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  1. Is that a human? She is like a barbie who just came to life..she is a perfection. She has what it takes the be the next MI..beauty, character and substance. Hope the stars will align on the pageant night and will give her the crown.

  2. Beautiful! She is indeed a living doll with a brain to boot…She should definitely be at least a runner-up. I can’t wait for her to slay the Q&A.

    I love her!

  3. She really is beautiful without even trying or projecting to be one unlike one who will be representing us in one of the big 4 this December.

    • Si Katja? Gets ko naman ang ibig mong sabihin.
      Diba drastic naman ang transformation niya from sultry to mahinhin to fit the mould of Madam Morley?

    • boklong twoooooo…di talaga pedeng pumuri na lang at walang halong pang babash sa ayaw nya hahaha ikamamatay mo yan bakla hahahahahah

  4. baka manalo si
    ahtisa manalo

    mukha kasi siya anime
    na gusto mga hapon

    sana maganda speech niya if ever

    top 10 siguro ito

  5. Felepens zero crown sa big 3

    MIP is Kylie 2.0 — sawa na mga Hapon
    MWP is Priyanka 2.0 — pilit nagpapakamahinhin
    MUP is Miss Canada 2.0 and Mariel De Leon 2.0

  6. Big 4/Big 4-affiliated pageant results;

    Globe – top 15

    Grand International – non placement

    EARTH – top 8

    Hispanoamericana – non placement


    Intercontinental –

    Supranational –

    WORLD –


    Let’s go Ahtisa! Let’s get rolling here. Team Philippines has, shockingly and uncharacteristically, yet to place a runner-up after four competetions…

  7. Wow, now I know why she was selected for International. She is the epitome of what appeals to the Japanese organization. Alluring and innocent-like. I’m impressed with her strategy. She could win this thing. We’ll know in a few days…

  8. I hope we are saving the best for last.
    A win or a good finish will be welcomed .
    Nov 7 is in 2-3 days
    I can’t wait

  9. Like a baby doll. Even Latinos and neighbors in ig always praises her beauty. We do have a chance for the mi crown

  10. Ang ganda. Ano kaya if she wear an evening gown na inspired sa kimono above. Or kahit yung tela nila mismo ok lang kaya? Ive read that her gown designer is michael cinco. Hmmm. It could be a ball gown? If yes wag naman sana sobrang laki ng details sa dulo. Bagay din sa kanya mga ganyang hairstyle for EG medyo ayusin pa ng konti.

  11. Wow she is killing it. I think we have a fighting chance of winning another Miss International crown.

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