26 comments on “So how’s Alyssa Muhlach Alvarez doing in Bolivia?

  1. Hope she joins BP
    She can be our MIss Grand . For once , someone who can really sing joins the videoke challenge ( both Clenci and Eva were a big failure) .
    Or she can be MUP MIP MIntercon … provided she works out

  2. Lesson learned: matapang types only should be sent to this pageant. Latinas play a very tough game. Meekness and humility are not qualities that are celebrated in their culture. Even WynWyn, who is definitely matapang, seemed to be really challenged by being in a different league.

    Not sure Montagne would have handled this much differently, although she did do well at Miss USA which is pretty cutthroat as well. Honestly I think Katarina R. would have nailed this competition. But, bigger things are meant for her.

    Agreed 1 month to prep is not enough. Move MWP to July. Out of BbP season yet still not last minute.

  3. the styling was a hit and miss. eto ang problema with miss world. their queens barely have a second to breath before sending them off to the den of glamazonas. wyn2 was an exception. She was ready since BBP days. baka kailangan nila i move earlier ang pageant ng local franchise between april and may?

  4. She aint gonna win no matter how good she is.

    Meanwhile, she’ll be perfect for Miss International. Ahtisa’s back to back win in Miss International. 😉

  5. She is isn’t ready. It’s like she is just enjoying the ride while it lasts.

  6. Dapat sa eco international sya pinadala. Ganyan din tabas nung swimsuit dati ni Cynthia, halos kita na.

  7. As I predicted with what’s the name of that miss grand Philippines girl?
    This girl is just another saling pusa
    Hilaw na mangga!

  8. Oh well, Alyssa is fine. I think she is still facially beautiful notwithstanding the fact that she is not in Wynwyn’s caliber as beauty pageant contestant. Hindi pa rin kahiya-hiya ang Pilipinas na nakapagpadala tayo ng kasing-ganda n’ya. Hindi lang talaga s’ya well-prepared. Mabuti na rin ‘yang s’ya ang napili kesa naman nagpadala tayo ng sobrang strong na kandidata to end up a loser lang kase nga a back-to-back finish is hard to achieve.

    Ayon nga sa kasabihan, “hindi araw-araw ay Pasko.”

    That’s all!

  9. she does not have beauty queen proportions, especially the lower half. it will be tough for her to compete against latinas who are typically lean and long.

  10. Simply because she is not beautiful in international standard. She is just maputla/maputi that is considered beautiful in the Philippines but honestly, Wynwin is 80 percent ahead of her in every aspect.

    I have always been vocal that her beauty is not my cup pf tea. Montagne should have been a better choice.

    • Those shoes aren’t even flattering and made her even way way way shorter than she already is. Gosh, calm down with those shoes….hahaha. It’s ridiculous they allowed her to wear those crap.

  11. Hindi lang talaga akma sakanya ang pageant na to. May pagkamahinhin sya perfect for MW or MI, the complete opposite of Wynwyn na rampadora. Another case of a girl who got sent to the wrong pageant. Add to that that RHA is getting overshadowed by big pageants like MI kaya hindi rin sya masyadong nasusuportahan. Timing just isn’t on Alyssa’s side this time, bumawi ka na lang sa binibini sayo na ang International hihihi.

  12. Parang walang ingay ang Reina Allysa.

    At parang walang nakamit na award kahit na sana maging “Reina Pang paa (footwear)”…..Ipanema ba yun?

    Laban lang Reina Allysa!

    Totoong may himala!

    Go Philippines!

  13. Makailang ulit kung sasabihin, ginagamit lang ang Pilipino upang pag-usapan ang patimpalak na walang malinaw na layunin. Marami ang nagawa ang Reina Hispanoamericana 2017. Nakita po nila kung gaano masigasig ni Bb. Teresita Marquez upang ipalaganap ang layunin ng Reina Hispanoarmerica Org. Wlang kapaguran na biyahe siya sa ibat ibang panig ng probinsiya ng Pilipinas upang ipalaganap ang turismo ng bansa este upang ipalaganap ang mayaman na kultura ng Kastila. Sa susunod magpadala sila ng hindi huli sa biyahe at bihasa sa kultura at salitang Kastila, hindi sapat yung may dugo o di kaya ipinanganak sa bansang Espana.

  14. Wiz ko cya nakita sa EG competition
    ba yun sa may pool area.
    Inabangan ko ang F at P na candidates pero waley talaga.
    NapaFuck at Puta na lang aketz😄hihihi cherette lang.
    Bawal ang bad words in my mind and in my mouth hihihi 😄

  15. She didn’t make any of the awards either. She definitely feels uninspired and probably coz of the fact that being in a region where communication could be tough for a non-Spanish speaking person could make her feel out-of-place. I hope she spoke to Reina Teresita for advice.. I thought she handled the pressure really well.

  16. I may be wrong but this girl is a first-timer in terms of pageanting. I guess she didn’t expect how exhausting and demanding pageants are, especially “international competitions… the worse part is, she’s competing against Latinas. But I still wish her all the best. Go get them Alyssa! Remember, you’re PINOY! Laban!

  17. She gives the vibes na gusto niya nalang na matapos na ang pageant na ‘to.

  18. Mjo tagilid pero manalig tayo sa supporta ng madlang pipol, Alyssa! lumaban ka hanggang dulo… Good luck ❤ ❤ ❤

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