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    • I forgot to add that SA and PR have the same look tho, a disadvantage. spain is pretty but still seeing the manly side…will wait for the arrival.

  1. Sana if tawagin na siya ni Steve Harvey sa harap, pakakantahin siya.
    If mananalo siya sa MU, pwede rin mag capitalize ang MUO sa singing talent niya.
    By the end of the day, it’s a business.

    • I mean no offense on this. Pero i think that idea kinda sounds too noontime-show-ish. I think medyo nakakawala ng class and prestige if they will do that the moment she is called onstage. It’s too gimmicky. If IMG wants to capitalize on Cat’s singing, they should do so in videos of her singing during pre-pageant activities and (really hoping for this) during her travels as MU

      • I get what you mean. Of course, I’m not offended. Your thoughts are really valid re class and prestige, most especially now that they are in that phase na “relatable” na ang vibes ng MU.

        Yes! It is kind of noontime-show-ish and gimmicky, but it popped to into my head since I recall that time when I lol-ed so much when Miss Sri Lanka 2017 (Sri Lanka was it?) tried to explain to Steve about the name of her cat. It was cringey (for me lang siguro ha) and even when Demi debunked the pet lion thing. Haha.

      • @ath actually when i first read you comment, i thought that that scenario is kinda likely to happen, kinda like Demi’s lion explanation that you cited

  2. May mga additional events sila na hindi usually naka indicate sa agenda like pre interview na usually nagaganap before prelims. Bahala na ang mga organizers kung pano nila iistrech ang sched nila. Tulad nung Ph edition last 2016, may swimsuit photoshoot dpt na nka sched na gaganpin in a resort somehwere in cebu, pero kahit more than 2 weeks na and sched of activities nila eh kinulang padin kaya isang mabilisan glam shots nlng ang gnwa inside studio.

    Kaya for sure kahit 2 weeks lng lang super busy sila. They will be devided into groups. Hindi lang tayo sure this time kung may swimwear photo shoot o glam shot nlng. Pero for sure may interview portion.

    • Bakla nakita mo may mga bakanteng dates, baka dun nila gawin saka usually hindi nila sinasali sa sched of activities ang interview. You’re welcome.

      • Tanga! talaga namang may cooking show minsan silang pinupuntahan. mga bakla kung ano anong pinag iisip.

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