11 comments on “Pageant crossovers top Jewel of the Philippines 2018

  1. People here are insisting to replace MGI with MUC lol then if one candidate does not place at MUC ano naman kaya ang ipapalit hahahhaha.
    People are that stupid sometimes lol

  2. I love that Jereleen pushed for her pageantry stints this 2018! Good luck, Jereleen! I hope you get that crown!

  3. I believe Jereleen can, and will, add value to MUC’s brand if she wins the Ecuador-based beauty contest. Time now for MUC to join the big league! With Jereleen, MUC will not only have a ceremonial queen but an in-house consultant on the business and legalities of advocacy-driven global beauty organization.

  4. Taray ni Jerreleen ha! Yan ang determinado! I like that in her! Good luck! 🙂

  5. Ouch so still nasa jewel pa din ang MUC. Hayss. Yan pa naman ang dapat na ipalit sa MGI. Kainis naman. Anung say nyo sa video ni uncle nyo na next year pinas daw ang papanalunin. Nag sorry pa sya so it means talagang niligwak sa top 20 si eva dahil sa pagkakadulas. Tsk tsk parang na ngangamoy luto talaga next year daw pinas ang mananalo. Anyway! Good for jerellen at maaga sya nakoronahan so mahaba ang preparation nya.

    • Eewww. If ever papanalunin talaga tayo ni Angkol next year, mawawalan talaga ng credibility ang pageant niya. Sure, by the end of the day, ang pageant ay negosyo pa rin, pero eew, we will win because of merit, not because of a cooking show…

    • Di lang nagplace papalitan talaga ng MUC ang MGI? Hey, Eva rightly did not place. Walang deliberate ligwakan doon. Hindi lang tlaga cya pasok versus other more deserving girls. PERIOD.

  6. Jerreleen Rodriguez may just give another honor to Pinas as the new Miss United Continents 2018 !!!

  7. And with everybody focused on Gray and (Katarina) Rodriguez, (Jerreleen) Rodriguez finally gets the chance to represent. At MUC, the brand everyone was insisting SMA take up to replace my dear sweet Angkol’s MGI, which unceremoniously booted out Patalinjug.

    So, JDV sub-contracted JwotPhl to conduct the search for his “manok”? Or, did Jerreleen defect to JDV?

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