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  1. To all who’s saying that Ahtisa is too cute-sy and too “highschool-ish” in movements, let me remind you that this is Miss International. They dont want too fierce. They’re more classy and traditional. Just look at Edymar, she toned down her fierceness and clinched the crown. Plus, you seem to be forgetting that Ahtisa holds the second highest crown next to Cat in BBP. Rewatch nyo BBP18 and you’ll see how fierce and not-highschool-ish Ahtisa moves onstage. She knows when to perform, when to be fierce, and when to be just calm and collected.

    Lastly, I personally cannot see Kylie on how Ahtisa is packaged now. And if she really is imitating Kylie, ano namang masama? I mean, why change something that works? Even he current MI knows that mehehe

  2. Why do i have a feeling that she will do well in this pageant? Sana totoo. plus, i don’t know din if the org loves her.. since she has a lot of features in their IG + chosen to go some events/activities.

    OR they are just using her to gain followers/ likes or mapansin ng pinoy ang account? pero i dont think ganon sla like MGI. CHAROT

    But still, the girl is pretty. no “miss” looks.. always on point. Yes, she is pegging Kylie but not seeing too much of Kylie.

    And why do you keep on saying ang lapad ng fez niya? eh venezuela nga maganda naman pero pag nag smile, malaki din ang pisngi lalo. lol

    • Di sila ganun. Kever ang MI org sa mga ganyan, di sila desperado or unaw. Walang pulitika sa kanila. Kever nga sa kanila kahit isang continent lang paging nananalo. Basta deserving. Tingnan mo si kylie, nanalo kahit 4 years lang after kay Bea.

      Di yan katulad ng Mess World.

  3. Parang pinepeg nya si Kylie…there’s nothing wrong with that. Kaso she should find her own groove and style. Para hindi cya tawaging Kylie V. version 2.0. Besides, naipanalo na ang gnun kya mghahanap n ng iba mga hapon for sure

  4. Kulang sa tindig lakad At confidence
    I wish they had waited a few more yrs

    I hope I’m wrong
    I always want the Philippines to win including Ahtisa

    Poland is really pretty .
    Indonesia and Laos too

    • you’re wrong veks…hihihihihi Poland is very pretty. So is South Africa and black barbie ang peg…

  5. Si ahtisa parang high school umarte, kulang siya sa sincerity like Kylie. top 10 lang siya or ligwak. di na ako aasa, para siyang pabebe… sana mali ako kasi gusto ko siyang manalo.. ive never seen her talk before kasi di naman ako nanonood ng bbpilipinas pero iyong mga interview niya para siyang si Miss Rhode Island sa Miss Congeniality magsalita.

  6. I saw Pia and Megan being interviewed by VG after winning the local pageant . May arrive talaga. Iba talaga tindig and The profile is extremely clean.
    I don’t see it in Ahtisa . She’s still a little coy .MAybe it’s her youth .
    I hope she does well. I’m a big fan .

    • LOL. Venus Raj is a provinciana. Pero meron syang arrive, magandang tindig at elegante.

      • Pero Di pa rin it girl .
        Kailangan talaga yung puedeng mag Pom Pom like Kylie Pia and Megan .
        Yung sosyal ang arrive

  7. Pupunta ba ang President ng Philippines sa Japan any time soon? Kasi every time pumupunta ang Presidente doon at may meet & greet kay Miss Philippines 100% sure may crown tayo. #AllTeaNoShade

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