9 comments on ““I will try to take care of everyone…”- Karen Gallman on being Miss Philippines during the 47th Miss Intercontinental in Manila

  1. So Gallman said that in her research (that) MIC is pegged towards modelling. With her limited stature (placed below by Elena Adarna at 5’2″), I recommend the runway jobs of Devon Aoki as inspiration.

  2. She’s hot, bevy and alluring…pero nkita ko cya face to face. I think she stands 5’2 lng. I stand 5’4 in flats. Ngulat ako d ko ineexpect gnun cya kaliit.

  3. ang cute nyang magsalita kasi bisaya na may aussie accent hahaha Good luck Karen! Our first ever Miss Intercontinental ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. i am surprised that she sounds Filipino despite her Aussie accent. I thought she’s would sound totally foreign. And she sounds very nice.

  5. She looks great! She reminds me of a prettier and hotter Christina Ricci (than Mila Kunis, who some here have mentioned).

  6. She’s so adorable…
    I love how multi-lingual she is..
    Just like Pia, Megan, Bea and Kylie.

    Truth! Pag para sayo para sayo…
    Just enjoy the ride…
    Goodluck Karen! 🙂

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