21 comments on “Miss Earth 2018: normannorman.com’s Choices to Win

  1. My Miss Earth 2018
    1. Miss Portugal
    2. Miss Slovenia
    3. Miss Mexico
    4. Miss Venezuela

    5. Miss Nepal
    6. Miss Netherlands
    7. Miss Philippines
    8. Miss Nigeria

    9. Miss Colombia
    10. Miss Vietnam
    11. Miss Indonesia
    12. Miss Trinidad & Tobago

    13. Miss Puerto Rico
    14. Miss Thailand
    15. Miss USA
    16. Miss South Africa
    17. Miss Belgium
    18. Miss Spain

  2. Kuya Norms, these are my Top 18:
    Puerto Rico
    South Africa

    Alternates: Belgium & Spain, Brazil & USA, Japan & Thailand, Ghana

  3. I find Indonesia to be quite strong on interviews. In fact even better than thailand. But if I may have my way, I have to pull out Austria’s place and put Indonesia in the top 18 in her stead.

  4. Si Portugal talaga ang best choice if we’re talking about Miss Earth’s future. Her perceived disadvantage, which is her youth, is actually her greatest advantage. I mean, if Miss Earth really wants to target the bigger audience, which is the youth, Portugal is the number one choice. Huge percentage ng social media users, demographics niyan is the younger generation. We keep talking about “educating our youth,” eto na yun eh si Portugal ang pinaka-relatable out of all the girls para magset ng example sa generation that we call “millennials.” She may not be the most fluent in English, pero her genuine dedication and passion sa advocacy ng Miss Earth, undeniable yan. Her beauty and down-to-earth charisma speak volumes. I’ve been constantly checking yung pulso ng different pageant fans, pages all over the world, mapa-latino, europeans, and even the asians, si Portugal talaga ang bet nila. Even the Latinos are saying na they wouldn’t mind seeing Portugal win kasi deservig naman daw. Also, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone if they crown Portugal. Portugal as a country, parang bridge yan ng mga latinos and europeans. Time to ng Miss Earth para mag-gather ng following from the Europe and Americas.

    Important to take note din, out of all the 88 girls, si Miss Portugal lang ang naka-catch ng attention ng international media, publications worldwide. Remember the press presentation event? The day after, Miss Portugal’s picture ang front page. Eto yung girl na walang sash factor, dala lang niya is puso and determination. I am praying for Portugal’s victory. She is what Miss Earth needs to make that major comeback. 🙏🏼💚

      • Hi Tito Norms, I haven’t been following Miss Earth this year but on the few occasions that I did check out the girls, it was the Portuguese beauty who caught my attention. A refreshing change from the rehearsed and manufactured types. Ferdinand Magellan would be proud hehe

    • Laila, I sincerely hope the organizers look at things that way. I would be thrilled to see Telma winning the crown. For a change or for this year at least, they should put “business first” in the backseat.

    • Preach❤️ Also like Puerto Rico and Germany, but really ❤️Guatemala 🎉

    • Laila , ME relies heavily on the Q&A performance
      Portugal has to deliver or she won’t make past top 8 no matter how physically deserving she is .
      Right now my hope for MEO is not to crown another candidate who has any blood connection to the Philippines

  5. Another Phililpines’ win would be disastrous towards the credibility of this Big 4 pageant.

    A win for Colombia, China or USA would be a plus

  6. My crystal ball tells me that Miss Philippines will going to take the crown Miss Earth 2018. She is beautiful, intelligent, articulate and she has the heart to clean mother earth.

  7. Mexico and Venezuela, okay lang…pero mas gusto ko si Portugal. As for Philippines naman, I wanted her to be Miss Earth-Fire, kasi yun yung hindi pa natin nakukuha ever since.

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