24 comments on “Eva Patalinjug’s National Costume for Miss Grand International 2018

  1. She needs fashion styling makeover, ASAP!

    She was wearing something like Kukul (kukulambuin – mosquitonetish) outfit during the interview,
    and had the kukur (kukurtinahin) during her arrival. This NC is soooo bland, nothing exciting at all!

    What she’s wearing are all making her look matronly, and/or making her look chubby in her cheeks and older than her stated age.

    The attention she’s getting are all for the wrong reasons!

  2. Napanapansin ko lang that all the national customes of Filipinas in international pageants hew closely to the original – ternos, Muslim princess, etc. Not bad, for authenticity’s sake. But they are very boorring! These pageants do not require that much authenticity – the costumes just need to be inspired by the original, or by the culture of the country, not look alikes of the original. Our designers should take the cue from our neighbors – Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, even Laos. They have really grandiose costumes that are not copies of their real natcos. Sa Pilipinas lang uso and authenticity of natcos. The name of the game in the international scene is excitement and creativity. How can our designers miss that? Result – an underwhelming costume. Sorry to say that but it almost looked liked walang budget for the costume. If we insist on showcasing our real costumes then let us not expect that we will get points for it. Or, hype up the costumes just the same, like create really big headresses, plumes and tails and volumes of fabric, with explosion of colors. You can look at the Talaandigs of Bukidnon, The Manobos of Agusan and Davao, the T’bolis of South Cotabato and the Igorots of the Cordilleras to name a few. They have lively colors, intricate designs, loud accessories and some with headresses that can be exaggerated. These are rarely used as inspirations by the designers. Same is true with the Sarimanok, the Monkey Eating eagle and the birds and the flowers in the jungles of Sierra Madre, Mt. Apo, Mt. Kitanglad and other forests in the country. It looks like ang alam lang ng mga designers are the ternos which we got from the Spanish masters.

  3. Her body proportion is not typical for a beauty contest. Maliit ang “bikas nya” and her head looks bigger to her body (just my own view). She’s got a pretty face.

  4. Winner ang babaeng ito. Pinay beauty talaga. Kinantot man ang ninuno nito ng mga banyaga, Pinoy na Pinoy naman apelyedo nya. Go girl!

  5. Queenly done. Ibig sabihin maiuuwi ni eva ng kagandahan ang crown. Almost sa lahat ng pageant hindi naman ang may pinaka magandang natcos ang nakokoronahan.

  6. Mediocre and lacking in interesting concept. And it also made Eva’s face look big. Inferior to Clenci’s.

  7. I saw her performance. Akala ko may lalabas na apoy pagikot nya. Anyway, mas better to compared sa mga pakulo ni Catriona Fame Whore.

  8. The national costume is alright… but probably better suited for someone else. Eva looks totally washed out onstage with that color against her skin tone. Plus, her hairstyle made her big face even bigger than it already is. Could’ve been better.

    • She’s from Cebu, she should have dressed like a life sized Sto Nino – but that would have been difficult to pull off though 😊

      • Nagmamagaling na naman ang baklang banyaga ang gusto. Gamitin ba ang religious item sa beauty pageant? That’s not even a religious event. Hunghang talaga. Di ka lang mahilig sa banyaga, erehe ka pa!

  9. love her performance and the costume complemented her skin tone. she shone like a diamond.

  10. Top 8 ang highest placement sa akin
    There are gorgeous candidates today
    She is not one of them!
    Very monotonous sya, by the book, very predictable
    Eba patalinhog!

  11. The designers are really talented and creative. Pero hanggang terno/filipiniana gowns lang ba ang kaya nila i create? Limited lang ba sa terno ang idea nila for natcos? Or si madamme pa rin ang nasusunod sa natcos? They created other natcos but madamme picked the terno natcos sketch as the natcos of our reps? Haysss. Eve did her best for that natcos. She performed well. Buti nalang alam nya din kung paano gagawin nya. This pageant is MGI. Dapat Grand din ang natcos. Nasa pagdadala yan pero sana i grande naman nila lahat ng natcos kahit once a year. Marami pwede makuhanan ng inspiration hinde lang terno o filipiniana gown. Kung mag teterno o sarimanok sana i upgrade naman nila.

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