62 comments on ““I think I will win” – Katarina Rodriguez on Miss World 2018 (a normannorman.com Exclusive One-on-One)

  1. She has a big chance to clinch the 2nd blue crown for the Philippines!

    Go Philippines!

  2. She really looks a little bit like Priyanka Chopra. I am so excited for her! I hope she would win Miss World come this December.

  3. Now this is the blog that I know. Thanks Norman for bringing the sanity back 🙂

  4. Katarina has a great chance to win Miss World 2018. She already got the goods, beauty wise, wit and great advocacy. Just my two cents: During the competition, please just relax – don’t look overeager to get the crown, and of course, smile, pause and don’t speed through your answers. Win or lose, I’m sure you will represent the country well 🙂

  5. She will obviously win Miss World this year. The other one will not though. You clearly know who I am referring to. Hahahaha!

  6. She looked amazing during her Intercontinental stint with that fuschia gown….the hairstyling was on point! She gives me Alice Dixzon vibe sometimes 🤗🤗🤗

  7. I love that she is well aware of the politics behind pageantry. I don’t want to compare her with Megan and Catriona because each of them have their own individual strengths & weakneses. I find Katarina unique based on her physical beauty and pageant journey. I believe that she has what it takes to inspire millions. 🙂

  8. Sa ganda ng kanyang aura at galing na kanyang ipinakita sa mga pageants na sinalihan nya, may tiwala akong mananalo sya. Wala akong nakikita kahit maliit na dahilan para maliitin ang kanyang pagkakataon na manalo.

  9. “I think”? Why I think dapat “I WILL” Pero hindi naman natin masisi si Kat kung may knti pa syang pag dududa dahil narin sa questionableng crdbilty ng MW sa pag pili ng winners. I still wish her luck matagal narin since nag runner up ang pinas sa MW. Kung hindi man sya manalo this year sana at least runner up.

  10. Why are you guys worrying about Kat’s body? Miss World has no swimsuit. It’s just a competition of gowns and speech. That’s it!

    • Padede boy. Youre right! But there are valid reasons why they need to focus also in her body. But if they want to stick with same body during mw competition well they should dress her a beautiful gown, make up and styling and also her focus on her movement that will be use during finals night. They need to fix her movement to make her more mw queen.

  11. This blog is back to its glory. Thanks heaven. I hope those who besmirched this blog and reduced its decency to gutter level will no longer reincarnate on persons with demonic tendencies. Kudos Norman.

    • Pero watch out! She/he/it will be back…with a new name! Hahaha. Sna i-block agad pag nag post ng anything vulgar, indecent, improper.

      • Hope not. Norman is bringing back the glory days of this blog which was bastardised during the reign of terror of some diabolical creatures.

  12. Ang sarap magbasa ng mga comments ngayon… thanks Sir Norman, wala ng virus… bumalik na ang maayos na sagutan ng mga commenters. Keep it up!

    • sobrang true neto. akala ko nga kanina na-late lang ng gising yung troll or something kaya hindi pa rin ako umasa kanina. pero ngayon sana ganito na ulit palagi kaaliwalas dito sa blog

  13. She has the X factor to win Miss World. She just needs to embody what the organization is looking for to represent their cause. She is beautiful and intelligent and that is what matters most. She has to radiate humility and compassion in its most natural sense so as not to be perceived as prentention or hypocrisy. It has to come deep within spontaneously not rehearsed as what the organization thought of Catriona’s performance. Catriona’s misfortune might benifit her. She might be the right candidate Julia is looking for to pacify Filipinos! I just did not see it from Laura!

  14. I like Katja’s confidence in answering questions plus she has developed herself. I am looking forward for a 2nd crown for the Philippines in Miss World. I will put my foot forward towards going back to a beauty pageant blogger once my prediction goes right.

  15. Naba-vibe ko tlaga sa kanya ung mga dating Indian Miss World winners………………… my gawd I can’t wait for her to win!!! please lordddddddddddddddddddddddddddd 2nd blue crown for us ❤ ❤ ❤

  16. “I ‘think’ I can win” is right ! It is a healthy notion from a pageant delegate when she is wearing that coveted Philippines’ sash and representing at MU, MW or MU.

  17. I must admit that I wasn’t quite a fan of hers before, but this styling looks great on her. Very regal and soft indeed. Good luck to her. I look forward to seeing her get better and better.

  18. Im not a fan of Katarina but I admire her so called confidence and facial beauty. Her face is is undeniably beautiful despite other people’s opinion of not at par w other past queens. Her achilles heels is her body.
    A win is not far fetched as a kababayan I wish her the best

  19. I love positive thinkers, but bordering overconfidence turns me off. “I think I will win” speaks volume of what somebody expects than what s/he can achieve, as opposed to “I think I can win” which merely sets somebody on what needs to be done.

    Don’t get me wrong. I like Katarina. However, with the way she avers her fate in Miss World this early, it seems she is migrating on the expectations she (and almost everybody thought she) deemed to have achieved in Miss Intercontinental. Let us not be blind, folks. In terms of beauty, she is not at par with Megan. The latter had set the bar sooo high in our Miss World reps, that none of the subsequent winners of MWP (except Catriona who definitely equalled Megan and we all know that she was robbed big time) came close to her victory.

    I wish Kata exercises humility. That is what Miss World envisions to its titleholders.

    That’s all.

    • I don’t think this is overconfidence. I think it’s just how she is. I mean, if you have witnessed her throughout since AsNTM2, you know that this is really how she talks and conveys her thoughts. And if she’s really overconfident (not that im saying it’s a good thing but) i understand where she’s coming from. Go back to that interview, notice her points when she compared her and Alyssa’s q&a. You can really tell that she really studied not just MW, but what each pageant is looking for, and calibrated herself to what is needed. You know that she has really prepared big time and is really hungry for it. Don’t worry, if she can tone down her MU-ish moves, im sure she can tone this “overconfidence” down too come MW

    • Veks it’s self fulfilling prophecy. You have to believe yourself that you will win. And she’s doing just that. The only thing I didn’t like is when she says she called Bessie Basana after losing. That didn’t sound right.

    • “I think I will win” for me does not denote over confidence but optimism. “I will win” does. Sometimes, people say some things that may be misconstrued as arrogance but if we keenly observe the way they utter words and the minute gestures, eye movements, facial expressions etc., you can always feel their genuine humility. That is exactly how Katarina is in that interview. I love her!

      For me, Katarina is as beautiful and charming as Megan Young. She is actually one of the best representative to the Miss World pageant.

      Contrary to what you said, Catriona’s beauty is not at par with Megan Young’s. Just too far IMO. Katarina and Megan have similarities in the way they converse as opposed to Catriona’s almost “put-on” style.

      Well then again, different people, different opinions. Different folks, different strokes as they say. We’re all good.

      That’s all. Bye!

      • Okay. I can understand all your points in your defenses of Katarina. She sweetly said “I think I will win Miss World.” The tone is quite different when it is written. And I suggest that she be careful when she gives such a statement of confidence because, when she is quoted in writing, it becomes different. I also feel her hunger winning a title. I like her about that.

        As regards Jeremi’s contraposition on my statement about Catriona, I respect your view. After all, we have our own tastes and preferences. But mine and the rest of those who think Catriona had Miss World in the bag is leaning towards the fact that Catriona was at par with Megan. Anyway, let’s move on from there. Catriona may be destined a Miss Universe.

        That’s all.

      • @Ana I wish I could agree with everyone regarding Megan and Cat. Pero I really believe Cat is ahead of Megan. Huhu sorry, I love them both, pero mas mahal ko si Catriona kahit mas maganda katawan ni Megan. When Megan joined Miss World Ph I felt she was still MU-calibrated, whereas Catriona wala pang screening ng MWP pero MW na agad ang presensya. Syempre back then di ko pa alam na bakla din pala si Cat, that time super demure pa nya talaga sa paningin ko so very MW talaga. Saka aminin nyo halos lahat ng lahi noon nagconcede talaga kay Cat, pero nung kay Megan may umeffort pang manira thru her Rogue photoshoot

      • @unorthy, I think Megan and Cat came to Miss World with the same strength but at different chances. I agree with you that at the get-go, Megan was an MU caliber and that Cat was the exact opposite, and yet their destinies and victories will also be the exact opposite. So, we are hoping and praying talaga that Cat will nail Miss Universe. Lord God, please.

      • @Ana im hoping for that too. gosh im so excited for Dec 16! Universe ibigay mo na kay Cat please!!!

    • Fearless Prediction does not really point to her, but of course, we always take those “predictions” with a grain of salt.

      She will do well, definitely better than Laura, but maybe equal or less than Catriona. Still, all the best! I am so happy that she won MWP!

    • I think i will win is okay. Para sa sarili nya. Vs i will win dun na lalabas ang over confident. Sinabi nya naman yon in a nice way. Sweet pa nga sya hinde sa pagyayabang. Anyway. Kamukhang kamukha nya talaga ung indianang nanalo sa mw b4. May napanood akong movie nya nung isang araw nakalimutan ko na title. Don ko naalala si katarina. I think kaya nyang i toned down ung pagiging muish nya. Sana mag practice pa sya on how to walk or act more queenly. Medyo may galaw sya na parang d ny alam gagawin nya. Buti maganda at matalino to. i think we dont need to compare her to meagan. Kata Need to show her own brand. Own style basta ba pasok sa mw qualities. So what she need to improved is her poise and toned her body. And last sana naman magand ang gown, make up and styling nya during the finals. Since hinde na sa scoring ng challenges nagbabase ang mw to determine the winner. So kailangan ung over all look nya is makakaget ng attention ng mga judges para makapAsok sa top 5 so in that way makakalamon sya ng mic.
      For me i think maaalis na sa isipan ni julia si meagan.

    • I think most of the girls are trained now to have positive outlook. Most girls say that. Remember the “Book of Secret”?

    • Yes, finally! Katarina has always registered to me as an overbearing, overconfident girl. Her responses in instagram says a lot about how highly she thinks of herself, I even thought at first that hindi lang nattranslate ng maayos in written form and maybe her responses would sound better orally but no. May kayabangan talaga si girl, especially based in this video. And I SO agree with you that her beauty is nowhere near Megan’s! She’s unqueenly and unfit to be a beauty queen, that is my own observation of her.

  20. if she sport the same style sa MWP baka di sya manalo.. mukha siyang matanda.. dapat ibalik nya ang intercon styling niya

  21. Regardless if she comes home with the crown, I always see a winner in her.. not just in pageants but mostly in life. I can feel the fighting spirit. Mark my words… Katarina Rodriguez would endure the test of time!

    Goodluck Kat! Don’t stop inspiring! 🙂

  22. I believe you will be the country’s second Miss World Katarina! Good luck and God bless you.

  23. I really have high hopes on you Kat!!! Good luck and to God be the glory ❤ ❤ ❤

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