4 comments on “Q&A with Miss World Philippines 2018 Candidate No. 19 Jerelleen Rodriguez

  1. IMHO, she’s in the wrong camp…

    My advice would be RF around the eye area and the corners of the mouth… for the meanwhile, hide those micro wrinkles under the eyes… and smokey eye make-up would be ideal… the eyebrows should follow the golden spiral… draw the tubercle of the lips 1st before filling in the color… a more natural pinkish beige or slightly nude red ala Linda Evangelista… countour the nose like how Mutya Datul does it.

    For the body.. do some weight trainning on the buttand outer thighs to build more muscle and create a more hourglass figure… Circuit trainning would be ideal for the core and build more endurance.

  2. I went on a hiatus due to the toxic atmosphere this blog has evolved lately. But am breaking my self-imposed break just to root for this very deserving brains-beauty-and-brawn contestant. She’s a woman of great accomplishments– credentials that would definitely add value to the MW brand. I hope she gets the MWP plum.

  3. If only they’ll groom, prepare, and package her like Shamcey,
    I think this girl can win it all…. 👏👩‍🍳

    Shamcey was raw when I first saw her pictures prior to BbP.
    Just like Jerelleen, they both possess this beauty, Intelligence, and
    high academic achievements that’s not easy to find in ladies
    joining beauty pageants.

    Good luck Jerelleen, I wish you all the best.
    You don’t know me, but I’ve always been your fan.😘

  4. she’s pretty but her bimaxillary protrusion is very distracting. she needs to learn how to play with light when posing for pictures so this flaw won’t be highlighted. she should avoid shadows on her face, so she should always face the light source during shoots and not have it come from the sides or over head.

    i haven’t seen her old photos yet so i can’t tell if it’s oversized veneers that’s causing her upper teeth/jaw to protrude or if she had braces that pulled her lower jaw back so she looks like she doesn’t have a chin. i hope she gets it fixed, as she’s very pretty. she has crazy beautiful skin i hear, i hope that gets highlighted well with her wardrobe on finals night.

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