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  1. Chill lang mga Beks! the prelims is just for the top 20. the real battle is tomorrow pa. kaya maghunos dili muna. Based on her performace and recovery, she still maintained her status as one strong contender. if there’s a thing that came out from this ‘mishap’ is that mas lalo siyang napag usapan at napansin. Reserve the grand pasabog tomorrow. kaya abangan!

      • You may be right however she will never bow out without a huge fight. Filipinas always put up a show stopping performance on stage regardless of any circumstances and we know QnA is our ace. That’s what I am expecting from her tonight and nothing less. win or lose. The crown is irrelevant if someone else is being talked about after the pageant.

  2. Ubos na ang binaon nyang freshness, I think she’s a sure semi-finlist but I don’t feel she’s a winner. Her overall look in the prelims was uninspired. Sana bukas she’ll wear her hair up, parang yung buhok nya during dinner with Ankol.

  3. irritated by the fact that this is even an issue when we all know that miriam fell to the floor during the prelims and still she almost got crowned as miss universe. eva is performing very well and she will get through the first elimination despite her tripping, and she will forget that, and slay in the actual coronation night! win or lose, i am proud that we have eva patalinjug as our representative in MGI 2018!

  4. Daming magagaling dito. Kayo na lang sumali next time. Kahit manalo pa to, marami pa rin kayong pupunain. 😏

  5. I just saw Eva’s IG post of this trip and the caption sounded very familiar. Almost like what Miriam Q said when she was asked in the MU finals QnA about her fall. It seems that Eva tends to plagiarize. Oh my…

    • Plagiarize? U r crazy . Do u think Miriam is some Jane Austen or Hillary Clinton worth that ‘crime’? Don’t u think that maybe they saw that experience the same way? Enough of that ‘I’m so much better than u r ‘. She won the MGIP crown , u did not .

      • @Fabie copying someone else’s thoughts without proper citation, no matter how insignificant they are in humanity, is still plagiarism

      • Fabian, huminahon ka at di ka naman inaaway. By the way, did you see the caption, darleng?

        And you don’t even know the meaning of plagiarism.y respect for you has been crumbling down, darleng.

        Makacrazy ka parang I were you. Haller, darleng.

      • Eva and Miriam share the same culture . It’s is likely that they have a similar way of reacting to and describing a common experience .
        Before u accuse anyone of such a serious ‘crime’, ask yourself , Is Eva going to benefit from doing so? Is she going to sound smarter by copying Miriam word for word? ‘

    • Unless Miriam patented here statement, it’s NOT plagiarism and you gays are just making a big deal out of it. Truth pill for y’all.

    • Kung may iba ka gusto na kandidata just have decency na manahimik muna if wala ka magandamg sasabihin.
      Eva at Miriam grew up w the same upbringing as fabian said. Mariam doesnt copyright her thoughts at ang pinapakita lang ng 2 yung tibay ng mga pinay. Ako di ko feel yun iba din bbp pero after manalo sila pinangako ko na susuportahan ko sila dahil ginugugol nila iraa nila para sa pilipinas . Sa maikling salita if u dont have better things to say dont say anything at all. Kung di ka makatiia dm the concerned party directly

  6. Ang tamlay, kait nung SS, parang walang balance ang lakad nya. Buti na lang bawing bawi sa mukha.

    Abangan na lang natin baka may pasabog sya sa finals. Good luck Eva.

      • much better this way..tutal sila ay magagaling…sila mag organize ng pageant, sila-sila sasali sa pageant, tawa gawa sila ng camp na magttrain sa mga sarili nila…tapos sila din magjjudge sa prelim and finals….tapos sila-sila ang kokoronahan…after ng pageant sila-sila din mag-iingay at ibabash ang mga sarili nila….mga boklohhhh…mga bokloooh talaga kayoooo

  7. All things considered, Eva ranked third overall in the latest Global Beauties MGI Leaderboard prior to the Preliminaries. That’s an admirable feat in itself considering that this Brazil-based pageant website has never shied away from its apparent discrimination and biases against our past representatives including Elizabeth Clenci whose innate elegance, classy demeanor and strong stage presence are somehow big shoes for Eva to fill and even exceed.


  8. Medyo dangerous yung pag-slide nya huh, muntik na syang ma-out of balance at matumba pero magaling sya at nakarecover agad. Good luck Eva… I hope umabot ka sa finals, I believe kayang kaya mo nang umabot sa top 5!

  9. She tripped not beacuse of the gown or because of the shoes, she tripped because she gained a bit of weight and so she fell out of balance. Wag nyo sisihin ang gown o ang sapatos. May gasss, ang tagal ng ng papageant ni eva sanay na sanay na sya sa kahit gaano kahabang gown at gano kataas na shoes plus na train sya jan kaya madli nlng sknya yan. Weight ang sumira.

    Sory Eva you know I love you and your pretty and I support you. Pero naging basic lng ang beauty mo dahil nag kataon na mas marami pang mas magaganda sayo this year. I ca also see a back to back for Peru ewan ko nlng kung gsto yun ni mster nawat. I also didnt like the styling, make up hair. And that gown walang kakaiba, nakita na namin yan klase ng gown sa mga pageants before.

    But I still wish you luck!

  10. I saw the clear pic of her gown posted by jem robert sa fb search nyo. Parang brown or copper brown ang kulay. Maganda din naman kaya lang medyo turn off talaga sakin ung dulo ng gown at kulay. Haysss sana kapag nakapasok sya semis eh magpapasabog talaga sya. Kahit top 5 ok na talaga.

      • Parang kulang sa impact yung evening gown and swimsuit portion niya unlike parul shah and elizabeth clenci.. may kulang sa kanya talaga. pero malay natin, baka maging nicole cordovez din siya.

  11. Wow…that trip was not good….was it because she’s wearing those unflattering elevator shoes Again??? She’s pretty for sure…but there’s something lacking with her overall look….could it be that we had seen this same styling before during her Bb coronation night? The gown looks similar from the one that she wore during Bb finals.

  12. I really dislike the designs of her gowns that show her shoulders. Her drooping shoulders look so obvious. Good luck pa rin, girl! You are very beautiful, and I hope you do well on the finals night.

  13. I know for a fact that Eva would give one of the best performances of a Miss Grand Philippines tomorrow… a sure TOP 5 placement… But if she would clinche the crown, it would all be upto Nawat.. Overall, well done Eva… I love your fighting spirit. Royalty indeed runs in your veins. No matter what happens, you made all your fellow Filipinos proud of you. 🙂

    Eva Psychee Patalinjug FOR THE WIN!!! 😀

  14. I’m afraid she won’t make the cut. She looks fat and punggok in that gown. I saw her swimsuit performance, also forgettable. That EG trip is the last straw. It’s sad but tbh she’s fading and I don’t expect her to be in the top 15. Top 20 perhaps.

  15. Sana magandang pangitain ang kanyang pagkadulas at sana masuwerte ang kanyang pagkatisod. Kasi naman kung hindi ka pinalad na matangkad huwag magsuot ng mataas na may takong na sapatos. Kahit kaya 5′ 5″ ang tangkad kung suwerte ka mananalo ka.

  16. it is all about the recovery tomorrow… I think she will wow on the day that matters and win the crown for the first time for Pinas !! No India plzzzzz !!!!

  17. The girl is beautiful – no doubt about that. But.. medyo concern lang ako. patagal ng patagal, parang palubog siya ng palubog. she started strong.. i don’t know if it is just me or.. hindi na sustain.

    Every event, the look is beautiful. let’s give it to her. she really have this gorgeous face and skin. But starting from the welcome event from the recently concluded dinner (puro pa dinner si angkol!) parang she’s just giving me the same aura. same performance. same everything. i’m not sure if okay ba un or not.

    then come natcos presentation. She carried it well. but to be frank – her costume is not that amazing. maganda. pero kulang sa impact. sa recall. maganda pa yung suot niya nung BBP. nadala lang ng grace and presentation niya. she looked shorter don sa suot niya.

    then here comes the prelims.

    Swimsuit – hindi ko alam bakit ganon ang galawan nila? I mean like Venezuela.. they left a mark without doing those OA hip movement and too much leg movements. parang ang gaslaw. again, same concern – yung body niya. saw some pics on instagram posted by some accounts, ang short niya tignan at ang legs and arms.. uhmmm, i don’t know what happened. dahil ata sa pa dinner ni nawat! LOL

    Evening gown – again, she looked expensive. i just wish she wore a solid color gown. Feeling ko a red, magente or an emerald green gown was a better choice for her complexion. hindi ko alam bat nude/gold ang sinuot niya. (at bakit niya laging ginagawa yung pamewang pose like ung pose ni cat? feeling ko lang di bagay sa body frame niya)

    I still wish her well. I’m not expecting her to win. kasi kahit mas maganda siya sa iba, mas maganda ang performance nung iba sakanya. mas tumatak. if she gets sa 1st cut, her team better have a good strategy para mas mag improve pa ang performance niya.

    I don’t hate or bash her. im just saying kung ano ung mga napansin ko and ano ung mga nababasa ko sa forums and instagram/facebook posts. I still wish her well. a top 5 placement is okay na sakin. but if the golden crown is really for her – then by all means. Good luck Eva!

  18. While gold/nude is a nice color, I think it doesn’t suit her skin tone. It’s as if lumubog siya on stage. Red would have been perfect for her.

    As for the trip, I think she recovered well. I hope that she’ll still land on the top 5 or 3.

  19. Good thing she recovered fast. Sana nakita pa din ng judges ung pagikot nya so they can still give her more points. Pagka ganyan kase titignan p din ng judges ung pagrecover mo kung bbgyan ka pa ng mataas na score pero kung hinde ka naka recover ng pagkagAnda ganda kabahan na. For me d bumagay sa kanya ang color ng gown parang katuld nung prelim gown ni clenci last year. Ung make up sa EG d ko din bet and also the styling. Buti nakabawi sya sa ss. Tamang confidence lang hinde oa. Pero honestly nakakakaba pa din since hinde medyo ok ang performance nya sa EG tas na tripped pa sya.

  20. She will do a Miriam Quiambao but let’s all be real that the crown is already reserved for India… :/

    • Sad to know that but you are right. She did well. DR is also good. Oh my! Sana makapsok si eva sa top 20 til top 5. Kahit runner up ok lAng. Sana sa finals mas maganda ang mke up and styling nya yung energy at awra nya and Her gown and also her performance.

      • I think Eva can penetrate the top 5 but based on social media, India and Venezuela are the favored candidates this year. I don’t mind if India wins as she really is gorgeous.

      • To be honest, if Nicole can make it to top 5 then so can Eva with proper styling and luck.

  21. maputi kasi c eva, “sana” ung kulay ng gown ei ung mag ha-highlight sa compexion nya,. lulutang sya at di lalamunin ng gown…pero maganda sya I swear, kaya nyang makipag sabayan sa iba kung gandahan lang. Nsa top 5 ko pa din xa along side India, Thailans, Venezuela at Paraguay. Goodluck Eva!!!!!!!!!! laban lang ❤ ❤ ❤ kaya yan, ikaw mananalo jan!

      • aktweli! hihi, tiningnan ko ulit performance nya, di rin xa pde kaldagin ng basta basta haha lumalaban din xa, face at awra wise. tiningnan ko ulit ung gown nya maganda naman din pala lalo na s malapitan , ung kulay lang nya sana matingkad pa ng konte peo other than that, lumalaban s Eva!

      • veks prelims yan… if she makes the cut then she can do better during finals night..

      • Bat laging ganon ang ilalim ng gowns nya? Sana fit din sa legs at paa nya ang ilalim ng gown. Ang pangit kase tignan dapat ung katulad ng ilalim ng gown ni india mga ganung style. Sana pagnakapasok si eva sa top 10. Sana mag long sleeve gown din sya. Ung red at ang dulo same sa gown ni india or same s dulo ng gown ni meagan during mw.

      • I hope so 4M, malaki tiwala ko kay Eva na sya mananalo sa MGI, kauna unahan naten ❤ ❤ ❤

        @Geoff, ung parang mermaid cut n gowns bah? pde din namn basta ung kulay na aangat si Eva… pero magaling sya…magaling… ❤ ❤ ❤

  22. Sige….pag hindi pumasok bukas si Eva sa top 5, manlibre kayo ha…hihihihi….

  23. I’m worried about her chances . Pls don’t blame it on the trip .
    I hope I’m wrong
    Her body is s little square and she lacks energy
    She’s the exact opposite of Clenci

  24. The gown is the downfall (no pun), the color is dead. The SS color is more interesting than the gown color…the same color as the NC.😂

  25. Meh. By the time she tripped, the judges already had an overall look of how she looked in her gown and were most likely writing down their scores already. I’m more worried with the lack of impact her gown made onstage. She looked so washed out with that color gown against her fair skin tone.

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