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  1. I think Jheza has the best chance next to Mutya Datul… Remember Mutya’s story about her sick mom?.. Well, Jehza’s parents died at the same time… and now she’s the provincial orphaned girl who’s the breadwinner of her siblings trying her luck in the big city helping our sailors… I don’t think there is any candidate who could beat that backstory… not to mention, she is the most proportioned girl we have ever sent to this pageant. I think a sure TOP 5 for Jehza. I hope she wins Miss SupraPersonality. 😀

  2. There must be a reason why Thomas and Eden toned down come Finals night.

    Considering (The) Globe, another Europe-based derby, recently crowned a come-from-behind China (2018) and Vietnam (2017) recently, perhaps the consensus NOWADAYS is that the Euro audience wants nothing contrived, and only natural or spontaneous. No famewhorish image.

    If that is the case, then “rampadora-eksenadora” will doom Huelar. Hope they got their homework right.

  3. Sana kung maganda sya sa mga photos ganun din in movements.

    Madaling iedit kc ang pictures. at laging may filters. Hindi ganyan ang totoong skin color ni Jehza. enhanced by the lightings yan.

    Maliit ang body structure ni Ms.Jehza compare to other Amazonas and Caucasian beauties.

    Kailangan niya talagang mapansin dahil rampahan ang labanan sa Supra.

    Go Philippines!

  4. best look – 3rd photo. Im not sure if she should do the up-do hairstyle and the long straight one. Parang bagay sakanya yung mga big/soft curls.

    Sana lang mas fierce at rampadora siya sa Supra.. and…. i am still not sure with the contacts. she should give us variety of her aura. parang kada photoshoot niya iisa lang reaction niya or projection niya e.

    • Yeah youre right yan ung sinasabi ko kay fabie na iisa lang mukha nya sa mga photoshoots nya. Siguro gawa ng contact lense yan. They should shoot na wala syang lense its part experiment what looks fits her during the whole competition. Jehza wants to be natural. She doesnt want to hide her scar. But i hope she will not use lenses anymore lalo na sa finals. Yung transparent pwede ba pero if may colors wag n wag. And i agree na mas bagay sa kanya ang mga latina hairstyle. Big and soft curls. What she need to learn is how to be fierce and move. Learn some dances para pag nakapasok sya semis eh may ibubuga sya at d sya ma joanna eden na walang ka ene energy lalo nat ang payat nya.

  5. I just hope mgbago aura nya. Kabugan fest ang supra. Di pwede kimikimian. Gagawa k tlg dpat ng eksena pra mpansin. I did not see any changes since she was crowned, and with the way our past binibinis who forayed into their respective pageants…isip2x, plano2x, para paraan hindi sash factor lng ang labanan. Good luck

  6. Nakuh A&Q, galingan nyo sa preparation with my Queen Jehza dahil ivavaccum ko yang mga brain cells nyo kapag nakukulangan ako😄cherette
    Mga veckz owww BONG-GO, so? hihihi😄

  7. Nice long lean body
    Face is questionable . It will depend on her hairstyle and outfit

    I thought Chanel was going to do well if not win the crown last yr . I felt she deeerved a better placement . She did not make it past top 10
    So I’m worried abt Jehza’s chances
    I’m not sure the organization which I think is Indian-owned will let a Pinay win.

    • World Beauty Association, the organization behind Miss Supranational, is based in Panama. In 2014, disagreements within the organization created a breakaway group that held a competing pageant using the same title. This disgruntled group held their first and last pageant in India.

    • I think jehza will have a great chance. Chanel has better credentials than her pero para kaseng bata si chanel kung umarte pero we understand her way. Siguro d bet ng judges yung ganon. And jehza is more queenly than her. More fahsionable si jehza. But i have to agree with u her beauty is questionable. Sa dame ng photoshoots nya parang iisa lang ang mukha i mean ung dating. Cant explain pero i think its the contact lenses fault. Sana nag photoshoots din sya na Walang contact lenses. To experiment. Kase during the competition im sure she will not use contact lense. But in overall i love what they are doing to her.

    • For me she need to dance. She need to practice some dance step. Para pagnakapSok sya sa semis mAy ibubuga sya to mke it in top 10.

  8. Carpet hihihi her swimsuit shot is beautiful naman so kebs na wag nya lang bibitbitin yang carpet na yan sa Supra. I’m lowering my expectations na, top 10 at most.

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