9 comments on “Katarina, Maureen, Alyssa and Kimi on GMA News

  1. Time is scant for Muhlach-Alvarez. I suggest she focus on her passion – music – as her vehicle at RH 2018. She gives an Old-World Iberian air! All the best.

    Mr. Tinio, please tell Bessana and ALV to produce the final pairings as : World – Rodriguez and Poli, Eco-International – Montagne and Saliba, and Multinational – Mugford and Hanrath.

  2. Every year , I have that vision … that both Miss U and MW come from the Philippines. It looks like it is possible this yr .

    But I will lower my expectations .

      • Alam mo, kung wala kang magawa, tumahimik ka na nga lang. Ang daming matitino na nag uusap usap dito, ginugulo mo. Hinding hindi ka na nakakatuwa sa mga papansin mo. Kung sira ang buhay mo, huwag ka mandamay. BALIW!

    • If mangyare yan this year. If manalo tayo sa MU at MW this year. Sobrang saya nyan. After that i less muna ng teams natin ang effort to win both crowns And we can finally accept na mag train sila ng other countries so they will have a great chance to win also. Kahit ung shupit. basta manalo muna tayo sa MU at MW this year.

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