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  1. Lesson learned from MW 2016
    Let’s hope for the best and expect the unexpected .
    Even though Cat has got it all , we don’t know how the dice will roll.

  2. Ang badups tlg ng BPCI ever. Hindi kinaya ng beauty ni Cat ang baduy na styling.
    Reminiscent of our queens from the dark ages.

    Buti na lang independent team ang mag-style kay Cat sa MU2018. As of the moment, kasado na lahat ng damit na isusuot na Cat. Ensayado na rin ang bawa’t galaw at pasabog.

    Tayong mga fans dapat ready na din sa pagsupport kay Miss Philippines.

    Go Go Go Catriona!!!
    Go Go Go Philippines!!!
    Go for the Gold!!!
    Go Philippines Mabuhay!!!


  3. Sshe is more than ready, looks amazing, total package❤️ Miss Universe 2018👑

  4. Maraming dyosa this year. It will be a tough battle and I hope Cat is well prepared. I don’t think her sash will save her just like when Rachel failed to reach the top 5 despite her beautiful gown.

    I can’t wait to see what Harley and friends have in terms of ammo when she departs for the Land of the Smiles….It will be interesting for sure since we have not had an “independent” rep in a while.

    • 4m , Rachel has a more introverted personality . She does not have a lot of confidence . We got ‘fooled’ because of her good English . If I knew Katarina could get in shape , I would have chosen her over Rachel. Even Clenci would have been a better alternative .
      Cat is confident but not cocky . She has a beautiful speaking voice and she is much more articulate than Rachel.
      However , she is facing a strong competition like u said
      So her winning or losing will depend on the org’s preference and the judges.

      • Oh hello Fabie dahlinnn
        I agree in some of your comments but you know how I love Rachel. Rachel was perfect during the finals. She had it all; banging body, pretty face, beautiful gown etc it’s just that lady luck was not on her side but making it to the top 10 out of 89 equally gorgeous ladies is a big achievement.

        As for the speaking voice, I find Rachel’s to be natural whereas Catriona’s too sweet to be true to the point of sounding “put on”.

        Sorry Fabie but that’s my opinion only.

      • Jeremi, I love Rachel too .
        But I did not know she was introverted until I saw her at MU . She looked timid and afraid . Miss U is about confidence . That’s why Colombia and Jamaica went as far as they did last yr.
        We need someone who knows how to perform on stage . Of course ,you’re gonna
        Cat is not even a good singer. But that’s beside the point . Cat has proven to that she can talk and walk . Win or lose , I’m fine . I know everyone will be treated to a great show next month …. whether u like it or not .

  5. good strategy though

    reserved na for Latinas ang MU18

    kasi when was the last time nanalo ang South America

    if she can pull this off regardless if from Asia siya
    she can win MU

    • In the last 6 years, we’ve had two MU winners from South America (Colombia in 2014 and Venezuela in 2013), and one each from North America (USA in 2012), Europe (France in 2016), Africa (South Africa in 2017), and of course, Asia (Philippines in 2015). If MU/IMG decides to share the wealth, then Oceania will probably be next — but they’ve clumped Oceania with Asia and Africa last year. So since pretty much every continent has had a winner lately (except Antarctica), it really is anyone’s ball game.

  6. if blue belongs to pia.. black is for cat (sorry for the claim) i think colors also help our reps shine. for me, blue really was pia’s color. aside from pia, maxine was able to wear her color, green, but changed it come finals night. red for me was mj’s but she was made to wear white then. rachel was so perfect in white ( i forgot that event where she was wearing a body hugging white dress similar to what sen marquez was wearing the other night in RHA). I could be wrong but I think black suits cat, something like black with crystals. for her natcos I hope they make it colorful or let her wear something bright like red, or blue taking inspiration from our shores or from colorful festivities like pahiyas. Well, I can only wish from afar. good luck cat. 🙂

  7. Comment about her body all you want. Pero sense ko matagal na tong shoot na to. She’s currently waaay thinner than how she was during ABSCBN Ball. Balakayojan

    • True!! Nkita ko cya binibini days and nung abs cbn ball…ngulat ako sa knipisan!! At ang haba haba nya tignan. 😊

      • Mum mas manipis pa sya ngayon compared nung sa abscbn ball promise. Nanginig buong katawan ko when i saw her latest post-workout pic. I really wanted to post it here para matameme na mga chenes dito na bash nang bash, but apparently they wanted media blackout of that para super surprise talaga. I doubt din na she would have any public appearances pa until send off nya para surprise kabugan talaga

  8. I love it! Winner na winner!

    This girl is 101% ready and 102% hunngggggggggrrrrrrrrrryyy for that crown! She’s purrrrrrrring-roaring her way to Bangkok! Move away gurrrrrrrrls…

    • I so agree with you. I have always wanted our reps to win, most especially in MU. Parati kong pinagdarasal yan. Catriona is Catriona already. She’s made already. But I don’t see it. I don’t see what most people see in in her.

      Something is missing, lacking. Hindi ko makita kung ano ung nakita ko kay Mutya, Megan, Pia. Even Venus. Look at how these ladies project. Tingnan niyo ung mga mata nila when they project. Mata pa lng lala kunin ko na ng buong buo.

      Or maybe I’m wrong.

      Hindi pa naman huli ang lahat. But I’m lowering my expectations. Gusto-gusto ko manalo ang bet natin. I’m not writing this to pull her down. Sana maadjust pa.
      I just can’t explain it. But when I see that look if ever she’d be able to change it, then that’s the time I can say that she already have it.

      I will still pray for you, Catriona. For the Philippines.#parasaBayan

      • Let me provide you with a possible explanation. Venus, Mutya, Megan, and Pia competed at the time when we were almost but not quite there yet (talking about winning the MU again). Most of us super asang asa talaga sa bawat kandidata natin, and we really see the fire in them. Pero now that we have already established our status (winning all Big 4, even Big 5 pageants in a span of 3 years, winning 8 in a span of 5 years), i feel we became more confident and complacent na “ay kayang kaya naman nating ipanalo yan” mentality na tayo. Kumbaga nawala na yung lens ng gigil of a win sa mga mata natin, that’s why feel natin our current reps are not as gigil as the previous ones. Idk if i explained my point very well.

        If there’s someone who understood this, i’d be very glad if you can help me explain further. To others na hindi agree kebs idc. And say, Cat really has less spark than the other aforementioned ladies, pero isa lang ang masasabi ko. That thing you cannot see in her eyes, that spark, that hunger, you can see it in everything else that she does

        Ps. Sorry sobrang haba. Sobrang nadala lang talaga ako sa recent pic nya (not the one in this post). Bawal ispread, pero isa lang masasabi ko, kahit si gloria or si Nadine matatameme pag nakita yun promise

      • @unorthodox, thanks for your reply. The look I see is not a gigil look. It is a winning aura that you see in them when they project. While a hunger look is different. Megan, Mutya, Pia and even Venus did not look gigil during their stint. The same look I’ve seen with Demi, Zuleyka, Gabriela and other winners.

        Well it’s not late at all. But so far I haven’t seen that with Catriona. I love her and I want her to win. I hope she won’t repeat the same aura back in MW.

        Kaya pa yan! #parasaBayan

      • Well on the contrary, all I can see in Catriona’s eyes are pure “gigil”. Yes, she does not have that “magic” in her eyes that Androgenous is looking for.

      • Ayaw mo sa kanya. Period. Huwag na ipilit. Its okay not to like Catriona. Stop looking for reasons and compare her with the past queens. Ang dali nalang magsabi at magcompare at mag CLAIM kasi nanalo na. If para sa kanya, sa kanya. Daming kuda about aura, hunger, eyes, may missing, may lacking. Tangina.

      • @Androgenous ohh i see what you mean now. Thanks for clarifying. Pero it’s in her somewhere. Like you said, there’s still time. If you’re not seeing it now, im sure you will see it once she’s already in Bangkok.

    • Jeremi , u will not see anything good if you have made up your mind u r not gonna see it

      • mamamatay na lang yang c Jeremi na may hinanakit sa puso against CAT hahaha ewankoba jan sa kanya bakit hanggang ngayon di pa rin maka move on hahaha bakla ampetsa na puro ka pa rin ka bitteran at poot na puro inggit against CAT hahahaha juice colored ! hahahaha

      • Fabie dahlinn
        Ok I’ll keep my mouth shut till Bangkok then
        Let me see Catriona’s pasabog but believe me I wish her well for the Philippines

  9. Hindi kagandahan ang hubog ng katwan nya. Alam naman ng lahat yun at tanggap naman dahil dinadala nya sa performance.

    Pero, pero, unanimous ang mga pageant experts sa buong lupalop ng mundo na “stunning” daw ang fez.

  10. she is gorgeous!! ready to become

    ahtisa too is doing well… she is peaking at the right time
    MI 18

    Katarina is stunning too ..early favorite to win

    Finally, the Philippines will make history as MI MW and MU
    all from the Philippines

    country of the year!!

  11. She’s looks fantastic! So versatile with her styling. The challenge is figuring out the styling that the MUO/IMG judges will like. She’s so ready but she’ll continue to get even better this month. I’m so looking forward to seeing her MU performance! 😀

  12. Latina ang aura
    walang originality

    ang katawan ay MU Canada 2016
    or Mariel de Leon pa rin naman

    black ang suot para di halata ang bilbil.

  13. Gorgeous! I love it!…

    I hope her hairstyle would be a super neat bun…
    And I want her to wear something monochromatic that is super crisp, sleek and modern that would make her standout… trend-setting high-fashion avant-garde. I also can’t wait for her national costume. She trully is the total package!

  14. To my evil kambal karibal. Anong say mo kay Catriona. Makuha ka sa tingin at mamatey ka sa inggit

    • Kawawang gloria, ikaw na lagi ang pinakamaraming 👎👎👎👎👎👎 😂, ibig sabihin, binoboycot kana dito😂, dka tanggap dito😂, pero makapal talaga mukha mo, kasing- kapal ng mga palad mo sa kakalaba, gloria gloria lavandera😂

      • Walang masama sa pagiging labandera. Let us not degrade the labanderas. Wag ikompara kay Gloria. Honorable ang former, despicable ang latter.

  15. MU Canada 2016 2.0
    Mariel De Leon 2.0

    hopefully she wins in Thailand

    Top 5 finish is not bad
    crown is reserved for the Americas

  16. Sana hindi ganito ang styling! She will drown in a sea of people who look like each other (i.e. latinas!) because they are all styled similarly.

    • Agreed ath. Hope they make her look more Filipina, it’s what’s going to make her stand out especially that the Latinas are very strong and competitive this year! Kung itutuloy nila ang continental format (which I hope they do to give more chances sa ibang countries) ang daming masasayang na Latinas.

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