35 comments on “Four Miss Earth titleholders from the Philippines in One

  1. So are they suppose to be Earth/Environmental Warrior or Fashion Warrior. Confused ako sa mga outfit nila at kung ang Miss Earth is just another beauty contest? Nagugulahan lang po talaga ako sa posing at outfit nila. Ung bang mga adbokasiya ng mga kandidata at mga nanalo ay ginagawa pa nila o nakalimutan na after the contest or their rein. Just asking.

  2. Epic fail!!!

    Cno ang nag concept nyan! Ang pangit!

    nakakahiya lang!

    Buong mundo makakakita nyan!

    Ano ba yan? kaya tayo napupulaan.

    Ganyan ba ang calibre ng mga Pinay beauty Queens?

    Tuloy inisip kong ang concept ay “Halloween”.

  3. Nafadaan ako sa carenderia ni aling Gloria at napaOMG talaga ang veckla kc may matrona with crown na kasama ang mga ME candidates at inirap-irapan lang nya c miss Sierra Leone na cryola ang drama dahil sa helping the poor show ni wowowin Willie hihihi.
    Ayokong pangalanan cya dahil magkapitbahay lng kami 😄cherette

  4. Let the 4 open their mouth and you can’t hide the truth why they are called environmental warriors-crowed Queens!

  5. Magaganda kayo girls…. yaan nio n yang iba jan haha wala nmn clang magagawa kahit magngangangawa cla sa pagka against sa inyo haha atlis kau nanalo at mga beauty queens.. cla mga hamak n pipitsugng basher nio lamang hahahaha…Thank you for bringing honor to our country! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. Ang meaning ng photoshoot na ito ay:

    ME 2018 is none other than…Felepens!



  7. Are you kidding Carousel? These ladies were all unplaced when they joined Binibining Pilipinas!!! Not even in the top 15!!! 😀

  8. Mga mukhang bakla! Welcome to the club mga sisters! So proud of you all!

  9. If this is Karla’s new look…she better keep looking.

    It looks ridiculous. Sorry! 😣

  10. Revealing they want a fifth one from the Philippines?! I hope they don’t do that. It’s pageant suicide.

  11. No matter how I hate why we won so many times but I cannot deny the merit of these girls. This is our home pageant so I will embrace it no matter what. I hope though Carousel will continue to take feedback and make improvements.

  12. I thought this was a KF photoshoot…hihihihih Congrats Kween Karen on your reign and I hope you tell lola Rodgil to not cook this year’s winner please…I’d be happy to pretty Celeste in top 12 so she can join Miss World Italy or something….hihihihi

  13. WTH is this campaign for? It is:
    1. Half-baked
    2. Is this done by someone who is new in the industry?
    3. The angles, the contrast, the lighting, the editing.. sorry I can’t find something good here.

  14. I wonder what they were trying to channel here cuz I already know it failed hihihi at yung mukha ni Karing doble ng mukha ni Jamie kaloka.

    Di sila mukhang Major pageant winners yung tipong di mananalo kahit sumabak ng ilang beses sa binibini.

    • Nope , pls pose your pic so we can analyze it too.
      U talk abt these like they don’t mean anything .
      I’m pretty sure , Karla and Angelia would have gotten a crown Had they given Binibini another try . Jamie would have been a winner too

  15. so anong napala nila after manalo

    nabago ba nila ang EArth at ang kalikasan

    puro baha etc pa rin naman lalo na sa Pinas


    • Sus Gloria, itanong din natin sa ibang pageant ‘yan.
      Gamitin natin ‘yang sinabi mo.

      “nabago ba nila ang UNIVERSE?”
      “nabago ba nila ang WORLD?”

      • nabago ba nila ang scuba
        ang econest
        ang international
        ang galaxy
        ang buhay mo na walang kwenta ath?

        wala lahat puro walang kwenta ito lahat ng pageants

      • hahahaha itanong mo na rin kung anong ginagawa nating dalawa dito!
        pareho rin tayong walang kwenta ang buhay! lol

  16. Karla needs to look in the mirror and realize that her look is not even funny
    She reminds me of Cher and it’s not a compliment

    • Hi fake Jeremi
      If you are trying to flatter me, please don’t use language that I never dare to post in this blog.

  17. It can now be told that, based on the pictures above, Angelia Ong is a lot stunner than her three co-beauty titlists. I am seeing Ms. Tweetie De Leon-Gonzales in her. To all Filipinos who bashed her after clinching a back-to-back victory in Miss Earth, I hope you realize that you all wrong.

    That’s all.

    • Sorry Ana but this is way photoshopped, India and Colombia were stunners that year. Australia should have won that year😔

      • Yes, I agree with you that India and Colombia were stunning that year, but, perhaps, they fell short of the judges’ taste kaya they did not get the crown. Nakita naman natin na Angelia fought fair and square dahil sa ibang bansa pa s’ya kinoronahan. Basta ako, nagagandahan ako sa kanya. That’s all.

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