanks, Chadwick. I mean what I write. I am gonna be active in the coming days kase MU fever is on!!!

        Let Gloria say what he/she says. If a person’s mind is blocked, we can’t do anything about it. Lol.

      • “i am pure honesth and truth”-gloria

        ok….from now on you are my idolizing and I am your fansing. I am honesthy and that is the truthful

    • To my kambal karibal. Lotlot na mga bet mo si Eva at Alyssa. Wag ka na magkalat ng mga kamalasan dito. Iyak ka na lang sa corner

  10. Modesty aside, I believe Cat is still leading the pack in all aspects. It may sound so cliche but she is the total package for MU 2018. I still wish all the candidates the best of luck 💫❣💙💖👄❤👏

  11. Sana patas ang labanan kung ang lahat ng lumahok sa patimpalak na ito ay totoo at tunay na ipinanganak na babae. Tunay na babae na hindi babae ayun sa pakiramdam mo, babae ka dahil sa linikha ng Diyos. Kung sino man ang magwagi sa patimpalak na ito ipaglaban niya na ang patimpalak ay para sa tunay na pinanganak na babae.

  12. Only USA and Philippines, from 5 photos, add Kosovo, Lebanon, Russia, Switzerland, AArmenia, Georgia,, Canada, Ireland, Japan,Indonesia
    Not a good photo of Venezuela and Brazil…
    Spain, South Africa, Thailand, India, DR photos are channeling drag queens😂

  13. Meowww meowww at meowww lamang hihihi 😄
    Ano yung valita sa ME, kakaduda talaga hihihi.
    Diko na mahanap yung video na dinala ni mama San yung mga winners dati sa ME sa tirahan ni Tandang superyaman at may vaklang parang Di mapagkatiwalaan ang voses hihihi😄

  14. Interesting pre-arrival five.
    Miss USA? Beautiful, but she needs to dye them roots…
    Lol 😀

    Good luck to all..these five are definitely worthy. Venezuela’s head shot gives her a more indigenous flavor.

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