37 comments on “Eva Patalinjug during the Miss Grand International 2018 Welcome Ceremony, Welcome Dinner and Visit to Shwedagon Pagoda

  1. I really would like the Philippines to win MGI, I think she’s pretty – but what the hell, those untoned, almost flabby arms 😥 She had so many months to prepare for this, but I really wonder if she thought of working out to tone those arms. Eva is pretty and all, but there are so many other pretty girls too who have much better toned figures😥. I’m not bashing at all, nalulungkot at nanghihinayang lang talaga. I really hope ma-remedyojan pa nila to 😔

  2. The reality is:

    It’s disgusting, distasteful and uncalled for to see some individual’s uneducated, moronic, hateful and disrespectful comments here. These individuals clearly seek attention, very self centered, narcissistic and exhibit no insight whatsoever of what they post. Symptoms of borderline personality disorder as well as chemical imbalance is very evident. Clearly, they have very low self – esteem, no self – respect and suffer from traumatic childhood; and due to their failure to thrive, they cope by bullying, intimidation, and generally a menace to those around them. These type of posters – which we have in this page – oftentimes hide in their own shell, use many unhealthy defense mechanisms, even to the point of having multiple personalities. They love creating conflicts, but avoid confrontations, they have no ability to accept others and blame others for their deficiencies and inadequacies. And oh, by the way, they’re not very smart, with limited vocabularies and and tend to self – destruct.

    Definitely need some good psychiatric evaluation and good psychiatric medication.

    Paging Philippine Mental Institute!!

    • Great analysis! I don’t ever read this creature’s posts. I just go hit reply and comment about his stinky ass. And I then drown out his post with long news clips. It’s pissing him off!! Hahaha!!!

  3. I wish her well. In my honest opinion though: I wished she worked out her shoulders more. They are quite untoned and small compared to the size/length of her head. I can’t place what I thought was off, but I think this it. I hope it doesn’t ruin her chances, because the other girls are very very competitive.

  4. is it just me or there’s something wrong sa photos niya? posture? parang “lugmok” ung body niya e. im not sure din if sa posture or not. parang hindi siya nakapag work out ng todohan. her arms are not that toned. parang baby fats.

    She’s beautiful lalo na her skin. she needs to be careful and conscious sa posture and posing niya for photos.

  5. beautiful………I hope she will shine through interviews and prelims………..just get rid off the so called “pageantry robotic answers”, be more spontaneous during the interviews. For sure, she will be noticed by the judges.

  6. Para siyang belle star dancer sa pinas nong 80s. Walang wala siya sa chic styling ni Clenci. Sayang Beauty and Brains pa naman siya. Alam niyo naman na hindi pinipili ni Auntie Nawat ang magaling sa q&a. Glamorista ang pinipili ni baklush. Sana ilabas pa niya iyong magagarang damit. calling Clenci’s stylist. Save Eva!

  7. Parang mas bagay sa kanya ang nakatali yung hair nya or kahit one side ala Catriona during BbP na may earcuff. Humahaba kasi yung face nya pag natatakpan yung ears nya.
    I think she is on the right track, sabayan lang muna ang mga kandidata sa umpisa, tapos unti unti aangat sya at lulutang sa kanyang performance.
    Good luck Eva!

    • I think you are also in the right track. Right track towards being a crazy, loyal, banyaga fame whore supporter.

      • Hoy bakla, di ka pa ba nakakahalata?
        Ang dami mong thumbs down sa mga comments mo!
        Wala kang kakampi bakla! Gawa ka pa ng multiple accounts para may mag-like naman sayo. Kaya lang katangahan yon, mag-like ng sarili mong comment!
        Kawawa ka naman wala kang kakampi sa blog na to.
        Walang naniniwala sa yo. Kawawa ka talaga!
        Nababahala na tuloy ako baka magpakamatay ang baklang to. Bwahahaha

    • Her face. Is literally long .
      Cheek to cheek with Jamaica, her face is almost twice as long even though she is much shorter . She has weak shoulders and her belly is not toned . Unlike Clenci , Eva is not a show person … her moves lack confidence . She’s not sure which way to pose .

      So I hope she does well during her interview… because that will be her saving grace.

  8. Maybe she needs to be conscious of her posture..shes.drooping in most of her pics.. Her biggest asset is her mala porcelana skin tone. But this is not enuf to clinch the crown.. So far, I am seeing a clenci in her gameplan.. Kuda ng kuda.. Let’s see if she has the same kuda sa swimsuit pool side pre sentarion like clenci way back kung San me pa revolving butt ang xhurva nya.

  9. Effortlessly beautiful. Hindi pasikat. Hindi fame whore. Hindi banyaga. Mabait at matalino. Mejo hilaw nga, pero carry na to. Patalingjug sounds so Pinay. Mananalo eto.


  10. wala bang nagturo sa kanya ng hair styling? parang wala lang.. para wala siya sa competition i dont know kung gameplan ba niya ito.

    pero kudaera siya di katulad ni Miss Baba Girl na cocky, feelingera sa pagiging lawyer niya.

  11. Her skin is really poreless at di pinapawisan ang beauty. Yes tama si nope. Matsika na hindi pabiba ang asta ni Eva. Sana manalo ka. 2 queens I admire the most w bbp 2018.Isa si eva maganda na mabait pa.
    I hope you come home a queen and spread your advocacy

  12. Love her gameplan, bidang hindi kailangan magpabida unlike Indonesia. She also looks ravishing in all the photos and videos she’s in. Winner vibes.

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