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  1. Cortesi is very relaxed and really alluring on stage although i will have to give equal props to other asian countries like indonesia and nepal. They are really showcasing their knowledge on environmental issues and as they talk in the forum, you can really feel their commitment and passion on top of a very convincing runway performance. I think these two countries will finally get the spotlight that they rightfully deserve this year. The latin countries are on top of their game. Venezuela, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Mexico consistently set the runway ablaze anytime anywhere!

  2. Either a European – Portugal or Spain – or an African goddess for the Earth! And three Latinas – Mexico, Ecuador, and Puerto Rico – for the Court. This latter hopefully is enough politics to keep Toscano and Limongi at bay at MU later this year.

    I also dearly miss Paweensuda Saetan-Drouin. But if the stars align perfectly, the Kingdom of Siam will have a BIG crown by 2020, courtesy of Fahsai. 🙂 Like Catriona Gray, she is hounded by criticism for a less-than-ideal figure. As early as now, something must be done to address that. She should bank on the popularity she still possesses among Pignoys too.

    As for Cortesi, she reportedly said that she would stay on in the country if opportunities arise. But beyond modelling and planting tree saplings, it may help to brush up on Filipino. Regardless of whether or not she gives pageantry another try. Augurissimi!

  3. a lot of stunning reps…padami ng padami at paganda ng paganda reps ng ME every year

  4. I-ban ang nga banyagang reps sng Pinas. Maraming magagandang babae sa ating sariling lupa, di na kailangan nating mag-import ng mga may lahing dayuhan. Tayo ay Pilipino, dapat Pilipino din ang pinapadala natin. Catriona and Celeste are not true Pinays. Dapat sila hindi suportahan. Nauto lang kayo. At nagpauto din kayo.

    No to Catriona “Fame Whore Banyaga” Gray!
    No to Celeste “Pekeng Pinay” Cortesi!

    Sa mga sumusuporta sa mga banyaga, mahiya kayo! Maghunusdili kayo sa inyong katraydoran sa ating Inang Bayan! Mas masahol pa kayo sa mga pulitikong nangungurakot! Nakakahiya kayo, mga putang mahilig sa banyaga!

  5. People bashed this pageant saying it will be the demise when Karen Ibasco won. But yet it was the opposite : 90 delegates (well, 88 with Rwanda still coming but late – Ethiopia no updates), 4 hotel sponsors, a glamshot pictorial coming the way, and more eco tourism.

    Feel sorry for the other small pageant that is happening as well.

      • True. Wala man lang kuda si Indonesian-named bigot sa Grand Cooking Show ni Manang Julia.

    • Mga baklang mahihilig sa banyaga. Miss World and Miss Earth are just thr same. Puro lutuan. It’s just so sad that back in 2016, your Catriona Gray did not meet Julia’s standards for an ingredient in her recipe. Oh well, kulang lang talaga sa recados si Catriona. Banyaga kasi eh. To be honest, mas maganda pa si Puerto Rico. Pure Puerto Rican kasi eh.

      Karen Ibasco is 100% pure Pinay beauty. Linuto man yun, ang galing pa rin nya. Taob nya ang front runners kasi unlike sa mga may lahing banyaga, sincere talaga ang kanyang pagka-Pinay.

      Paul, take na ng calls.
      CatrionaFan, lick Catriona Fame Whore’s asshole.


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