11 comments on “Full steam ahead: Miss Universe 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand

  1. Glad to hear from Miss Universe Paula Shugart that both Steve Harvey & Ashley Graham will be this year’s host for the forthcoming pageant in Bangkok, Thailand. Hoping that there will be no monsters on stage just like last year. A beauty pageant must be a show composed of individuals with exceptional beauty.

      • @ Fabian Reyes : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        It was from the perspective of the modelling industry. Come on, we all know young girls are preferred. She was undoubtedly skinnier. And as we age, we lose some of that initial magic. ‘Tis fact.

        If THIS apparition tore down the Sherri Hill runway, then they would not have given her those hideous numbers in yellow and pink. She would have been made to wear one of the more streamlined designs worn by the legit models. But because she is QUEEN and Sherri Hill wanted USA-based Pi(g)noys to patronize them the way Manila-based ones are smitten with Monique Lhullier-Bugbee, they made her up to look like a confection. In stark contrast, Summers in her metallic piece was chic.

        Bangkok is not in the same league as New York, even though the Siam capital rivals Paris as a recruitment ground for novel mannequins. Now Merritt at VS, THAT’s high-end! 🙂

        Like I said before, her path differs little from that of Poonlertlarp. Retired models both, basically.

    • In her prime talaga. Ganun na ba katanda si Catriona she is only 24 and just starting.

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