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  1. I don’t think this look suits her best. during the press conference, when they had a group pic (Ning, Maria and Chalita) Chalita caught my attention. iba talaga an ganda niya and her aura. she’s still beautiful.

  2. If she makes top 10 it’s only due to muo gratitude to Thailand. There are so many more superior beauties .

  3. Enjoy nalang niya ang pag Tour ng candidates sa parts ng Thailand.

    Ang dami dyosa sa 2018 batch, kahit may Top 30 semifinalists hindi siya pasok kung based ang looks.

    Thailand will be fair, in 2005, Miss Thailand did not even make the cut #AllTeaNoShade

  4. What is the main purpose of her series of film clips? Mental issue is a delicate matter – it’s a personal issue. Sometimes, it would be better simply just to be silent about it and let time tell when u want to empower others not to use it as a personal lift and agenda swinging Thai votes in favor of her. Not all people in this open highway of information can be easily swayed but surely she is beginning to gain a handful of skeptics. So it may work against her. If her slant is get Thai support, then simply say it in Thai but nay, she did it in English. Ergo, this is clearly a ploy to gain popularity from international media and fans. It could work against her. A ploy is a ploy.

  5. She is prettier with her hair down.
    But it is hard to see her standing out in a sea of beauties.

  6. Because she really shouldn’t have won her national pageant. There were lots of gorgeous girls who were full Thai, if they were looking for one, and sadly Sophida is not one of them. And I’d really hate it if she places over other more deserving and beautiful Asian delegates like Japan, Vietnam, India etc. just because she’s the host delegate.

  7. My current TOP 15 at MU in random order:

    Philippines- Total package- personality, experience, diplomacy, great advocacy, winning streak potential repeat host, pageant crossover, socmedia milleage etc.
    South Africa- Modelesque statuesque proportioned beauty, excelent academic credentials, back2back, etc
    USA- great personality & comskills, very commercial look, excelent well-rounded credentials, etc.
    Thailand- host country, runner-up streak, good comskills from an Asian, great transformation & academic credentials.
    Brazil- indigenous beauty & excelent advocacy, recent presidential elections, placement streak, potential host, social media following, etc.

    Vietnam- Exotic Asian beauty, great back story, Exceĺlent Pageantry skills, neighboring country advantage.
    Venezuela- exotic indigenous beauty, Pageant experince & expertise, sash factor, huge fan following.
    Colombia- great beauty, pageant experience and expertise, huge fan folllowing.
    Ecuador-great beauty, pageant crossover, socmed following.

    India- total package- beauty, modeling, comskills, winning streak, sash factor.
    Puerto Rico- ideal IMG beauty, sahs factor.
    Mexico- great beauty and persoanility, trained by Osmel Sausa, Lupita Jones and Ximena Navarete.
    Canada- great beauty & comskills, placement streak, pageant crossover, pageant political advantage.
    Spain- excellent back story, media milleage, host country advantage.
    Peru- great beauty, back story and local pageant advocacy, placement streak.

    Curacao- former RHA 1st RUp, mullata beauty, placement streak.
    Great Brittain- 1st black reb, excelent acadamic and proffesional credentials.
    Malta- great beauty w/ Sexy body
    France- Sash factor, diplomatic advantage
    Costa Rica- great beauty w/ sexy body
    Jamaica- winning streak, mullata beauty
    Korea- excelent transformation, political advntage.
    Armenia- great beauty & academic credentials.
    Indonesia- great transformation and trainning.
    Panama- exotic beauty, political advantage
    Dominican Republic- great beauty
    Netherlands-pageant crossover
    Kirgyzistan- great beauty and socmed following.
    Australia- pretty, continental, good comskills, placement advantage
    Russia- great beauty.
    Zambia- black beauty

    There are a lot of highly competitive girls in this batch.
    I have a gut feeling that there would be a TOP 16/20 this year.

    • Korea looks like any other surgically enhanced korean girl. While Zambia… she may have denied the stabbing, stealing, and running accusations but throat na nakipagkita siya sa old, fat, white sugar daddy nya at may picachus pa bleh

      • Georgia is indeed gorgeous but all she posts on her instagram is her partying or her vacations. Janet Kerdikoshvili remains as my favorite Miss Georgia.

  8. Cat should do something similar… #LettertoGloria: MU 2018 is Philippines! hihihihihi

  9. She may not be a strong candidiate facially, but I can sense she’s well spoken and that will be her weapon. Ma impress lang nya ang judges during pre intrview may posiblity na mag tutuloy tuloy na sya into tha top 5. Maaring hati man ang suprta ng mga kababayan nya this time, but for sure on finals day mag uunahan mga yan sa pag boto sa twitter.

    I want to see her in the finals dahil for sure Pasabog ang NatCo at Vongga ang gown. I can only imagine the Thai crowd everytime her name will be called. Bka mas malakas pa sa pinas ang ang cheers with matching drums, trumpets and everything. Anyways I wish her luck. May the best woman win. Char!

    World peace 🙂

  10. She’s very beautiful. So far, I think what she lacks is the it factor that both Chalita & Maria had. In retrospect, I wish it was Maria competing this year instead.

    Speaking of fans, it’s amazing how a lot of Thais support Catriona too. Support your kapitbahay lang ang peg.

    • If Chalita had her comskills and joined a different year, she could have been Miss Universe.

      • Had Maxine had the comm skills, she would have easily outclassed even a well-spoken Chalita. Maxine was the prettiest in that Top 6.

      • @ai I agree. I think MUO was willing to give us a back to back in 2016. If only Maxine were as eloquent as Nicole Cordovez, we wouldve had our first back to back. 5th crown na sana si Cat

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