15 comments on “Miss Earth Philippines 2018 Celeste Cortesi brings it on

    • Why not? She is way way more beautiful and smart than your candidate😂😂😂 and the rest of the girls 😜😜

  1. She looks very foreign………Pia and Maureen and even Katarina both have some filipino features, but this girl? I don’t see it. But best wishes 🙂

  2. We Filipinos always support and wish our queens to win in their respective pageants. But in ME lalo na ngayon i think ME should give the crown to other country if not in asia i hope sa carribean. Our representative is doing a great job habang papalapit ang competition At yan ang nakakakaba. What if judges will see her as the one to beat and wins during the finals night? If that happens Even she deserved the crown bababa talaga ang candidates next year. Pero luto din kapag deserved nya tapos hinde pinanalo. Tsk. Hayssss. Pero sana lahat ng judges ay foreigners and may scores na lalabas sa screen during the competition. Pero feel ko she will be in the top 8 or even in the top 4. Kung hinde sya manalo sana ilaban nila ito sa Bbp. Don sya magpasiklab. Lalo na kapag nagkatitle sya. Walang pressure. Pag d2 sa ME mataas ang pressure. Pero bahala na sya kung ibibigay nya ang yung best nya basta sana foreigners ang judges and may score sa big screen.

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