38 comments on “Now it can be told: Miss Universe 2018 was nearly pulled out of Bangkok, Thailand

    • If it’s not Cat, I just hope Miss USA wins.
      If it’s from South America, I hope it’s anyone else but Miss Ecuador!

  1. That is better than having a great host but politicized/lutong winner. Pffft!

  2. Hmm.. looks like they have something big for us. let’s see if the pre pageant activities will surpass what the PH did when we hosted them here in Manila. they were almost everywhere.

    Production wise – I think naman, mas hahayaan nila ang Thailand sa gusto nla unlike what they did here in Manila.. hindi man lang natin nalagyan ng Filipino theme or touch of PH ung prod.

    Nakaka sad lang na parang rush.. last minute nagkaproblema. sana naman they can find a host country as early as possible like what they always did before, “SEE YOU IN….. NEXT YEAR”

    Sana lang, Mag host uli ang PH pero ung ibibigay talaga satin lahat ng gusto natin gawin. I mean, from activities to prods to everything. Allow local designers to design their swimsuits, cocktail dresses yung ganon.

    but anyway, good luck. let’s just wait what is in store for us come December.

    Sidenote: oo nga, bakit walang interview??? Sana may photoshoots uli. namimiss ko na yung mga ganon ng MU.

    • I think sa production talaga sila babawi. With the short(er) timeline, I think they might not be able to provide quality prepageant activities other than touring around Bangkok. Unlike nung dito sa Pinas kung saan saang provinces sila nakarating, kaso ayun nga nganga pagdating sa production nung finals.

      Ph hosting again anytime soon is very possible. I think in terms of sponsors prepared naman tayo, kasi muntik na nga this year di ba. Plus the current DOT Sec said we might host after we win again. So malamang next year na yun pagkapanalo ni Cat ❤ ❤

  3. Anything that will create buzz for MU, they’ll do.
    Then many readers, get gullible and believe those feeds.

    No news is bad news. Bad news is good news.

    Less than two months to go. They need to be on the news.

    • Hmmm.. syempre, it is funded by thailand. of course more on thai reps ang ibabandera nila. ganon din naman dati e nung tayo nag host, puro pinas ang binandera. wala halos ibang country.. di ba? so give and take. LOL

  4. No interview of the candidates during the preliminary competetion?

    Wonder why?

    • Wow, in that case – pagandahan, pasabugan and pa-aurahan to the max ang peg ng lahat ng contestants 🙂 Di bale ng di marunong mag speech, basta’t mapasama lang sa top 20 🙂

    • For sure there will still be changes until the arrival of the delegates.

      but with 2 weeks only, for sure the delegates will have a very busy schedule

  5. Feeling ko rin mas bongga ang MU this year!

    Pero let’s not forget bago mag MU!

    Repeat after me, “ME 2018 is Felepens!” lol

    • parang malabong s Felepens ang mananalo sa ME bes… hihi c Portugal ata ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Natawa nga ako sa Misso eh nabasa ko dun na:

        “This year ME is now giving a heavier weight on beauty of face and poise.”

        Natawa ako ha, so ano ibig nila sabihin? hahahahaha

        Im not against the current winner, its just that lagi na lang kaseng homecourt nanalo

  6. Watch me on Finals night as one of the 8 judges☺
    I’ll make sure Meoww will win🤗
    MU2018 is Meowwwww👏👏👏

  7. Sakto lang ang 2 weeks. Pag masyadong mahaba bka mapagod at mabagot lng ang mga candidata,
    Anyways, still rooting for
    S Africa.

    Panigurado mas bongga and Thailand edition kesa sa satin.

    • I dont think so.. prepageant activities sa pinas is still the best. they might be better in the final production coz of cultural aspects that they deprived the philippines on 2016 tho.

  8. More than 2 weeks, pareho lang ang schedule ng Miss Universe na ginanap sa Philippines.

    Ganun ba kamahal mag stage ng Miss Universe at daming rights rights ek ek na kelangan bayaran parang Olympics lang? #AllTeaNoShade

    • when trump was still owner, meron pang 5 million dollar hosting fee – hindi pa yan kasama sa babayaran ng host country for venue, activities, etc etc.

      mahal talaga maghost ng miss universe.

    • @ 4M : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      I can’t help but agree with your sentiment. When the organization scrounges around for a venue, that does not sound too reassuring.

      • Exactly…
        Add to the fact that there is no interview of the delegates in the preliminaries what appears to be to rush the pageant even more.
        This is terrible!

      • That is better than having a great host but politicized/lutong winner. Pffft!

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