22 comments on “Ahtisa Manalo at NAIA T2 and Narita T2

  1. Sana kay Ahtisa naman next update after kay Alyssa.

    Mukhang maganda ang naging first impression nya sa Tokyo.

  2. Ahtisa is definitely one of the kawaii faces of Binibining Pilipinas 2018. BBP made the right choice to crown her MIP 2018. She is clearly a favourite of Japanese for MI 2018. Japanese fan met her in person in Tokyo Dome Hotel. She said Ahtisa was kawaii, kind and good personality. Good person.

    I know Ahtisa will give her best performances for MI 2018. One of the best representatives of Philippines ever sent to MI.

  3. Goodluck to Ahtisa Manalo. Sa kanyang fresh at young aura, ano pa ba ang maipipintas ng iba dyan? I hope she wins the 7th crown for the PH.

  4. Good luck Ahtisa! May God bless you with the kind of wisdom that normally comes with age.

  5. She is so adorable and gorgeous in person.
    I expect her in the Top 8 and Top 5 at least.

  6. Goodluck! She is indeed in perfect shape! I hope she will make it. I have good vibes for her to bag the crown. The opposite on the other hand is what I felt for Eva. I hope I’m wrong. I just love our country dominate the world of pageantry!

  7. Wow! Talagang sandwich victory na eto! Good luck Atihsa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #ShinePinay ❤ ❤ ❤

  8. Good luck, girl! I know you can handle the pressure of bringing back home the MI crown two years after Kylie had won it. It will be tough to nail it once again, so I won’t expect too much. Whatever reach you may get, so long as you give your best, then we are good with it.

    That’s all!

  9. I really have high hopes for Ahtisa. She needs to go above what Kylie did when she won. Beauty-wise she has what it takes.

  10. She’s one of the queens (together with Michelle, Eva and Katarina) who has higher chances of getting the crown. She got what it takes to win Miss International.

  11. She has all the goods to win Miss International, the only thing hindering her is Kylie’s recent win. They’ve done sandwich victories in the past, will they do it again?

      • If they crown Ahtisa, it’ll be the third consecutive time they crowned an Asian girl. This and Kylie’s win are the only explanation that I can think of if they don’t crown Ahtisa. But MIO is known for not giving a damn at pageant politics so yeah, bakit hindi?

  12. Barney!
    Pero cute ang dating ni ateng, gusto ito ng mga hapon.

    May something lang sa lighting na kahit nasa Pinas at Japan ay consistent maitim ang kili-kili nya.

  13. Good Luck Ahtisa!
    I believe you will be the next Miss Internatonal!
    God bless.

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