17 comments on “Get ready for “The People’s Queen”

    • The house is soo barren, no furnitures what happened??? It looks modern i like it though 🙂

  1. Nikita is the only noteworthy girl here. When will we ever have an uber gorgeous black or aeta MUP? Sigh.

    • @Nope

      I agree… But just for the record, Nikita is half African-American, half Visayan from Davao… Aetas or Negritos although have simillar features, they are historicaly and geneticaly distant from Africans… Fact: Caucasians are geneticaly more related to Africans than Aetas/Negritos.

  2. Ayan na naman si voltaie Tayag. Ang malas ng Philippine Pageantry. Ever since sumulpot yan ng pageant scene ay hindi nanalo ang Philippine Rep. #AllTeaAllShade

    • ano naman kaya naitulong nyang Voltaire Tayag na yan sa pageant at kweens naten juicecolored hahaha

    • Really? may ganyan? di ko alam ang mga ganyan na usap usapan pero nakkita ko lang siya sa mga press cons, events and all.

      well.. nasa itsura naman niya. CHAROT

      • Yes. She’s the original Leila who had been posting since 2011 pa. Yung mga post na very informative. She stopped commenting in this blog nung naging toxic na mga tao kasi dumami trolls. Im not sure who the current Leila commenting here is (and I have nothing against her/him), pero sure ako hindi sila same person as Tita Lavs.

    • Let’s move on….she did not make the cut and there is no further explanation needed.

    • EYVA talaga? samantalang Siya pag nag introduce, EVA PSYCHEE PATALINJUG. LOL

      why does it sound like we are so full of ourselves that just because galing BBP, dapat pasok agad sa semis? may iba naman din na kalibre kalidad ha. 🙂

      Laging tinatawag for photoshoots? san ang mga photoshoots niya? LOL di nga siya nakasama dun sa photoshoot ng swimsuit e.

      “gusto nila matangkad, sobrang sexy, mala model” – yet you really believe na winable siya where in fact… yun nga di ba? LOL

      i also think na unfair to question Indonesia’s beauty.. where in fact… beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. for you she may have a questionable beauty but what if for some, she’s beautiful? though I agree with you that there’s something fishy because of Ariska and Her mentor as a judge.

      Just my take: she had an underwhelming performance. EYVA (CHAROT) wasn’t able to sustain the energy she had from the start.

      and sana if they have pasabog, pasabog na agad sa umpisa pa lang. not ung “MAY PASABOG SIYA PAG NAKAPASOK SA TOP 20″… what if… hindi like what happened?

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