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  1. Great clip…

    Very informative and educational.

    If anything it showcases the reality that though the Philippines is an Asian nation it shares a strong cultural heritage with Latin America.

    You will be shocked to know that many Latinos
    know nothing about the strong cultural ties the Philippines share with them.

    To many, Filipinos are just “Chinos.”

    Educate them girl!

  2. If you are too lazy to find the answer yourself and you just depend on other people, then don’t be surprised if you will not get the response that you are looking for.

  3. Wow, great clip😊 I am very impressed. It might be an uphill battle for her though because we just won last year.

  4. Like it or not, because of 333 years of colonization – and all its negative ramifications, the Philippines will always be connected to Spain’s former colonies in the Americas.
    Ironically, a Filipina rep in this pageant opens a small door to introduce to millions of uneducated and ignorant Latinos that all Asians
    are not stereotypically Chinese physically and culturally.
    Reminder that all Latinos, in the US, are not Mexican who are illegal, uneducated and potential lawbreakers or criminals.

    Undue the stereotype and embrace diversity.
    Good luck!

    • Completely agree 100%…..there are still some close minded folks out there that still have stereotypical views of what Asians or Latinos look like…..they are out there somewhere 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. I love her chiseled features! She could look sweet, mysterious, and fierce! Now if only she was at least 2 inches taller then she could’ve been a strong MUP contender. But first, to munang RHA. I have a feeling the organizers are going to love her but they’ll be too scared to give the Philippines a back-to-back. Kilan ba ang coronation night nito?

    • The finals is the same day as Miss Earth 2018 which is tadaaaa… do your research….

      • I was asking for the date hindi mga kasabay na pageants so you still didn’t answer my question, second I was asking because I was too lazy to search up the dates of minor pageants like these. Bawal magtanong veks?

    • If you are too lazy to find the answer yourself and you just depend on other people, then don’t be surprised if you will not get the response that you are looking for.

      • Sus. If someone knows the answer to a question, madali lang sabihin yung sagot at kung ayaw ding sagutin it’s much easier to shut up and just ignore. You clearly gave more effort to typing all these and even spamming it rather than actually just giving a date. Who knew something as simple and trivial as asking for a date would be dragged this long lol it’s not that deep people.

      • Nope , why write an essay ? find the answer for yourself . It’s easier that way

      • Aling Fabyana, I already did because the people here were being obnoxious and unfriendly but the point is it wouldn’t have come to this had they answered my question and things would have been simpler that way at wala pang kyeme I mean cmon it was just a simple question. Anyway this is the end of it since I already got my answer.

    • If you are too lazy to find the answer yourself and you just depend on other people, then don’t be surprised if you will not get the response that you are looking for.

  6. Precisely because both Muhlach-Alvarez and predecessor Marquez are Manila-based, that Intramuros is the backdrop. A foreigner unschooled on our country might think the Hispano heritage is confined to Imperial Manila!

    And just a few days ago, Binibining Cebu 2018 concluded. Cebu, of Fernando do Magallanes (a Portuguese who offered his services to the Spanish king instead), the Sto. Nino, and towns like Alegria, Asturias, and Ronda. Why not the Visayas be featured in the future?

    Useless but humorous trivia shared to us by Mdme. (Former) First Lady IRM : we are named after a Spanidh king that died of syphilis.

      • @ Closer2Fame : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

        Very sorry for the very late reply. Madame said we were named after “El Primero” (Felipe I). Wala pa sigurong AIDA noon…

    • also, the ilocos region has a very good amount of spanish colonial architecture intact

  7. Oot: miss globe 2018 will be tom (oct 22) right? Ano kya oras manila time? She’s the 1st binibini to compete, bigay nmn ntin support ang love kay Michelle G. Wala ksi news about it considering tom n competition nya. 😊

  8. Muhlach is a Catalan surname which originates in Northeastern Spain. Barcelona is indeed more interesting and beautiful than Madrid..no wonder Cataluna wants to secede from Spain.

    • Been to both cities plus Toledo, and learning to speak Spanish is preferable in Barcelona cuz you gain 2 languages: Spanish and Catalan.
      For example: Welcome to Barcelona: In Catalan. Benvinguts a Barcelona
      In Espanol, Bienvenido a Barcelona

      • i love spain!!!
        andalusia is my favorite
        but catalunya is very much at the top of my list
        girona is my favorite in that region. it is so charming
        ….and the food!!!

        but yeah, if you visit catalonia it’s like visiting a different country.
        the architecture, language, food and culture is so different from the rest of spain.

        a friend of mine studied photography in barcelona
        so she teaches em a little catalan here and there
        the way they spell “paral:lel” had been etched in my

        sorry, i did not mean this to be autobiographical
        but i am just enthusiastic about all things spanish

  9. We will see her chances when we get to see other candidates!
    Too early to jump into conclusion!

    Viva Filipinas!

  10. ahh, she’s got catalan blood
    for the longest time i thought muhlach
    was german , then it dawned on me
    that there’s a lot of catalan words that end
    in “ch”

    she should have said “bar -the- lona”
    in a castilian accent, though 🙂

    she’s very pretty and could very well be a reina

  11. Intro is upgrade and also her beautiful face is an upgrade. But We need to see the other delegates together with her Before we say anything. So yan muna as of now masasabi natin for her.

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