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  1. i think her team needs to do something sa kilay, eye make up and upper lip ni alyssa kasi medyo manipis the moment she smiles. she’s very beautiful as she is so kailangan na lang i balanse. sa totoo lang, mas nagagandahan ako sa kanya na naka stright lang ang hair at very minimal ang make up. ang fresh sa malapitan!

    • db nga hihi parang ganun nga noh…kahit pa sabhin n may ganda nmn peo ganun ung dating…. hihi

  2. cheap pageant

    Barangay level
    tulad ng Multinational ba yun at Eco international


    • Ang sakit talaga ng puwet ko today 😦 Hoy Maria Selena, bakit hindi mo sinabi sa akin na may STD ka?? Hinawaan mo ako walanghiya ka!!!!

      • Pagkatapos mo akong angkinin, yan ang sasabihin mo? Hinawaan mo ako ng STD mo Maria Selena!!!😭😭😭😥😥

  3. Lordy… she really is not that pretty. Not at all. But Filipinos love turning the offspring of their movie stars into beauty queens whether they are pretty or, as in this case, not.

  4. Kahit sabihin pa natin na one crown na lang ang i-offer sa major nationals – MUP and MWP – as long as the respective organizations still hold the franchises for the minor brands, ma-we-“waste” pa rin kasi you could get as many runners-up or princesses as you need for those lesser titles. AGAIN, the rationale in still getting these smaller brands is to get more participants. And frankly, and like as Fabian Reyes said, I doubt those smaller organizations mind being rated as such. Let’s admit : they derive some benefit-prestige from association with the BIG names. After all, Angkol would be happy to boast that his Pignay bet is always “MU quality” . Or that the Filipinas Reina passed the stringent standards of the MW selection process. In short, QUALITY ASSURANCE SELLS!

  5. My bets for MGI:

    Ecuador – my top bet if she’s not overweight . But I think she is

    Philippines- she is far behind when it comes to beauty of face and body but I think she will come through with her interview. I suspect she is well prepared for her one on one with the judges

  6. Mukhang maasim ang bilat ni ate gurl. Usually yung mga mapuputi dahil kulang sa melanin, maasim ang singit at bilat. Kahawig din niya yung obese to skinny binibini rosantonette.

    • Avahhh😄
      Nag United Airlines lang aketch at nag rest ay may nagnakaw kaagad ng namesung ko😲
      Galingan mo lng girl OK at dafattt demure lagi hihiji 😄

  7. Lol @ath I agree. Who would want to compete on those minor pageants? I-drop na lahat ng kinabit na pageants sa MWP, tama ng nanalo ang Pilipinas don one time and let other small time nds or whatever the people who handle unknown minor pageants like these are called, take them tapos appoint appoint na lang. Lots of stunning girls who are MWP-worthy are wasted there like Thia, Wynwyn and Alyssa. And I really doubt we’d get a back-to-back on those pageants, no matter how deserving the girls are.

    • Hello @nope! I agree with you na candidacy by appointment would be okay for those pageants. It’s a good “practice” for Bb. Pilipinas for some, I guess. Still, a win is a win regardless of how ‘minor’. I have the same sentiments re back-to-back. Malabo na lalo na sa Miss Multinational na super bago pa.

      I think Maureen was a total waste considering her age. I feel that it became worse when she won kasi she’s locked to the MWP org for a year. She could’ve joined Bb. Pilipinas last March, but I wonder why she did not.

      • She has existing contracts na ok lng daw sa mwp org. But kung sasali daw sya s bbp she had to give up those contracts.

      • Hindi pa (yata) nacomplete ni Maureen yung required residency by the time na screening na for BBP this year

    • I agree there should only be one crown at MWP
      But no one wants to join those minor pageants.? I totally disagree . it’s A free trip And the experience they get will be helpful in the future.
      Wynwyn would prob join BP 2019 if she had not aged out
      I’m pretty sure we will see Thia at A future BP pageant

      As for MWP, has ALV said that previous queens may not join again ? It’s true for BP but not necessarily MWP

      • I think Wynwyn is still eligible for BBP. She said in an interview before na she’s not closing the door on joining another pageant since pasok pa naman daw sya sa age limit

      • Winwyn had an IG story about taking on another pageant if it lead her to that direction. If she wins MUP, she could be the fiercest contestant we will ever have.

    • Why not give the runners up a chance to compete and gain experience at minor pageants? I think it’s a good training ground esp for those who are still raw and have potential.

  8. She’s not that stunning. Not maybe this time philippines. I doubt if she even speaks a bit of spanish. Just saying.

  9. I am not a,fan of this girl..she looks more like Paul Alvarez..the eyes,,brows..but she’s a beauty than her mom.

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