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  1. Basta ako, positive lang. Napaka-diligent ni Cat sa BB. to win the MUP crown, and I think, ganoon din sya ngaun, doble pa. BASTA i want her to enjoy, ENJOY the journey. Whatever happens masasiabi nya na she gave her best. She super work hard naman kasi like PIA talagang kinarir ni bakla. At yun natutunan ko kay Cat, yes you try the second the time, but it is very important to work hard and be realistic. Kaya mga baks, relaks lang, si Cat na bahala. She’s my MGI19 CHOS lol

  2. The styling on these photoshoots look like Latina school of pageantry. Cat has major competition with Miss Australia seems to have her styling down pat. A down-to-earth Aussie with Chinese heritage. She looks young and fresh with acumen for natural understated modelling. And she speaks with a natural unrehearsed pace and structure. Her only weakness is her tendency to get puffy-eyed.

  3. basta ako naniniwala na siya ang tatanghaling Miss Universe 2018. Last time I had this feeling was with Pia. Pak!

    • Pls lower your expectations and assume the worst .
      Your gut feel ? It’s nothing , trust me . It means nothing .
      Wait until the day before the pageant . If she is included in the shortlist of potential winners on the newspaper article abt MU 2018 , She has a chance . If she’s not even mentioned there , expect the worst outcome .

  4. Stop with these photos. CAT DOESNT NEED THEM.they are too fake and overprocessed over edited! These baklas are playing with her . Too much is too much . She doesn’t need this harsh make overs!!!!

  5. I hope she picks good gowns for prelims and finals……….I like her on emerald royal green (like wyn-win wore) on her promotional farewell photo ops……………if not, something Royal blue with glittery accents. If she stays with gold, something will accentuate her body and not the typical blushed gold that will not flatter her skin tone. She can also rock a silver gown but it has to be sexy and will compliment her body type.

  6. siguro dahil ang daming nagsha-share ng pics nya online tapos follower nya pa ako sa IG kaya hindi ako masyado surpirsed. pero sana, hindi kumalat ang pics nya sa ibang lahi (which i doubt) para may surprise factor pa din talaga.

    pero pero pero, kung titingnan naman ang pinaka recent pics nya, talagang mas toned na ang katawan nya kaya i think, yun ang pinaka magiging pasabog. aware naman tayong lahat na hindi lang ibang pinoy (kung hindi pati ang mga bashers nya worldwide) ang nagsasabi na mataba sya DATI. kaya kung madadala nya ng maayos ang sarili nya throughout her stay in Thailand (from arrival to activities to preliminary to finals), i think she’ll really win.

    wishing for the best for the Miss Universe 2018, Catriona Gray. 🙂

  7. Sad to say, I was not surprised at all.
    Are there any other styles for her please?
    This is so generic. Nothing new

    • Oh, wow! Such an impostor. Tito Norms, whoever this “Ana Winter” poser is, please strike her/him. I don’t give harsh comments to someone who doesn’t deserve ill-comments. Pleaaaaaaase!

      That’s all.


      • We know who the real Ms. Ana Winter. Ana Winter is Ana Winter. Just like my evil kambal karibal second rate copycat whose name I prefer not to say. Baka kasi ako malasin. You know. Cheers dahlin

  8. Dear make up artists and photographer, stop overprocessing Catriona… She looks like a bronze statue here… Look at the difference between her face and her arms… my gosh..

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