16 comments on “What fate lies ahead for Ahtisa Manalo on November 9?

  1. May scoop po ba nung naging performance ni Ahtisa sa forum. Kudahan kasi yun at may impression dun sa organizers. I remember last year, di masyado nag ingay si Mariel, nasa sulok lang at nagmumukmok, nagsasalita lang kapag tinatawag na sya. May sariling mundo si ateng kaya siguro sumemplang. Sana, iba si Ahtisa.

  2. The famous global beauties placed her 2nd on its top 15 list right after the swimsuit preliminary just behind mexico. If the all-female panel saw it similarly, she’ll most likely penetrate top 15 and be able to strut her stuff on stage to secure a top 5 finish.

    My only gripe about her is the way she introduced herself at events which almost always sounded rehearsed and therefore unnatural. Of course we all want the crown for her and the Philippines but regardless of the outcome, let’s brace ourselves and expect the worst as no one exactly knows whose head the crown will end up on.

    • Mexico has great angles but in many pictures that I’ve seen, especially in the swimsuit round, she looked a bit manly. She has a boxy body and doesn’t have the feminine curves that Venezuela and Philippines have.

    • @ Robert : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      GB is known for its less-than-rosy attitude towards Filipinas. The proverbial stick-that-broke-the-camel’s-back was when they replaced Earth with GI (and Supra?) in their Big4.

  3. hindi mukhang tacky ang ganyang heels sa kanya! siguro kasi bagay sa skintone niya ang kulay.

  4. Sayang naman ai Ahtisa kung hindi magwawagi. She is really suited for Miss Internation. Pero for sure, may placement siya!

  5. Pag si Ate Tisa ang manalo 3 asians in a row? payag kaya mga japanese? Sana manalo si Ahtisa.. sayang naman ganda niya. She really fits the mold.

    • They already did 3-year Latina run during 2009-2011 (Mexico-Venezuela-Ecuador). If you consider Spain as Latina instead of European then that’s already 6 years adding the 2006-2008 run of Venezuela-Mexico-Spain. So im sure they wont mind crowning an Asian for a 3rd straight year

  6. Even pipe blogger Anthony loves Ahtisa. I think she will be in the top 5. She is beautiful anime like, young, likeable and she looks longer than her 5’8height w those legs. Don’t let me start on how good her pasarela is

  7. Ayoko na mag expect nasasaktan lang ako. Still good luck to her. A top placement is far better than never placed at all.

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